Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 19 )

Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 19 )

Finally!!! Finally I got 2 things
Time and my diary.
Time for writing. And a diary where I jot down my ideas.
Well I am sorry for the delay and u know why, so I am not giving you a long speech before starting as I do but once again I would request you to read FFs of ;
Sunehri , Nuszz , Rafaya , Sarah , Heena , Fatrajo , Narendran Bhaiya , Alexis , etc. (So.rry if I am forgetting any)And certainly you will be taking pleasure in them.
This ep. is quite short but deal with it.

Recap:Valentine special , Asad’s b’day , Zoya proposing Asad, Asad singing for Zoya , Dils forgiving Asad.

Ep. 19:

Asya finishes singing , all aplaud for them.

Najma:Wow Asya , u just rocked!!
Najma:Yes Asya, Look when we will combine Asad and Zoya it will become Asya.
Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai.
Tmatar ho ya aaloo , sab bekar hai
Kyounke inn ke dimag ke ideas bhi bekar hain.
(Whetehr Tomato or potato , all useless
coz her ideas are also useless)
Najma:Kuch bhi.
Ayaan:Give time to your studies as well as.
Najma:Huh , u
Asad:Ok stop fighting,and Ayaan mian I did what you said so you also do something like a hero
Ayaan:I will of course do , but first tell me what happened to u all of a sudden

Asad coughs , and signals him to go.

Asad: Go it is valentines for u and Humeira as well as.
Zoya:Wait a second Mr.Khan , but “Ladies first!”

She pushes Humeira , Humeira approaches to Ayaan nervously. Lights are dimmed and the spotlight is focussed on Huyaan.
They start dancing romantically on , “Sun Saathiya”They end as Humeira in Ayaan’s arms.

Later , Asad’s b’day cake is cut then comes a beautiful cake written on it “Happy Valentines Day!!”
Both the couples cut it , while Tanu fumes.
Everyone gifts Asad.

Ayaan:Bhaijaan , like a tried to get you the best gift but you know na I mean to say….
Humeira:He mean to say that no one among us can give u the happiness Zoya gave you.
Ayaan:Exactly, and the way you were , I was amazed and thought for a while is it my bro.Lije we all know as Mona says you are an emotionally challenged and the main thing it was all against your rules.
Najma:Yes Ayaan Bhaijaan , u are totally correct. We can expect such thing from Mona but u were….
Ayaan:Najma , what can we say Ishq pe zor nahi.

Asad glares him.

Zoya:Toh arz kia hai,
Kuch log hotay hain stupid aur kuch dumbo,
Magar Mr.Khan hamaray hain mogambo.
(Some ppl are stupid and some dumbo,but Mr.Khan is mogambo)

Asad gives her angry looks.
Ayaan gets Shirin call and they leave.All leave only Asya are left, all alone.(Mitwa)
Asad proceeds to Zoya.

Asad:So Ms.Farooqui…… (pulls her close.)
(he pulls her more closer,their is difference of inches between them , Zoya is damn nervous)
Asad:Am I a mogambo???

He frees her,she is relieved. He leaves but comes back seeing her shocked , places a slight kiss on her cheek and leaves smirking , Zoya cones back to senses and is shocked on the sudden proximity. Tanveer who is watching all this standing behind the pillar.(Bilorani)She notices the clock and leaves.

Scene 2:Asad and Zoya room respectively.
Scene focuses Zoya.She is thinking about Asad , how he sang for her , their proximity , the kiss. She blushes.
Zoya (self talk): Allah miya , what is wrong with me! I am blushing.

On the other hand Aasd can not stop thinking about Zoya. How she made his day special.
Both come to the window of their respective rooms. They look at the moon , the twinkling stars , and sense the fast breeze.

Zoya(self talk):I never thought I would fall for Akdu Ahmed Khan! Our first meeting was totally weird,we fought for a small thing at the store , and when I stepped in Khan Villa’s he hated me top to bottom.
Asad(self talk):We are so different from each other but still we love eachother.She came as a strom in my life but made everything seldom as it is said , “When a storm comes it changes everything!”She changed me . I had ego , I hated modern girls, I was practical ,and strict with my rules and now….Thanks for coming in my life!I love u!

Asad goes to sleep but Zoya is still by the window,when she notices Tanveer leaving secretly. She thinks to follow her. Screen freezes on Zoya.

Precap:Tanu reveals all her plans to her partner , Zoya left shocked, Asad slapping Tanveer.

Sorry for short episode and pardon me for mistakes as I am typing it by mobile as my laptop has gone for repairing. Once again Sorry and I love u all?????

Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 19 )


Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 19 )

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