manik malhotra_its my love story (part-84)

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-84)

At last manik came to his room. Total room is filled with candles, rose petals, sparkling hangings, the moon light from balcony added more beauty to it. Nandini is sitting with gumghat. Manik went to her
“Nandu I knew this idiots surely they had planned something come on frist let’s check the room ”
“What?” Nandini got surprised
“Yes seriously” Manik started to search. He got lots of locks with alarm, then under bed he kept hand,”see! I knew!l removed mike,
Manik called birju and gave all the stuff and asked him to give them to the gang.
Birju smiled and said”Manik baba! One more mike is at your lamp”
Manik took that and gave him “thank kakka!”
“Enjoy my son God bless you” birju went

Cabir and gang felt sad “I said na it’s Manik! Think something more”
“Game is still on” Aliya laughed villianishly
“How?” All shouted
“I pinned a mike in nandini’s flowers”
All felt happy and started to listen

Manik saw nandini. “Nandu go and change”
“I knew you are uncomfortable”
“It’s ok”
“Wait” Manik removed all her jewels. While removing them found mike in her flowers showed it to nandini and signaled her to be silent and Manik started to play game
“Nandu! Do one thing you sleep left side I will on right side”
Manik singled her to argue with him
“Why I will at right”
“No I will”
“No I will”
Manik removed all her jewels, flowers, unpinned her pallu, nandini kept her hand from dropping it. Manik removed her hand pallu dropped down.
Manik before doing anything took Mike and said “guys go to sleep! I had lot to do” and throwed Mike from balcony

All looked at eachother and held there head

Manik removed total saree and lifted Nandini in his arms, and kept her on bed slowly. Manik removed his shirt, Nandini hugged him. Manik held her tight.
“You know Manik the day you went away from me, I just collapsed, but I knew you will come back for sure. As girl I too felt unsecured but I tried to be strong, iam not. I cried, I collapsed, I doubted you, sometimes I thought of killing myself still I want you. It’s unbelievable thing for me that we are together, but we are, love me Manik, I want lot of love, I want to make love with you” seeing into his eyes Nandini said her teary eyes are saying lot more which she is unable to say.
Manik kissed her face so intensely that both had emotionally driven. Manik atlast reached her lips, he took her both lips and started to eat, both looked at eachother, manik loosened her hair. Removed all her clothes and his. Manik climbed on Nandini kissed her naked body, the moon who was peeping in from balcony to see what’s happening felt shy and went inside clouds, the air which is just breezing gave a blow so that all the candles which are shamelessly watch the couple will shut up, the sparkling hangings are making sweet noise like a music to make the couple feel more romantic, the rose petals on bed are been crushed, molded, off still are happy that they are the evidence for them night which gave a best and best emotion called love to the couple. The moon again came out, breeze is again flowing slowly into room, sparkling hangings are still,
Manik is sleeping straight, Nandini is on his shoulder, Manik is playing with her loosened hair. Her Sindhur changed her way and spread, her lips are swollen red, while body had become red, forehead is filled with small droplets of sweat. “You look amazing like this, like my nandu, who is inside me”Manik kissed her and hugged more tight.

A nite of dreams, flowing emotions, meeting of souls, experiencing the touch, little pain, little shy , little no. More of happiness, more of wanting, more of boldness and best of each. That is togetherness. Two bodies meet to get a single soul. The eternal truth of life. It’s not s*x its love making when both want each other to such a extend where we express love as such.It’s only and only love.

It’s my love story.
Iam stubborn, mad,sad,cool,dreadful,everything but my nandu! She is an angel of my life. She spread love and happiness into my life she is my inspiration and my goal. Now she is with me. As mine, only mine.

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-84)


manik malhotra_its my love story (part-84)

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