Analysis on zee,colors, sony,and star plus shows.

Guys I am Narendran hope u all read my comments and ff daily.. ??

Now let us start 6.00pm slot

Usually this show time slot is little before so there is no competetor for this show.. This show trp is 1.0 to 1.7 it utterly maintains it. Riya and shivanya romance is nice and their chemistry is superb… But story line was dragged


This show is friend of satrangi sasural show I think becoz this has become utter waste now a days and after mohit exit this show trp got tooo less..

6.30 slot.

Ishq ka rang safed.
This show has started with big social message of widow remarriage.. When there is more romance trp got less to this show. I remember when viplav was staged in ashram that time this show trp is 2.0 but now it is struggling 1.4.. They make all heroine as villain.. First they made uttaran one heroine as villain. Now shastiri sisters heroine.


This show started with 2.4!! Even drashti show got 2.1 but now this show trp is less due to come reasons first is. Slow running and nothing happens new in the show.

Suhani si ek ladki;

My friends told me this show story line is superb this show maintain trp of 2.4 always.. Average.. Nice show.

7.00pm slot.

Kaala teeka:Now this show is superb kaali and yug pair was talked by all like how Raghav and kalpi we spoke I hope this show writer won’t spoil story line. Trp is 1.3!.

Thapki pyaar ki:

This show is utter waste now a days first it was superb when dhruvi pair but after thahaan then also this show was nice but when they brought Sharaddha this show has become evil no.1show.. Trp is 2.0 and above always becoz of thahaan fans..

Saath nibhana saathiya.

I don’t much about this show . so I don’t want to criticize this show.trp is 3.7



This show story line is superb.. I don’t know in Hindi but I watching in Tamil.. I feel the leap is waste and they would have united ishitha and Raman for it.

Meri sassu maa;

This show was superb before of sattu and pari chemistry but now after sattu father entry this show had become evil no.2. 1.3trp.

Sasural simar ka:

They should name this show is sasural backwas ka????????????rashmi has beaten ekta record by making prem marry more than 6times!!!!

8.00pm slot.. Tough slot..

Siye ke ram:

This show is historical show. It is nice show always.trp is 2.3

Hanuman:People gets confused they have to watch Hanuman or siye ke ram? But both are nice show..1.4trp.


This show fights for trp with syr and Hanuman but this show wins maximum by leads sizzling chemistry which made viewers hook for all time.. But I hate yuvi…

Balika vadhu:I think this is time to end this show becoz it was running from 2008 such longest running show.


Silsila pyaar ka:

This show was started with nice idea becoz all mother thinks after marriage daughter in law will seperate her from his son..

Jamai raja:

This show is full of drama,masti and romance and no other words.

Udaan:I heard one news that this show time slot gonna be shifted to 6.30becoz new show shakthi starrind Vivian and Rubina show gonna replace the slot.

Surya putra karn:
Nice show.

9.00pm slot such an ???????

Kumkum bhagya ;

This show is drama queen and king of King. They have made tanu pregnancy track for more than 1yr.. I don’t know about it. I think baby will be born and abhi will find that he is not in his attire and they will expose tanu??

Parvarish 2:

No idea about this show becoz I did not watch any epi.

Diya aur bhaati hum:

This show was first liked my many people even in Tamil this show is toooo famous.. But now they have brought diff track which made this show loose it’s kingdom in top 10of trp shows.

Cas:This show nice now grown up ashoka will come. I am eager that this show is telling about Kings..


Ek tha raja ek thi rani:

Now male lead has quitted from this becoz he was not happy with father role.. Now this show name should be changed from ek tha raja ek thi rani to ek rani alone..!!..


This show is longest running shoe after Balika vadhu and CID..

This show is nice show now. Nowadays..


This show has started in Sony few days back. It is nice show nowadays.

10.00pm slot.

Ek duje ke vaaste:

Superb chemistry between the leads this show pairs are superb?????..


This show was on where it was started.

Yeh vaadha raha:

This show is turned now a days worst.


This show has started with cricket based story… Nice story line.


Dehleez:Superb show but too early time slot.

Krishnadasi:It is a remake of Tamil show. This show pairs are quite good. Many fans are eager to see leads romance..

This is not here to hurt anyone . This is my opinion within 2lines if u want pls share u r opinion below about this fully..

Credit to: Narendran

Analysis on zee,colors, sony,and star plus shows.


Analysis on zee,colors, sony,and star plus shows.


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