Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-16

The episode starts with Bala tells nila to massage her leg.. She tells me? He sees in all places. She asks what r u searching? He tells I and me are only in the room then to whom I will say? She tells nice joke and massages his legs.. He tells superb and tells her to massage head also. She does it. He tells her to keep hand also. She gets up and leaves. He comes there and hugs her and tells sorry I did this to see u r anger. She smiles and tells him not to do this again. She tells then I will divorce u.. He keeps hand on her mouth and tells her not to tell one more time that word. She smiles and tells OK I won’t. They both share an eyelock Allah warriyan plays.. Bala tells now let us go to boat ride?

Nila tells sure and she gets ready. Bala and nila comes to boat and sits there and they both starts boat and they both have a ride. Bala tells her to sit and I will drive. Bala drives it and smiles at her.

Nila tells where r u taking me? He tells no. I won’t take u to any place.. U should not take me to ghost world.??she tells me? She beats him and throws water he tells her to stop..

Bala stops boat at middle of sea and tells her to stop it. He hugs her. He again starts boat and suddenly boat engine fails and they both gets into island. Bala smiles… Nila asks who did this? Bala tells it is me. She tells it s unbelievable. She goes in and sees all and smiles and comes back and hugs him with big smile on her face.

Bala brings her near sea food. One grandma cooks fish and gives it to Bala. Nila asks what is it? Bala smiles and tells fish. He makes her eat. She tells it is so heat. He tells OK and blows it and feeds her food. She smiles and makes him eat it. Bala gives money to her. She tells no I don’t want. Bala tells nila let us go and he starts boat and they both comes to hotel

Bala asks about day? Nila tells it is so nice for me becoz I just enjoyed full day with u. Bala smiles and asks for a kiss? She tells kiss? Not now. He asks then when? She tells when time comes I will give. He smiles and asks not now? She tells no and tells him to sleep..

Precap:Bala and nila packs their bag and again comes to honeymoon to Singapore. Arjun and yamini also comes there..

Credit to: Narendran

Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-16


Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-16


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