SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 12)

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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: everyone forgives Sanskar… Swara kissed sanskar infront of whole family



Sanskar rush to swara’s room n said in hurry “baby come lets go ?

“chikuuu m feeling sleepy…. ” swara said in sleepy voice with a cute face

“uffooo baby… Forget it chlo…. I hv a surprise for you ?” Sanskar said with gleaming eyes

“hmmm” she covers her face with blanket n slept

“babyyyy” he pick her up in his arms n takes her down… Where swara is bzy in her beauty sleep

He place her in car n starts driving….
He stop the car in front of a bungalow.. N wakes her up..
“baby get up plz.. Now itz enough ?”sanskar sound irritated

“haa bolo uth gai… (she ralises that she is not at home n shouts) where I am.. ?? Why u hv taken me here?? Ohh god u hv kidnapped me… !!!! Nhi plz mujhe abi ni Marna… Abhi meri umar he kya hai… God please save me ????

Sanskar was seeing her with”ho gya” expression ?
Bt swara keeps on blabbering…. He kissed her “now stop or else I will repeat this”

Swara keeps her mouth shut.. N lowers her eyes due to shyness… ☺
He gets off the car n open swara’s gate… N forwards his hand she gives her hand to him n step down the car…

He then blind Fold her..

“are what r doing this??? ” swara asked in confusion

” hv patience my princess ?”sanskar said with a bright smile

He takes her to pool side…
The pool side was decorated magnificently with colorful lights… N heart shaped balloons all the the pool area… With a round table in between that with read table cloth… Having a candel in centre… He slowly removes her blindfold n swara’s eyes shines seeing all the arrangements… She gets awestruck seeing the pool…
Pool looks lyk this

“sanskar ye sab ???

She turns back n found sanskar no where…

“sanskar???!!! ” she keeps on calling his name…

Then she saw a pug(hutch dog) puppy… She goes towards him n pick his up” awww ?u r soo cute… Babu”

Then she notice a chit in itz coller n opens that
“u luv puppies n I luv u so here is a small gift from my side… Come inside I hv more surprises for u”

“aww I luv u sanskar… (to puppy) chalo cutie ?.. Now lets go in.. ”

Swara has puppy in her arms n opens the door lots of rose petals falls on her… Giving her a big smile on her face

She then saw a live size cutout of sanskar n a heart shaped helium Ballon attached to it… N a chit on it
” I hv broken ur heart now itz ur turn go ahead n take ur revenge ?
“uff ye chiku b na… Look cutie pie now he has gone mad? “swara said to puppy

She then takes out a hair pin n burst the baloon… N as the baloon burst… A heart shaped locket falls… She pic that up… It was a photo locket… She opens that n saw their childhood pic On one side n current pic on other side…

Her eyes filled with tears of joy and she feels happiness all around
Then that puppy jump off her arms n run towards staircase…

“cutieee waitt” swara called puppy

She reached their n found another chit
“go upstairs n get ready… I want to see my swara as a real princess… Rember our childhood dream”

swara(6) sanky(9)
Swra:chiku I want to be a real princess…
Sanky;baby when I will become big lyk dad I will make u princess
Sanky: pakka promise ☺☺


“Sanskar rembers this till now ” swara feels blessed to have him..

She went upstairs by following signs n finally enter a room… N saw a packet on bed
“another small gift for my princess from her prince charming ”

She opened that n found a gown n wears that

This gown

She gets ready n tie her hair in a bun.. She was about to open the door n saw another chit
“I love your free hair more… Release them.. ?

Swara smiles seeing his small small gestures

She opened the gate… N Found a pair of heels there with a chit
These heels

“my princess’s look will be incomplete without heels… Isn’t it ”

She smiled seeing corridor filled with rose petals then she wear those heels n start walking… She walk a step or two n she saw that puppy again
” aww mera babu.. Kaha bhaag jate ho aap ” swara said to puppy

N found one more chit in his collar
” uff this sanskar na ” swara said to herself

“I am sry princess… Bt this one is last…
Walk down to poolside… N these petals are there so thatt u don’t need to step on floor.. The way I filled the corridor with rose petals I want to fill ur life with rose petals… I will shower my luv on u the way I hv showerd flowers on you.. ”

Swara was overwhelmed seeing his luv… Seeing his romantic side…


swara reached there but still sanskar was nowhere” sanskar now its enough come here na”

Then she heard a confession *sanskar was wearing same clothes which he wear in his SR in serial*
Then he slowly walk towards swara

“I hv hurted u… So I will heal u… I hv broken u… So I will unite u… I am the reason for tears in ur eyes… So I hold the right to wipe those tears…. I am the reason for ur sadness… So I will become the reason for ur Neverending smile… I will fill ur lyf with my luv… I want u to be the first person whom I will see in morning n last person whom I will see at night…
I want to start my day with your good morning n end my day with your good Night… Zada nhi bas apni zindagi k kuch 60-70 saal tumhare saath bitana chahta hoon… Tumhe swara gadodia se swara sanskar maheshwari banana chahta hoon…. Will u allow me to do so…? ?☺☺?

Swara’s eyes are filled with tears of happiness

He kneel down infront of her n opens a ring box infront of her
This ring


Swara forward her hand n sanskar was about to make her wear that ring bt she recalls her medical condition n takes her hand back… She was about to go from there but sanskar hold her hand n pulls her back.. Her back is meeting his chest.. Here tears were brimming from Swara’s eyes… Then He simply wraps his hand around her waist n slides ring slowly in her left hand in that back hug position only n said in her ear”u r not gonna die… I won’t let you go”

Swara got shocked by hearing this she realises herself n starting going away while crying.

“u r not gonna die swara… I kno every thing… Every thing abt u.. Abt ur addiction…. Abt ur cure… Abt ur luv for me… Agar aaj tum chali gai to mujhe zinda nhi dekh paogi I promise this to u”

Swara’s feet stuck by listening his words… SHe turns around n saw sanskar standing with open arms she ran into his arms…

god knows hw will she run in heels ??

Sanskar’s warm embrace gives her a sense of protection… A sense of luv… N she broke down

Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu
Taa-umr main tera saaya banu
Keh de toh ban jaaun bairaag main
Kehde toh main teri maaya banu
Tu saaz hai, main ragini
Tu raat hai, main chandni
Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

He keeps on carsing her hair n clams her down
“swara stop crying… N Complete the ritual first”

Swara looked at him with teary confused eyes..

“aree u too hv to make me wear a ring then only we got engaged na??” he said n brings another jewl box which contains
This ring

She makes him wear that n hugs him tightly as if she will loose her grip on him.. They both get separated…
A long hug full of pure emotions.. Full of luv… Full of need of each other…
They finally broke the hug n sanskar kissed her forehead..
Then wipes her tears with his thumbs….
“swara there r nt tears these r pearls….. Don’t waste them.
“sanky said lovingly

“these r tears of happiness sanskar… Today I got everything “swara looks satisfied

” swara I want to see ur happiness in ur smile nt in tears I can do anything to save these precious gems from wasting” he said

“I love you sanskar… M blessed to have you ” swara said

” I love you too princess… ” he admits..

“hw u kno all this” she raise her doubt

“first lets hv smthng then i will tell u everything” he said

He took her to the table.. N first fetch a seat for her n makes her sit n then sat infront of her.. N removes a closh Swara’s look changed after seeing dish under closh n she shouts”gol gappe”???

Then he feed her with his hands
“yummmyyyyy sanskar they are so tasty I can even eat this utensil? “swara giggles

” are ni swara I hv to return these utensils to ma.. If u eat them then what will I do?”he winks

She stops eating n shout”sanskar vo.. Babu.. Where is he!! ”

” babu?? ” sanskar gives her confused look

” are that puppy u idiot “swara sound worried

” don’t worry he is safe”sanky said calmly

“pheww thank god I was worried about him” she takes a relief

Then after having their chaat party.. They start talking.. They were roaming in garden

“I kno u must b thinking mujhe kaise pta chla sab”he asked
She nodded yes
“roshni told me ” he said

*u can imagine tridha aka swadheenta from dehleez as roshni”

” arjun’s fiancee? ” she asked

He nodded yes

” how” swara asked in confusion

*that day the person who has listened SwaRjun’s talk was roshni… She is sanskar’s frnd n came to meet him.. She told everything to sanky.. N thn kavita Told him abt that pill… N he confronts arjun n he finally told everything to him*

“u r going nowhere “he tightens girp on her hand

” sanskar reality can’t be changed ”
She said choakingly

” I will change everything for you swara”
He said with determination

“darr lagta hai sanskar.. Kahi meri maut tumhe tod na de”she said

“sshhhh never say lyk this.. Tum nhi marogi… I will take u out of this addiction… I will.. Just trust me” he said

“I trust u more than anything but I don’t trust myself “she said hopelessly

” u trust me that’s enough”he said

They talked for hours… N finally sat on terrace floor

They both were lying on cold floor gazing stars… Swara was using sanskar’s hand as a pillow she suddrnly sat n asked…

“hv u ever tried butterfly kiss?? “she asked out of curiosity

“what’s that?!” he looks at her shockingly he too get up..

“wait then let me show u just don’t move n do as I say”she said

She move towards him.. Their faces were so close that they can feel the warm breath of their soul mate on their faces… She slightly entangle her eyelashes with his.. N said”slowly blink ur eye”
He follows her order n she taught him butterfly kiss

“do u lyk it?? “she asked innocently

” no.. I will like if u give me kiss here” he shows his lips

“u r so naughty na… Truly shameless” she blushes

“look who is talking abt shamelessness who has kissed me in front of whole family ?”he winked

To be continued….

Precap : family teasing tym… N another twist.. Twist of feelings..

Tell me guyz do u lyk this… !!!???

SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 12)


SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 12)


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