Mohabbatein never ends ( intro )

Hi guys I am going to write a ff this ff is after 7 yrs leap n is very different from original one
Pihu ( Raman ishu surrogate baby looks like ishu n ruhi loves ru di a lot lives in bhalla house)
Adi ( 19 yrs old loves his both sisters a lot
Ruhi ( 14 yrs old her sis pihu means everything to her she loves her sis more then her life misses her ishimaa a lot n usually remains sad only smiles when pihu is with her she don’t talk to her father raman )
Raman ( he lives in a guilt n believes that ishu is still alive n is in search of his beloved wife )
Ishu ( misses her beloved ruhi feels n believe that ruhi is alive n is in search of ruhi )
Guys actually when ishu losses ruhi n raman blames her ishu try to committee suicide n saved by Mani at the same time ruhi also get saved I will reveal the whole story in coming episodes
Guys pllllllzzzz comment only then I will continue ppplllzzz comment
I forget one thing just like original story romi left the house there r differences between bhallas n iyers but pihu knows about iyyers n her real mom

Mohabbatein never ends ( intro )


Mohabbatein never ends ( intro )


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