Tanveer is talking on the phone about the property, Razia hears this and she walks and convinces Tanveer that she will go do her work as she knows that you are trying to get revenge from Sanam. Tanveer agrees.
Haya is getting ready when she sees a gift. She opens the box to find a note from Rahat which asks her to wear the sari. She glances at the sari. Razia calls up her goon and asks him to watch Sanam like a hawk. Seher is right behind Razia and ass her where she is off to. Razia says nowhere. Seher tells Razia that some will try to kill her. Razia asks her not to worry as her men are here. Seher thinks she will need workers like Razia once she has the property on her name.
Rahat is waiting for Haya to come out in the sari he gave her. Rahat is shocked to see Haya wearing a short tube dress. Faiz comes out and praises Haya’s appearance infront of Rahat. Faiz-Haya leave to the party together. Rahat sadly watches them go.
Latif welcomes the guests. Aahil asks Tanveer how she did all of these so quickly. Tanveer praises Aahil but, evilly thinks that Sanam will be gone today and you will remember this night forever. Faiz-Haya are on there way to the party. Faiz flatters and flirts with Haya. He plays her favorite song. She remembers her dance with Rahat. The car stops suddenly on the way. Faiz goes to go get water for the heated engine. Haya wants to go with him, but Faiz asks her to wait.
Qubool hai 20th November 2014 Written Update
Haya is on the street, some goons come and start teasing and touching her. Haya starts running. Aahil starts talking about grateful he is for everyone coming to his party. Aahil says he found his soul mate-Sanam. Seher is seen walking towards Aahil. Aahil walks towards Seher gives her his hand, which she accepts. Aahil gives Seher a rose. Seher later looks at Rehan. Seher grips the rose so hard that her hand starts bleeding. Rehan notices this and tries to talk her, when Aahil takes her away.
Azhar’s parents tell Tanveer that her plan is working. Tanveer smirks and is happy. Haya is running, while those men are chasing her. Haya runs into Rahat. Rahat takes off his blazer and makes Haya wear it. Azhar’s parents are stuffing their faces. Seher looks at Azhar’s parents and Tanveer with doubt. Aahil asks Seher about Haya. Saeher goes to her room to call Haya. Seher leaves the drink on the table. Azhar’s aprents go to the drink to add the tablet into it.
Precap : Seher is shown dancing and she later grabs Tanveer and dances with her and throws her on the ground.
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Qubool Hai

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