Manik malhotra_its my love story last episode

Manik malhotra _ its my love story

“Nandu! Shall I ask you something”
“Yes!” Nandini answered sleeping on his chest playing with his hand.
“The girl who kept her hand in boiling water just to feel the same pain which I had, is now so strong and in single piece. How?”
Nandini laughed”my Manik warned me to stay safe and be in single piece till he comes, and not to believe any media or anything I will come for sure. So iam”
“You know one day I got bad dream that you cutter your pulse I got up with full sweat and to calm myself I ran more than ten kilometers, after returning I was sick for a weak, I was so scared and frustrating I can’t explain.”
“Manik now say me the reason for which you made me to stay away from you?”
Manik said whole story.
“Still I say you should have shared with me”
“That was dads last wish”
“Ok that’s why I forgave you if not ..,”
“If not.,,?
“I would have killed you”
“Ha aaa! Iam scared.” Manik acted like scary
Nandini laughed.
“On serious note I was dying to say you! Once na I got an idea that a nite I will come to you marry you and drop you again and do my bussiness so that I will be only yours”
Nandini laughed.
Manik hugged her.
“We should thank Rithika. If she had not dropped back I would have died”
Manik closed her mouth “never say it again”
Manik is hugging her softly.
Nandini bite him on his cheek
“What does this mean?”
“Tum pe pyar aya”
“Ok then let’s love again”Manik took her on his top kissing her
Nandini is smiling.

Next day morning was reception. All the workers along with families and staff are invited no other than them.
Nandini got ready in a dark blue saree. She is amazing, more beautiful and more attractive.
Manik talked to everyone and accepted their blessings. Gifts are very strictly prohibited. Food was lavish with more than two hundred varieties. There was a performance of fab5 for workers. Everyone enjoyed a lot and blessed Manik and nandini. All greeted nyionika.

Manik went to murthys house and brought murthys home. Frist they hesitated but later they adjusted with them afterwards they felt happy seeing daughter and son in law happy.

Cabir and navya got married, Aliya had a baby boy. Nandini is busy with workers as Doctor. She resigned in hospital and now she is working in workers colony. Aryaman too give visit for two hours. Mukhti is now a model and a solo singer at London.

Manik is happy with every one. Life is like dream come true for him now.
This is my love story Manik malhotra’s love story. A story of son, a business man, a boss, and a love.

Guys: I completed my story
Sometimes I bored you, made you cry, made you laugh, made to blush, made scream at me, as iam little mad. Thank you for your support and love. Bye

My new story; kuch na kaha
Coming soon

Manik malhotra_its my love story last episode


Manik malhotra_its my love story last episode


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