Anu’s Swasan Fanfic Analysis

Anu’s Swasan Fanfic Analysis

Hey friends! I’m Anu, a writer of a few Swasan and Manan fanfics. Lately, I saw so many Swasan ff analysis so I thought why not to do something like that. So, I’m here with my analysis. Honestly, I’m a very lazy girl. More than reading, I like writing. So, a sorry in advance if I miss someone.

#1 Saba di’s ~ Path from hate to love.
I admire every work of hers. But this is my fav. I cried like a baby while reading this. Swara, her misery gave me pain. And for the first time, I hated Sanskar in an ff. Being a Sanskarholic, its really difficult. Don’t worry, it was only in the beginning. Well, how can someone hate him for long? ?

#Vini di’s ~ Swasan Fan Fiction season 2
Season 1 was a superhit and so is this one. I wait every day for her ff. And get l get lucky sometimes. Sanskar is a darling here, and I loved the start when they were kids and so cute. Raglak is love:) So much in love with this ff.

#Sree’s ~ Acceptance
I read this lately and I was cursing myself that why didn’t i read this before. So mysterious. Loved Sanskar’s character. He’s like a coconut. A tough businessman from outside and a softie from inside. Laksh and Swara is also good, with various shades. And Ragini is just too good in a new avatar (cop)

#Anjali’s ~ Mr. Maheshwari and I.
I adore my sister so much. Everyone say the story is realistic and indeed it is. The way Swara was protecting her sister Ragini from Sanskar and eventually falls in love with him is incredible. Sanskar and Swara both love each other but their relation is complicated. . . Just waiting for the day when they realise that they both want just one thing from life and that’s love.

#Bushra’s ~ You are mine
Eagle and his love. Eagle has a heart. And that heart loves Swara. The gangsters and the girls are so hooking me up in the story. Just loved it. One if my favs due to the fresh storyline. Just waiting when Swara sees the other side of Sanskar.

#Sujata’s ~ Stay Away. . . I’m not your husband.
Never have I been so happy with a memory loss track. Swara thinks Sanskar as her husband. And the whole family accepts her and cooks so many stories to hide the truth. DP is just too good. And so is our cute childish Swara. And Sanskar, Uske Toh kuch na kahe yehi better hoga ?

Bisha’s ~ The Yellow Rose
The girl is preparing for her PMT exams. All the best dear! The story is different. Sanskar is a geek who enters a party, and then we have fools who hurt him. I guess, the story will show how Swara helps Sanskar to step our of this misery. So basically, a different concept. So thumbs up:)

#Neha’s ~ From Darkness to Light.
Sanskar and Swara are totally in a different avatar. All of Neha’s story has been too good. And seriously in love with this girls imagination capacity:) This ff also gives me thousands if reason to hate the most hated girl in the world of Swasan – Kavita:P

Meher’s ~ Kuch Iss Tarah
I’m so sorry, Meher. I haven’t read the whole ff. But I’m in love with it already. The initial chapters are too good. Cant say much cause its still pending to read. Apparently, I had my exams when I came to know about this ff ao with a heavy heart I decides to read it later. (its my vacations going on)

#Alhana’s ~ Realisation, exoneration and Acceptance.
Swara is such a strong girl, Sanskar has given him pain unknowingly but he loves her. Just one complaint, its not updated regularly. The story is so good that i just want to read more and more.

#Mandy’s ~ Modern Tale of Love
I was laughing my heads off when I started reading this. Its just LOL. The pranks, the fights everything is just amazing. Indeed its a a modern tale of love:) and Mandy totally justifies the title.

Okay that’s all I read as I told you I’m a lazy bug when its come to reading. But as far as I have heard from my friends and also reading the analysis of other people I would also like to mention

~Swasan a revenge that stole my heart
~Bz I loved her
~Limitless Love
~True Love never dies
~An incomplete Scrapbook
~Tu Meri mannat
~Dil Dosti Dance
Etc. Etc. Etc.


I’m so sure still there will be hundreds left, which I haven’t mentioned and described. But would like you all to mention them so that no one feels left out.

And basically I’m a Sanskarholic, so I just read Swasan ffs. Apart from that, I also read Masquerade by Misha as it was one of the stories I loved.

Keep smiling and reading Swasan’s love story;-)


Anu ♥

Anu’s Swasan Fanfic Analysis


Anu’s Swasan Fanfic Analysis

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