Memories (manmarziyan) Part 4

Memories (manmarziyan) Part 4

Every pairs of eyes turned towards the door,even nesam was curious.
But what happened was really shocking.A group of children around 6 to 7 years came running,addressing radhu,as “mumma”
“Patiko mare huue ek saal bhi nahi huye,yeh to baccha bhi paida kar liye,”that irritating woman again.

“What’s wrong in this?”nesam asked.”And chasni,you never bothered to inform us about this decision of yours?”
“well,yeh sab bohut achanak ho gaya.aur mujhe bhi jeene ka sahara chayie tha.And these children will make me remind about arjun,”Radhu said with tears in her eyes.
“But,how?Arjun is dead.Vo marchuka hain.”that notorious woman again gave her opinion.
“He is not dead.He is alive among this kids.HE IS NOT DEAD.DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”radhu shouted.
“well,pardon me.But I have a solid reason for saying… as arjun has donated his organs before dying to this orphan children.Arjun,has donated his eyes to that child.The same eyes,where i used to lost,the same eyes,wher I used too watch his love towards me,these are the same eyes…..
That girl,whom arjun donated his hands,those hands with whom arjun used to feed me,caressed me…..

That child has arjun’s kidney,that child has his levers…..My arjun lives among them,Do you get that?then how can you saay that…. my arjun..arjun…is..d..d..dead….”radhika cried out.

The lady who was,all this while,criticising radhu,well,became the first one to clap,to show respect to radhika’s love,love for arjun.
Radhu and nesam looked at her shockingly.The lady said,”hats off to you,radhika.And sorry,for all of that.”
Radhika smiled.
“what are we waiting for,let’s cut the cake,”neil said.
a few minutes later….

“happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you dear arjun,happy birthday to you.”
Everybody got busy with the cake.
Suddenly radhu heard,”Won’t you feed me the cake?afterall,it’s my birthday,”
“Arjun,where you disappeared?by the way,did you like my surprise?I found all those kids whom you donated your organs,and now I’ve adopted them.”
“I am so proud of you,”said arjun.

“Why you left me?I can’t stay without you..I miss you..arjun,why you le…
“sshhhhh,who said I left you,i am alive idn every heartbeat of yours…”
“Chasni,”neil interrupted sudenly,
“hmm,neil,what?”radhu asked.
“well, I wanna rell something to asked me to find out who is your heart donor,right?well,it’s…”
“Arjun,”sam finished the sentence.

“arjun,but, but how could he…he he di-ed af-af-ter the ac-ac-ci dent,”radhu stammered..
“well,he didn’t die.Your heart was damaged badly,if nobody couldn’t give yo heart at that moment,you would have died..”nesam said.
“Nail,sam,I want to stay alone for some time,”radhika whispered.

“See,I told you,i am alive in every heartbeat of yours.Just feel those,I am alive in your heart,in your memories,forever,”arjun said.
“but why,why you died saving me?I should have died,it was my fault,if I had listened to you,the accidenent won’t happened,if I had let you drive,then….then,I should have died…….”
Arjun put a finger on her lips and said,”don’t ever dare to say those words again.just remember,I am alive in your heartbeat…..
“I am alive in your heartbeat,”these words echoed in her head.she placed her hand in her heart..

(sound of heartbeat)
she again saw arjun smiling,”see,I told you,I am always there,alive,in your memories…forever”arjun said.
Radhika ran towards him and hugged him,”yes you are alive in our memories…And I will live with all your memories.keeping them safely.. in our heart….forever…..”

well,the end.hope you will like it.please comment.if you don’t like it, then also comment,as this is my first fan fic…so it’s a little bad….but let’s hope for the best.hope you like it.and pleeeaaaseeeee do comment,it inspires me.ok,bye.

Memories (manmarziyan) Part 4


Memories (manmarziyan) Part 4

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