My Dream (Intro)

Hlw guys this is Sunrise. Actually it’s not ma real name. Iam a silent reader. After reading many fan fictions I thought to try this…….
Hope u guys would like it.

So my plot is based on YHM, IPKKND, SSEL, KD
My characters are:-

i. Ishita Iyer- a typical Delhi girl who loves chatting, making frnds, loves watching cartoons. Her fav cartoon is Doremon. Whenever she gets into problems she wish Doremon to come and help her. She is kushi’s childhood fend. She is doing BDS Ist yr…. ?

ii. Raman Bhalla- son of a business tycoon, studying business administration Final yr. He too likes chatting online like ishu…. ?

iii. Payal gupta- a college frnd of KushI. Shares everything, fun loving, and loves her family a Lott….. ?

iv. Akash Singh – Clg frnd of kushi, fun loving, interested in spending time with frnds than studying….. ?

v. Sharad birla- Clg frnd of kushi, fun loving, concerned of studies….. ?

vi. Manoj Singh- Clg frnd of kushi, loves and cares her like his own sister, shares everything with her….. ?

vii. Shagun- Clg frnd of kushi, fun loving, believes in Krishna(God) very much…. ?

viii. Aryan rao- school frnd of kushi, had a crush on kushi but became her bff. Is a singer that too famous and popular…. ?

ix. Aradhya tulsi- fun loving girl, daughter of a krishnadasi, loves singing music…. ?

x. Suhani kumari gupta- sister of kushi, loves her a Lott and cares her too, studies in same Clg but is doing final yr

xi. Yuvraj birla- school frnd of suhani, loves kushi as his own sister, take cares of suhani very much but hate her craziness of samosas, studying in different Clg but same course as suhani.. ?

xii. Arnav Singh raizada- son of a big big star and he too is a star, studying MBA from US…. ?

xiii. Kushi Kumari gupta- all in all of everyone, loves all, doing Ist yr… ? ?

I think u ppl would be confused I will make it clear
1. Kushi, ishu and aryan are school frnds
2. Kushi, Payal, akash, shagun, manoj, sharad are college frnds and same course too
3. Suhani and kushi – sisters
4. Suhani and yuvraj are school frnds
5. Bhavna and aradhya are frnds

Hope u all liked the plot. Pls comment and tell if u ppl want to change characters or relationship
Stay tuned
Pls pls pls comment negative or positive all comments are welcomed

My Dream (Intro)


My Dream (Intro)


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