Dehleez 30th April 2016 –

Dehleez 30th April 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Jaya telling everyone about the divorce notice. They all get shocked. Suhasini asks but why. Jaya says your son can answer this question well. Manohar asks Jaidev whats all this. Suhasini says Manohar please….. whatever the fight, Jaidev and Jaya should solve this as normal husband and wife. Jaya says normal husband and wife, there is nothing normal between us, what can I solve when Jaidev does not answer anything straight, there is no debate and fight between us, it happens where there is something in relation, like your and Papa’s relation, Abhay and Simmi’s relation, when I see their small fights, I hope that my relation has same fights, but there is nothing, you asked me when will you become grandma, I will answer you, as my husband answered me, you hear it, you will never become Dadi. She cries and says I m perfect bahu, but a rejected wife, mumma you found perfect bahu for this house, but not a perfect wife for your son, he is not happy with me, this is bitter truth of my relation, I m just hearing taunts since 5 years. Jaidev gets angry and leaves, while Suhasini calls him to stop. Jaya goes to Jaidev….. and shuts the door.

Jaya asks Jaidev why is he sitting sad, when he did not have courage when he made relation, he can atleast have courage to tell them now, he should tell the truth. She says I told them everything, now you decide what to do, do you have to say truth or be quiet like you were 5 years ago. She goes out. Adarsh asks Jaya what was this…. Suhasini asks where is Jaidev… Jaya says he is in room. Suhasini says you won’t go anywhere, Manohar and I got you in this house, we will talk to him, we are family, things can be sorted by having a talk, divorce did not happen in this house and will never happen. Suhasini and Manohar go to talk to Jaidev. Adarsh looks on.

Asad finds his friends sad and asks whats the matter. His friends say there is no room in hostel, we applied there and application got rejected. Arvind says they are not giving us a room. His other friend says we want room soon. Asad asks them not to worry, room will be arranged soon. He says I know someone who can help. Radhika comes there and Asad goes to her. She asks what were they saying. Asad says they are in tension, they did not get room to stay. She says look at them, they have put tension on you. Asad sees his friends laughing. He says they are my friends. She says you think they are friends, they run away when you were in hospital, you reach to them when they need help, they don’t reach you when you need help, I think they are selfish. Asad takes her words light. She asks him to think seriously and goes.

Suhasini and Manohar talk to Jaidev and confront him about Jaya. Suhasini says you should have told us when you did not wish to marry Jaya, she is pretty girl, educated and from good family, whats the problem. Jaidev says just a little thing, love. Manohar says love happens by little adjustments. Jaidev says that’s compromise, not love. He reminds Shikha. Suhasini says yes, I remember, that girl who worked in bank, her parents were separated. Jaidev says she was perfect for me. Suhasini asks are you serious, look at Jaya. Jaidev says I could not say this, its good Adarsh said it now itself, I don’t want to talk about myself and Jaya, whatever happened is over, five years of loveless marriage, what more do you expect, what you did with me, if you do this with Adarsh, you will find yourself solving problems between Adarsh and his so called right wife, sorry to talk this way, but I could not stop myself today. He leaves.

Abhay says we recently got married, what’s the hurry for marriage. Simmi says you said you should think to have baby, see whats happening between Jaya and Jaidev, if I don’t get baby, you can send me notice too. Adarsh looks on. Abhay says why will I send you notice, listen. Simmi says I just want baby, you have to come with me and meet doctor. She goes. Adarsh goes to Abhay and says Simmi loves you a lot, and is afraid to lose you. Abhay says I know, but doctor asked us not to have baby right now, as per Simmi’s heart condition, what shall I explain Simmi now, till she gets fine, I can’t think of baby.

Adarsh and Swadheenta meet and talk about Jaidev and Jaya’s divorce issue. He says everyone is worried. She says i feel something hearing this word. He says sometimes you sound like mom. She says I wanted to become like your mom always. He says dad wanted me to marry someone who is like mom, I see her in you, I know they will also see Suhasini’s qualities in you. She tells about Appa, he will be leaving tomorrow. She gives him aam papad, and says its tested thing, you can eat it when you have tension, all tension will get away, try it. He tries it and says I will not lose so soon, I will think something. She says even I thought same. He makes her eat aam papad. She sees her parents and hides with Adarsh. They bend down in the car to avoid getting sighted by her parents. More jiya…..plays…………..

Asad says I can’t believe this, I thought I lost Radhika, but now, she is with me for three years, and I can impress Colonel Deshmukh easily. He asks Swadheenta is she listening. She says yes, atleast your love story is going well, Amma and Appa are going back tomorrow. He says one night is still there till tomorrow morning, many things can change in one night, stars would be jumping and who knows what change can happen.
Suhasini and Manohar have a talk. He says I did not see Jaidev so upset till now, I will talk to him tomorrow, Jaya and Jaidev’s divorce should not happen. She says I m not thinking about them, I m thinking about Adarsh and Swadheenta, is Jaidev saying right, are we doing same what we did with Jaidev?

Its morning, Appa waits for Rahukaal to pass by. Mamu asks them to come again. Appa asks why should we come again…. He gets a call from Suhasini and says why is she calling me now. Mamu asks him to answer call. Appa refuses and says its Rahukaal going on, I will not answer her call, come…. He asks Mamu not to lift his bags and lifts all bags himself. He opens the door and sees Suhasini and Manohar at the door. Appa sees the shagun…. Swadheenta looks on.

Suhasini tells Manohar that we have to change our way for children. Swadheenta tells Adarsh that everything will be fine. Suhasini says Adarsh is getting blind in this love and relation, we have to bring him out of this darkness, he will himself say no for this relation.

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Dehleez 30th April 2016 –


Dehleez 30th April 2016 –

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