tashan e ishq ( siyappa ishq ka ) intro

Hey frnds and tei fans ,
After reading atleast 10-15 ffs daily my aatma asked me to write
my own ff. Hope u all will like it.

So let’s start wid d intro of characters .:-) ?

Twinkle sarna (taneja):- Punjab di sherni, as called by her family members.
A brave and fighter girl who always listens to her heart before doing anything.
Easily gets into loggerheads wid anybody and is short tempered but a kind hearted girl.
Married to Kunj and has a daughter. Cares a lot about her family. A famous and successful wedding planner in Punjab.

Kunj sarna :- a handsome and independent Punjabi munda who is a famous business tycoon all over india.loves twinkle and his daughter more than himself. Cares a lot about his and twinkle’s family. A cool minded person. Initially a big flirt.

Ritvika:- d only daughter of Kunj and twinkle. She loves her parents and loved by all.
A tomboyish girl who is naughty but smart ( imagine how twinkle have been when she was fifteen ) . spoiled because of love and affection by family members.( positive way)
Cares about her family. Teachers are fed up of her.

Leela and Raminder taneja :- parents of twinkle. Owner of taneja industries.

Manohar and usha sarna :- parents of Kunj. Owner of sarna industries.
( Leela,reminder,usha and manohar live like one happy family)

Yuvi:- bro of twinkle.married to jahanvi.has a son.intailly a big flirt.

Jahanvi :- sis of Kunj.married to yuvi. A simple but beautiful and kindhearted girl.

Neel:- best buddy and cousin of ritvika. Trustworthy.son of yuvi and jahanvi. a studious boy. Teacher’s favourite.

Other characters would get introduced as d story progresses.

Hope u all liked it.
Throw or diamond comments as dey r needed d most.
Slippers are welcome too. Suggestions also needed

So let’s see how our two love birds come together and handle the siyappasin their lives.
Thanxx a lot fr reading. Will update next epi asap. Love u all.:-) ?

tashan e ishq ( siyappa ishq ka ) intro


tashan e ishq ( siyappa ishq ka ) intro


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