Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18

~~A Shocking Truth♥♥ ~~

Laksh’s pov~~

I glanced at my watch – 6 pm. The sun was setting and the night had begun to fall down. I sat at a corner with Ragini. Just like she wanted, we were at The Grill. Although, I couldn’t spot Shaurya anywhere. I knew, that it was a waste of time.

“Ragini, stop looking. I told you, it was just a misunderstanding.” I said.

She scoffed and raised her head, looking in all the directions. I face palmed myself mentally.

“No Laksh. He’ll come. I’m sure.” She whispered. Why was she even whispering?

“Just because you’re spying on someone, doesn’t mean you have to whisper. And if he doesn’t show up in next fifteen minutes, I swear, I’m leaving.” I said. She did not pay any heed to my words.

I was bored of looking at other people on their tables. Ragini wouldn’t start a conversation, for she was too busy looking for Shaurya. I had to take the first step, in order to keep myself away from boredom.

“So what are we going to do if Shaurya is really cheating on Swara? Which I’m sure he isn’t but still.” I said, playing with the fork. Suddenly, she shifted all her attention towards me.

“Well if he turns out to be a jerk, we’ll tell Swara first.” She said. I nodded, while she went back to her search.

I couldn’t help but notice the way she nervously fiddled with her fingers. Occasionally tucked a strands of her curls behind her ear. She smiled at me after irregular intervals, showing off her little dimples. She was so adorable and cute. I have never gotten an opportunity to sit and talk to her properly. We were always interrupted by someone. Sometimes her mother, sometimes Swara and sometimes even Sanskar.

Although we weren’t really talking that day, I observed her carefully. She was so beautiful. She did not even look a bit like Swara. Except her eyes. But she was pretty. I did not even realize that I was practically checking her out. It was wrong. Duh. She was my best friend’s sister, for God’s sake.

I was snapped out of my thoughts, by Ragini snapping her fingers in front of me.
“What? Stop checking me out.” She laughed. I suddenly got nervous and leaned back on the chair.

“I wasn’t…. Uh…. Sorry….” I fumbled with my words, which caused her to laugh more.

“Its okay, even if you were. I don’t mind.” She said. Bold one, I see. I chuckled.

“Really? What else don’t you mind?” I asked. She smiled wide as she took my hand in hers.

“This.” She winked. I couldn’t stop the smile which was beginning to creep up to my face. As I was about to go ahead, Ragini gasped. She was not looking at me anymore. But she looked right past me.

“Shaurya.” She blurted out. I looked back to see if it was really Shaurya. He entered the restaurant with his shades on. Ragini quickly hid behind a menu card. I couldn’t understand what was the need to hide? Also, he was all alone. He took a seat, diagonally opposite to us.

“Hey, listen. He’s all alone. I think we should go now. Its not right to be here.” I said.

“Really? What if he wouldn’t have come? You would have stayed here holding my hand.” She snapped. Okay yes, I would have. But how did that get into this discussion?

“That’s not the matter. I feel really guilty right now.” I said.

“I do too. But that’s the only way to know the truth. Do you want Swara getting hurt?” She asked, and that shut me up. Maybe she was right. Knowing the truth wouldn’t be as bad as not knowing it and then guessing it for a lifetime. I stayed back.

Soon, Ragini gasped again, which caused me to look back. This time, I saw a girl entering the restaurant. She looked oddly familiar. She was skinny and had very long hair tied up in a bun. It took a while for me to recognize her. But eventually I did. . .

“Is that –” Before I could pronounce her name, Ragini cut me off again.

“Durga.” She concluded. Yes, it was her.

“Are they like…you know…” She started, clearing her throat in the end. I shook my head vigorously. That was not so possible.

“I don’t think so. No. They are just good friends. I think we should leave now.” I said getting more and more uncomfortable with whatever that was going on. As I was about to get up, Ragini pinned me down. She held on to my hand.

“Please Laksh, don’t go. You’re the only one whom I could have gone for help. I need you. If Shaurya is really cheating on Swara, everything will fall apart all over again.” She said. Her pitch black eyes, were so close to tearing up. How could I say no?

Even though I tried to. I never felt so weak in front of any girl before. This one was different. I nodded my head and sat down again. Ragini smiled at me, making the butterflies go wild in the pit of my stomach.

Ragini’s POV ~~

Gosh he was so cute. His smile, his eyes… I couldn’t help but blush like an idiot when he held my hand. I knew him since a couple of years, but always looked upto him as someone brotherly. Someone who took care of my sister when she was all alone.

But those feelings, I was getting were new. Those butterflies, the blush… It was something I hadn’t experienced before. Somehow, I had convinced Laksh to stay. I made a mental note to thank him later for this.

Meanwhile, I had to focus on Shaurya and Durga. I couldn’t here anything they were saying. But I could see them, engrossed in a serious discussion. Durga looked pale and on the verge of crying. While Shaurya looked pissed off. What was it that these two were hiding? It bugged me a lot.

Laksh and I, sat on the table for half an hour. We spoke occasionally. But I could see that he too was disturbed with whatever that was going on around us. I myself couldn’t believe that I was literally spying on my brother in law.

After half an hour, Shaurya and Durga paid the bill and walked out. I heaved a sigh of relief, once they were gone. The meeting wasn’t what I had expected. They just came, met, spoke and left. But still, something left me disturbed.

“See? I told you. Shaurya won’t do anything to hurt Swara.” Laksh said. I wanted to believe him so bad. But he was the one who didn’t see both their faces. He had his back faced towards them. I saw the two, and I could see a lot of lies.

Nevertheless, I agreed with Laksh as we paid the bill soon after and walked out. I couldn’t stop thinking about Laksh. And now, it was Durga involved too. As we were walking down the road, to where Laksh had parked his car, I felt him grabbing my hand.

“Hey, listen. You don’t have to worry about him, okay. Trust me, its nothing.” He assured. I could feel his warm hand around my cold one. It was a different feeling altogether. Him holding my hand. I gave him a light nod.

“Good. So back to the restaurant to where we were?” He asked. That immediately brought a smile to my face, as I stopped in my tracks. I could feel the heat rising upto my cheeks.

“Can I hug you?” I asked and I really felt stupid for asking that. Who asks that? Idiot Ragini. I had expected him to awkwardly back out, but instead he just broke into a smile.

“You can.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me, taking me in. I could feel his warmth and butterflies in my stomach. He was definitely doing something to me. But why now? Why I didn’t feel this way for him in the past two years? I wondered.

Nevertheless I held on to him. He rubbed the back of my head, while I nuzzled into him, inhaling his scent. It felt good to be held like that. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the moment. Little did I know, that out sweet moment was going to be ruined. . .


I opened my eyes again to see the most unexpected and disgusting site ever. I saw Shaurya….again. He was with Durga….again. But this time, they were smiling. Laughing at something. He whispered something in her ear as she laughed harder. Within seconds they came closer, and they kissed.

They freaking kissed! I went numb. I couldn’t comprehend the situation. Shaurya, the man who was getting married to my sister in two days, was kissing his so called good friend. That was sick and unbelievable. My hands dropped to my sides. I was no longer holding Laksh.

Confused, Laksh pulled back. I only looked past him and he understood. He looked back; and I’m sure, his expression also must have been like me. That disgusting act of kissing had turned into something much more. They were now practically eating each other’s faces. I stumbled on my feet as Laksh caught a hold of me.

Shaurya and Durga, of course, could not see us. My eyes warmed up. I could see this man tearing my sister’s life apart. It was happening again. History was repeating itself and I could feel the rage build up inside me.

Just as I was about to go and confront Shaurya, Laksh held my hand and dragged me away.

‘Let me go!” I cried, pushing him away. But he was too strong for me. He took me at the back of the restaurant. It was a lonely road with just a couple of dim lights on. Without saying a word, Laksh let go off my hand.

“Don’t do this Ragini. Don’t confront him. Not now.” He said. He looked really disturbed. I expected something like that from Shaurya when we left the house. But Laksh? I don’t think so. I could see the trust and love he had for Shaurya.

“But why?! Didn’t you see that? He’s ruining her life.” I cried. Laksh was calm. At least it looked like he was trying to be calm.

“I know, okay. I know that he’s a jerk and he had broken my trust. But think practically, Ragini. If we confront him now, he’ll cook up some story… Just like he has always done.” He said.

“So what?! Do I let him ruin Swara’s life?” I asked. He had no answer to my question. He stood dumbly. I was already in tears as I pushed him away and made my way out. But before I could step out, I was pulled back by him.

He gently pinned me back to the wall. His face was just inches away from mine. His eyes stared deeply into mine, pleading me to stay back.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

“I do, but – I have to go and tell Swara!” I said, trying to pull away from him.

“No, we have to handle this carefully. Its just not Swara who’s gonna be affected. Think about your father. Think about Shaurya’s parents. We have to keep this to ourselves. At least for now.” He said, barely above a whisper.

“But Laksh he –” And I was cut off, yet again.

“I know. I know, he’s not good. But we’ll figure out something. I promise. Trust me Ragini…” He said. That’s when I broke down.

He gently cupped my face in his hands. His gaze shifted from my eyes to my lips. Gradually, and without even me realizing, I was leaning in. So was he. My heart was racing at an abnormal pace. I felt like I could pass out any moment.

I felt the electricity rushing all over my body, as I finally felt his lips on mine. It was magical. My first kiss. With Laksh. Something that I hadn’t expected even in my dreams. Forget the butterflies, I felt the entire zoo in my stomach.

We were interrupted by a phone call. The loud ringtone blasted through my phone. I pulled hack awkwardly to see Swara’s name flashing on the screen.

My heartbeats increased. There was no way, I was going to be able to face her properly after what I had seen. On top of that, I had kissed her best friend. God! What did I get myself into!

I blankly stared at the screen. So did Laksh. Until, it finally went black. . .



NEW COUPLE ALERT!!! So, how was this chapter? So many revelations, right? What do you think is Shaurya doing? Why is he cheating on Swara? And about RagLak. . . . Lets just keep them that way. For all those who wanted RagLak a way before, I’m sorry, but finally they are the new couple in this fanfic. What do you think about this new couple?

Comment on your views about this long eighteenth chapter and keep reading. Adiós!

Anu ♥

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter 18)


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter 18)


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