Swaragini ff – Yeh kaha aa gaye hum.

Hello friends, l m back with my next story. Two days before l opened my id today only l wrote first story and now next one must say l am pretry fast?. I thnk many of u haven’t read my previous one as it was not posted on swaragini page so giving it’s link http://www.writtenepisodes.com/last-leaf-os/

Coming to this one l have planned it as a complicated story. It will be a continuing story but slowly u will get to know from where it is continued and what’s happening. As said it’s a complicated story l will not tell the pair may be until one of them are united.all characters will be same as serials xcpt 2 spcl ones.

U will hv 2 wait for episodes as l m a school student.l hv given my 10th board this year from ICSE whose result will come next month. Please pray for me as the updates depend on my result.??

Swaragini ff – Yeh kaha aa gaye hum.


Swaragini ff – Yeh kaha aa gaye hum.


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