Abhigya: Destiny and its games (Last episode)

Abhigya: Destiny and its games (Last episode)

Last episode….
Pragya met the private detective again…
Private detective ‘ Mam I have found who is behind all the changes in Abhi sir’s behaviour and u will be shocked to know the truth!!!’ He started to reveal the truth as he had tapped both Abhi and the person’s phone conversations….

It was Sarla ma who was responsible for all this!!! Sarla ma was the one who made Abhi to go the press meet. She got information that Pragya would be having some trouble in the press meet and had sent Abhi to the press meet. As for the marriage part, she had asked Abhi to have a sudden marriage as she did not want Pragya to have any more trouble from the media people. Abhi tried to convince Sarla ma as this is not the right decision but she insisted if we never do this then it would be very difficult to save Pragya from the media’s unwanted publicity stunts…. Even if there was a grand marriage being held they would also torment her by saying Pragya is going to have second marriage with a simple lecturer. Sarla ma did not want anymore emotional trauma given to Pragya. Yes she knew that Pragya would be upset and worried after the sudden marriage but the caring nature of Abhi would make her feel better and time will also heal her worries….Abhi with a lot of hesitance agreed to whatever Sarla ma said and Sarla ma acted as if she was shocked and upset for the sudden marriage when Abhigya arrived at Pragya’s house. Pragya was totally lost for words after knowing the truth. After knowing the truth Pragya decided on something….

In Abhi’s house….
Pragya met Abhi at their room. He was standing there while reading a magazine. Pragya ran towards him and hugged him from the back. Abhi ‘ Fuggy what happened why u hug like this? And why are u crying?’ Pragya ‘ I know everything as in why u have married me in all of a sudden!’ Abhi ‘ U know everything how? Fuggy its not like what u think!’ Pragya ‘ U no need to explain I know Ma was the one who insisted you to do all this!’ Abhi ‘ Don’t mistake Auntyji , she was just very concerned about you and I can’t really disobey her words and thats y everything happened in a sudden way!’ Pragya ‘ But you could have told me all this! U thought that I won’t understand right?’ Abhi ‘ Nothing like that Fuggy I know u will understand to whatever i say but i don’t want u to just agree to what I say which was not at all correct and that’s y i had to make a situation that forced u to agree to the sudden marriage!’ Pragya ‘ I know all these that u have been doing had been so painful to you right? Promise me that u will never hide anything from me even it is to save me from anything!’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy how can I do that if it makes u worried or hurt! So i cannot promise on this!’ Pragya ‘ No you have to promise, even if the matter hurts me why are u not realising that u are always there for me to remove whatever hurt comes to me! So promise me now!’ Abhi ‘ Ok Fuggy I promise you but….’ Pragya ‘ I love you, trust u so I will not worry about anything as long u are with me!!’ Hearing that Abhi hugged Pragya tightly to his chest and after expressing their emotions, they consummated their marriage.

After several months…
Pragya had finished her singing projects that she had signed up earlier. And now she was not signing up for any new projects. The reason was she is pregnant now!!! Abhi was also supportive of her decision as in the period of pregnancy she had to take a lot of rest. But Pragya had already made another decision that she had not revealed to Abhi. Pragya arranged a press meet with the media people and revealed her decision and Abhi was also there but he was thinking that the press meet was to talk about one of her musical albums….

Pragya ‘ Thank u all for coming here and I know a lot of u would have wondered how come I had a sudden marriage several months back and now after a very long time I have a arranged a press meet. I am just here to clear my doubts of my fans. So hope I am able to answer to the questions of my fans…. As you all know Abhi who is now sitting in the front row there is my husband. He had done a lot for me and i am always grateful for the love and care he had given me so when he asked me to get married suddenly I was shocked. But still I agreed to it as I know whatever he does will be with a valid reason. After knowing the reason, my love for him had only increased immensely and words are not enough to express my love for him so I have decided to do something for him. It may shock him now but this is the only small thing that i can do for my beloved person in my life….So my decision is I am not going to sing anymore for any movies or musical albums! It means I am quitting from this profession! I know its hard for my fans to accept this but i felt it’s my responsibility to inform my fans about my decision instead of just leaving and making them waiting for my arrival again. So hope u all understand and even my husband will be upset of my decision but I know how to convince him. This decision was taken by me after a lot of consideration. Once again thank u all for the support so far and do support other talented singers who are just like me or even who are much better than me with the same kind of support that u all had given me!’
Everyone over there were shocked by hearing the unexpected decision of Pragya and after answering some of the media people’s questions she left the place with Abhi. Abhi was still in shock and while driving the car he turned to Pragya and asked ‘ Why u never tell me about this decision?’ Pragya ‘ If I told you before u wouldn’t have agreed!’ Abhi ‘ You think now I agree? Singing is your passion right? Then why u want to stop that I thought u are not signing up new projects because of pregnancy but I didn’t expect this though!!’ Pragya ‘ Actually I don’t want my profession to affect our relationship in any way and that’s y i have decided this!’ Abhi ‘ U think only your profession can affect our relationship ? Mine also can right? This is not the right decision…. U are now making me only look bad in front of others… Everybody would say that Pragya’s husband was the reason for her to quit her profession!’ Pragya ‘ I know that but even if i am still here and if by chance i never perform well then people will also say she is married now and that’s y she is not able to perform as good as before! And i also want to tell u something… I wanted my talent to be recognised and fortunately it was recognised by a lot of people and that wish is now fulfilled. But now my wish is I just want to be a simple, caring and lovable wife of Abhishek Prem Mehra so that is y i took this decision!’ Abhi ‘Fuggy U are totally unbelievable!! Just to be my wife u are quitting such a great profession!!! I have no words to say how fortunate I am to have u as my wife. As u know that your wish is my command so I agree to your decision. But Fuggy pls infrom me next time when u make such sudden decisions na! U are always giving me sudden surprises and shocks that I can’t expect of!!!’ Pragya laughed at his response and leaned on his shoulder and said ‘Ok fine and From today onwards I will only give surprises that will fill your life with happiness!!’.

With a lot of love, Abhigya lived happily ever after with their children, (twins –Abhinaya and Pranya) who became the symbol of their love…..

Throughout their life before marriage, destiny had played games to bring them closer and make them understand each other better. The games were filled with a range of emotions like sadness, pain, confusion, shock, jealousy, happiness and excitement….But all these only made them to be together at all times, slowly made their love for each other to be ever-lasting and unbreakable. The winning moment of destiny and its games is Abhigya’s love that had become unstoppable and unbreakable by any other external forces… Destiny played its games to give a learning experience to Abhigya and their love and it only continued to increase their love for each other in every possible way….
Thank u all once again for the support and it was always a pleasure reading all your comments from the starting of this ff and until now….May be my ff could have turned a bit boring at times and so sorry for that. But to whoever who had commented and read this ff so far, I am very thankful to u all… I Thanks to all my silent and non-silent readers….
To those who had commented so far from the first episode until now : Carol, Shriti, Sana, Abhigya, Vaishali, Kristy, Kaif, Reshma, Reji, Amna, Pragya Sharma, Durga, sharaya, sasmerra, joycelyn, sabeenia, tharu, rithu, nasima, tweety, deepika bhaskar, devi, abhigya fan, kutty, prasu, adithi, aarthi, vadhu, madhu, tina, nivethitha, divya chandru, sweetylekha, salisha, ayaz, shree, hani, star (dayne reddy), shashi, razia, shreya, leenu, sanya, sharmi, aaraf, rasika, sheerapthinisd, sara, varsha, salma & kaif, princess, priyanka, zuha (Asya fan), surbhi, tisha, divanshi,lola, tripthi arora, deepika, somiya, ishni, Pavi and Maahi…. Sorry if i have missed any of your names and how do i say??…. All your comments have been a great source of support for me to write this ff to the extent that i used to write 2 episodes in one day especially in the starting period….
It was like I wrote one on my way back to home from college and one before I sleep… and even sometimes otw to college…That much of craze that I had to see all of your comments for what I have written….At times my parents used to think that I am suffering from nomophobia as i was always using the phone to check if any comments have been out…I still remember that usually I will check during for the comments during my lunch time in the college and my friend would say stop using the phone and eat!!
But then slowly i tried to control my anxiety as exams were around the corner and also got the thought of restarting the other ff that i discontinued….I am not sure that I was able to satisfy all of your expectations through this ff as it was difficult for me to write 2 ffs at the same time. On top of that I also had fallen sick but still I tried my best to make every episode as interesting as possible. May be knowingly or unknowingly it could have been boring…..But what I feel that I have learned from writing this ff is I know that you are all such good-hearted people who really showed concern for my health when i told u all that i am unwell which made me felt very emotional. Thank u all for that concern… Not only that when I told u all about my stress and depression, u all also advised me, I mean there is no need to do that as a ff reader, the need is just to read and enjoy the ff and is not necessary to comment on the writer’s personal outburst…I myself felt a bit unprofessional about sharing my personal problems here but I don’t know why I did that too…May be through all your comments I felt a friendly connection and that’s y i had shared so much of things with u all….And of course how can I forget to mention about Pavi and Maahi!! Both ur comments have been a energy boost for me and thank u so much Maahi that u loved my ff a lot with reasons that I myself never really thought of. As for Pavi all your comments whether is it the way u tell u liked the episode or advising me it’s really like what a best friend does!!
So once again thank u all and hope u all had enjoyed my ff so far…….

Abhigya: Destiny and its games (Last episode)


Abhigya: Destiny and its games (Last episode)

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