SWASAN – you are MINE! chater 37 and 38

SWASAN – you are MINE! chater 37 and 38

hello guys…m here with another cahp…thanks for the commenst nd love….and soory not for not uploading the previous part for a long time and made u wait for too long…ny ways…cuz I took too long in uploading the other part late I made this one longer…so enjoy….

Swara’s POV:

I sat on the bed, staring at the door Sanskar slammed behind him, thinking over everything that had just happened. His anger, the piece of paper and the way he rushed out. I want to know what was written on that paper. I tried to recall his facial expression while reading the paper but all I could recall was that….. That kisses….it was stuck in my mind…it’s not that this is the first time he kissed me, but this one was different….different and special from the other kisses we had….i never thought about any kiss…but I couldn’t forget this one. It left a lingering feeling and I am unable to shove it away. Unconsciously, I touch my slightly swelled lips and my heart starts hammering against my rib cage faster than before.
I tried to distract myself and think about the paper…but every time I close my eye I see Sanskar’s face and try to get into thinking, the kiss automatically comes in my mind.

What is wrong with me???

I squeeze my eyes shut several times, hoping I could free my mind from the thought of him. But it was a waste as Sanskar’s image pops up in my mind. It’s like a photo frame that is hang in the wall forever.

No! No….. I shouldn’t be feeling this way…..i shouldn’t be thinking about him…but I can stop myself from thinking about him…

I was in the middle of my inner battle when Shaina came and told me that Sanskar is calling me into his office.

“Is he alone in the office?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking. I don’t want to face him right now.

“No, Natasha is with him.”

“Oh! I’m coming.”

I abruptly got up and walk over to his office. Each step I take is making me even more nervous and I am starting to get irritated of myself because of it.

I knock the door and went in. As soon as Natasha saw me, she got up and gave me a friendly hug.

“Hi!” I said slowly and stole a glance at Sanskar who was looking carefully at us.

“hey! How are you?”

“I am fine”
“You don’t look so fine to me. Why is your face red and your temperature is higher than usual? Do you have a fever or something?” She says, putting her hand on my forehead to feel my temperature.

Just like my mom…..

“I am fine. Really.” I hold her hand and smile.

“Okay…. If you are fine, then you won’t have a problem in going with me, right?”

“Go where?”

“Actually, today is mehindi of my friend. So I was thinking of taking you with me.” She says happily.

What would I do there???

But before I could say anything, we heard Sanskar voice.

“She is not going.” We both turned to him.

“And why not?” Natasha asks, putting her hand on her hip.

“It’s your friend’s mehindi, not hers. And besides, she will only get bored.”

“It’s not for you to decide.” She retorted.

“Fine. Then ask her if she wants to go.” He says, turning his gaze towards me.

“You will go with me, na?” It was more like an order rather than a question.

“Huh?” I looked at Sanskar who was staring back at me with his face on his palm.

I couldn’t find any emotions in his face, nor is he giving me a hint of saying no.

Why am I even relying on him???

“I will go.” I said to Natasha.

“Great! We are leaving now. So go and grab your bag and stuff.” She ordered.

“Right now?”

“Yes, now go. Hurry.” I left the office, giving a last glance at Sanskar who was sitting in the same position as before

Sanskar’s POV:

I don’t want her to go with Nats. There is no meaning of taking her there.

“Why are you sulking?” I give an irritated look to Nats.

“She will come home late.”

“Hyn? Sanskar, she is your wife, not a daughter that you should be worried about coming home late.”

“I don’t like seeing my room empty when I come home and I don’t want her to go in these sorts of places without me. She doesn’t even look married and beside you know she is too young. I just can’t leave her alone; I need to be with her everywhere to protect her”

“Ohoooo!” She gave me a smug smile.

“Shut up, Nats!”

“I am not saying anything….. But I think you should go to her now. She might be expecting you.” She grins.

“She is not.”

“Why do you always think negatively? Just get up and go.” I rolled my eyes.

“Sanskar!” She yells.

“Fine.” I slammed my hand on the desk and got up.

This woman is annoyingly persistent…

I jog over the distance to our room, feeling the urge of seeing her face again.

She startled as I opened and close the door in a rush. It took me less than a minute to figure out that she is flustered, just like earlier when she was talking to Nats and especially when I kissed her.

That is quite unusual….

She looked at me and abruptly turned back to the wardrobe.

Great! Now what???

I came because Nats was getting annoying and….. well, I wanted to see her too but what else???

I sighed and massaged my temples.

Wouldn’t it be great if she could understand everything without me saying anything???

I gave up, when I couldn’t find the words to start conversation and lean on the wall behind her. I silently start looking at her nervous movements and a small smile finds its place on my face.

My Shona…..
Swara’s POV:

I can sense his gaze on me and it’s making me more nervous than before. Why must he come here now??

I agreed to go with Natasha because I want to be away from him or this strange feelings emerging inside me that’s making me do things out of my character. I don’t feel anger anymore towards him for deleting the pictures. I don’t feel disgusted of his touch. I don’t feel anything…. except for the need of holding someone tightly. I shook my head, closing the wardrobe and turning around, only to come face to face with Sanskar.

“What’s happening to you?”

“Eh…? Nothing.”

“really…Then why are you looking so nervous?”

“uuhhh…..uuuummm…..Because you’re here.” I blurted out.

“Huh?” He sounded shocked and my eyes widened.


“So, my presence makes you nervous?” He leans to my face and smirked.

“N-no.” I shook my head in negative.

“No?” He leans closer.

Stay calm…..

Stay calm………

“No.” I try my best to sound normal but am unable to meet his gaze anymore.

‘’and my closeness doesn’t affect you’’ he leans more closer..


“Then, why are you breathing hard?” He whispers.

“Huh?” I stare into his eyes, not knowing what to answer.

“My Shona looks like a persimmon (the fruit that looks like a tomato). My favorite.” His smirk widened as he hold my chin gently.

“And this persimmon only belongs to me, right?” He asks gently and for some reason, I nodded. He smiles, before placing a kiss on the tip of my nose and steps aside.

“Go. Nats must be waiting for you.” He tilted his head, mentioning me to go.

“Oh! And….. don’t forget to give me a call. Try to come home before me or I’ll pick you up on the way… Everything feels incomplete without you.” He says, scratching the back of his neck in a slight embarrassed manner.

I nodded and left the room, clenching my bag to my chest.

‘Everything feels incomplete without you.’

What is he doing to me???

And why was I so nervous when he was close to me…his closeness is not new to me then…what is happening to me…

Sanskar’s POV:

“Did you get the report?” I asked arjun who is leaning back on the seat of my car.

“Yes, the number that was written on the paper was registered on the name of Rajat sing. This number’s current location is the North Eastern area of the main city. The most recent call that was done was one hour ago and the call duration was hardly two minutes. This number wasn’t in use before that day and there are only two numbers of which all of the calls had been done. First number belongs to a man named shahid. He works in a local bank in the main city and the other is a woman….. Mrs. Khanna.”

“Wife of kartik khanna?”


A frown formed on my forehead. This couple was involved in a dirty business for a very long time ago. Their thirteen year old only daughter was killed because of it, but still, the lust for money didn’t leave them. Last year, kartik khanna also died in a car accident, like how most criminals die whenever they have become a threat to their leaders.

But after that, Mrs. khanna somehow managed to gain back the confidence of their gang and took over her husband’s work.

But what does she want from Swara???

If she is planning on targeting Swara, I swear I will kill her with my own hands if she even try to touch her. The last time I spared this couple was because they were able to get us very useful information. But now, things are very different.

“Keep a close eye on her.”

“Sure!” arjun answered.

Taking out my phone, I texted Nats to be careful.

‘Something’s wrong?’ She replied.

‘Tell you later. But don’t show it to Swara.’

‘Sure! By the way, I am sending you Swara’s picture. She is looking so pretty.’

Next moment, I received a picture of Swara wearing a golden dress, smiling at the camera.

Simply innocent and Beautiful!

A smile starts appearing on my face and the next thing I know, I was calling Swara but it was picked by Nats.

‘really! Couldn’t spend a moment without her…?’ Nats teased.

‘Where is Shona? Tell her I am coming to pick her up in fifteen minutes.’

‘She is applying Mehandi (Henna).’

‘WHAT? Nats, tell her to wash her hands now. You know damn well that I hate Mehandi.’

‘Sanskar! Let the girl live. She likes Mehandi very much, so don’t force yourself on her.’

Without answering her, I hung up. I don’t like Mehandi, especially its smell.

“Turn the car towards my apartment on the next turn.” I ordered my driver.

“Arjun, you can go back home. I have to pick Swara up. We might not come back tonight.” He nodded.
I groan again as I look at my watch. I have been standing outside the car for the last ten minutes, waiting for my wife but she is nowhere to be found. I don’t remember the last time I have waited for anyone ever since I got into this field and now I am waiting here for my wife. It’s already past midnight and I am exhausted now.

I sighed, turning my head to the exit once again and found Swara coming out slowly.

“Sorry! Mehandi wasn’t complete.” She murmurs, holding both of her hands out so it wouldn’t destroy her dress.

She is wearing a golden tailed heavy embroidered frock paired with a duppatta and high heels.

What was Nats thinking???

“What?” She asks me when I stared at her for too long.

“What are you wearing?”

“Why? It doesn’t look nice?” She asks, looking at her dress, then at me.


“No, it’s nice.”

How could I say no?

“Then why did you frown when you saw me?”

“I was worried that you might fall because of this dress. It looks so heavy.”

“my moh dikhai dress was heavier than this.” She retorted.

“Whatever. Get in the car.” I start walking over to the driver’s seat.
Swara’s POV:

“Umm… I cannot open the door.” I say, looking helplessly at my hands.

Mehandi is not dry yet!

I raise my head on door opening sound and before I know it, I was lifted up like a doll and settled in the car by Sanskar. Instantly, I hold my breath when he bent down a bit to set my frock and duppatta on my lap and do my seatbelt.

His face is so close to the point where I could see tiny drops of sweats on his forehead and his clenched jaws.

Why is he angry….?

He might have felt my stare as his head snapped towards me and I quickly look away but without giving any response, he stalks to his side and got in the car.

“This is not the way to kolkata” I say when I noticed the unfamiliar streets.

There are many places of the main city that are unknown to me, so I have to ask where we are going this late. Because no matter how much he treats me nicely or cares for me, there is a part of my heart that doesn’t believe him. Yet the other part is……

“We are going to my apartment.”

Oh no!

“Can’t we go home?”

“I don’t feel like driving to a long route and besides, I have work here tomorrow….. It’s better if we stay here for the night.”


“But what?”

“I don’t have my clothes with me.” His head jerked towards me like he just realized it.

“Where are the clothes you were wearing before?”

“At Natasha’s house.”

“And why didn’t you bring it?”

“I thought we will go home.” I mumble looking at his angered face.

He grumbled something under his breath and turned the car to an opposite direction. I relaxed a bit knowing that we are going home now.

I didn’t eat anything because of the wet Mehandi on my hands and if I told him, he might kill me. Also, I need help from someone in taking off this dress. But all of my plans failed when Sanskar stopped the vehicle in front of a boutique.


“Stay inside and don’t come out, okay?” He said, looking straight at me.

“Okay! But, where are you going?”

“To buy clothes for you. I am not driving back home.”

“Huh? But you cannot buy them.”

Uff! Stupid me….

“What do you mean by ‘cannot’?”

“I mean…… you don’t know my size and……. and I can’t go in wearing this.” I pointed towards my dress.

Let’s just go home….

“I know all of your SIZES, Swara. Perfectly.” He smirked, staring into space in front and got off, leaving me in mixed emotions of shock and embarrassment.
Say it……

Say it…..

Biting my lower lip, I took a glance of Sanskar when the car stops at a signal and found him already looking at me.

“You’re hungry?” He asked.

“N-no!” I startled at his intuition.

“Then why were you keep on biting your lip?”

“Awain! (No reason)”

“Swara, if you’re hungry, then tell me right now. I am not going to buy anything later.” He said strictly.

“I am hungry.”

“Idiot.” He mumbled under his breath.

I am not!
I thanked god a thousand times when he bought Biryani instead of some light snacks or else I would have died till morning and right now, I am standing in the living room of his three bedroom apartment, thinking of washing my Mehandi.

It’s not properly dry yet!

But I have to wash it to eat because I am so hungry and the smell of biryani is making it worse. So I start struggling to take off my sandals, or else I will slip in the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” I hear Sanskar’s voice.

“Trying to untie the strip of my sandal. I have to wash my hands.”

“Is it even dry? …..I mean your Mehandi.”


“Then stop ruining it.” He holds my elbows and made me sit straight.

“Sit straight.” He ordered while taking a seat beside me. He then starts taking off my sandals.

“No, wait.” I try to pull my foot away from his hand but he didn’t let it go.

“Didn’t I tell you to sit straight?”

“But I can do it myself.”

“It’s fine.” He slid both of my sandals under the sofa.

“Besides, I can do anything for my wife.” He smiled, giving me a small peck on my lips.

“Stay here. I’ll bring the Biryani.”

Sitting on the sofa, I keep watching him in a daze as he takes out the Biryani and comes back to me.

He sat at the edge of a small table in front of me and holds out a spoon full of Biryani to me.

“Do I have to tell you to open your mouth and eat it?”


Is he talking to me ???

“Shona! Eat it.”


“No, wait. I will wash my hand.” I try to get up.

“Swara! Sit down silently and eat. You’re not washing that thing until it’s dry and keep it away from me. I hate its smell.” His raised voice made me sit down.

“If you hate it that much then let me wash.”

“Don’t argue with me, and it’s fine if you like it. But keep your hands at a distance.” He holds out another spoon for me.

“I cannot eat like this.”

“Yes you are eating like this because I am enjoying feeding you.” He smirked.

Please god! Fast forward these moments…..
Precap: family background….and fever….

thank you guys hope you enjoyed the ep….I know guys u are still waiting for Rahul truth…I don’t know if I should ask u this but trusts me it will be reveal within few more episode….soo sorry for making u wait for sooo long…..plzz forgive…

SWASAN – you are MINE! chater 37 and 38


SWASAN – you are MINE! chater 37 and 38

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