Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA Intro

Hii friends,
This is my first fanfic
Am selecting my favourite show
for writing ff.
This will be short ff.
So here is am presenting first episode
plz let me know ur opinion on it.

Decorations are going on in a beautiful house
Leela is shown supervising the arrangements
Rt asks her to relax and rest for sometime
she says she cannot as it is her laadoo rani’s marriage and everything needs to be just perfect.
He asks her where is the bride
Leela says she has gone to gurudwara.
A beautiful girl clad in pink kurta and churidhar is shown
she says
“Babaji thank u u have fulfilled my biggest desire of marring a NRI
I will settle in london post marriage woww
i will miss ma and papa but
thank u thank u plz take care of me and them too.”
she is then shown distributing sweets to everybody in gurudwara
she happily tells everybody that she is getting married in 5 days and going to settle in london.
Aunties at gurudwara talk among themselves
they say twinkle(yes that girl is our twinkle) is so lively after she leaves this amritsar will lose its shine and become dull the other auntie says but london will shine

Twinkle’s phone rings her ringtone is london thumkata
she says yes ma am coming.

Twinkle gets ready in green lengha
for her mehendi
leela comes and says her ladoo rani is looking beautiful
she applies nazar ka tika
twinkle comments she should have made her wear kala lenga as a kala teeka
leela laughs and says she is jhali.

Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA Intro


Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA Intro


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