It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 36

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The episode starts….
pluto is barking outside twinj’s room and there twinkle and kunj are busy composing themselves wid all shyness.
K: iss pluto ki toh mai…. i will not leave him today!
kunj starts heading towards the door but twinkle holds his hand and stops him
T: dont u dare do anything wid my baby.. infact u should be thankful to him
K:whao twinkle he broke our romance and ur saying that i should be thankful to him
T:ya ofcourse bcus u were not getting controlled only. u were kissing me like it is our suhagraat(honeymoon)
kunj’s mouth gets wide opened as he saw twinkle’s anger just for pluto she was not in senses wht she was speaking.
T:ab ghur kya rahe ho go nd open the door
kunj makes faces but he didnt had anyother option left.
As soon as he opened the door pluto jumped on him… making him fall on floor…. pluto above him
K:aa… aaa twinkle save me i think he is gonna rape me today!
pluto is still above kunj staring him angrily
T: wht the heck r u saying are u in yr senses my pluto can never do that
Kunj stares twinkle shockingly
K thinks: kunj beta dhyan rakhna kahi ye kutta hi twinkle se shaadi na karle
K: maaf kar de meri maa…. now pls take him
Twinkle goes towards pluto and lifts him up were lovingly
T:awww… my baby sorry baccha kunj was late in opening the door thats y u r angry on him ri8!
pluto licks twinkle’s cheeks in agreement
K thinks: iss kuttey ka kuch toh jugad karna hi padega
just then a maid cms in room
Maid: twinkle di leela mam is calling u and kunj sir in hall
T: oh… ok u just take pluto and feed him ok!
M: ya sure di
T: bye baby
maid takes over pluto and goes
K thinks: chalo chutkaara mila
T: wht r u thinking mr. cm. fast
K: oh ya okay!
They both go down where leela is standing wid a person… his back is facing towards twinj…. Mahi and uv r also there.
L:oh thank god u both came…. project completed na
twinj look into eo and blushes recalling the moment
T:(still blushing)yup mom done
L: gud…. now see who came twinkle(pointing towards the person who is facing his back)
The person turns and is revealed to be kabir
Twinkle gets happy!
T:(jumping in excitement)Kabirrrr!
she runs towards him and hugs him tightly
k thinks:(funny anger)oh hoo hoo look at this siyaooa queen… mere alava sabko hug karegi… pehle pluto and now ye kabir…. i dont know. y but smwere i feel dis kabir is not what he is showing… i mean look at his expressions….. his face is hiding a big mystry i suppose… offo kunj u r thinking over now!
just then twinkle interupts… he cms out frm thougths

ka: hey twinky yaar i m soooooo happy for u…. leela aunty told me the whole story….. nyc plan by the way(holding her waist and pulling her towards him)kunj notices this and goes near them just to break thier closeness
K:(forwarding his hand)Hi…. dis is kunj…. kunj sarna… ur best frnd’s would be husband
Ka: oh hi bro!
they had a handshake but kabir was holding kunj’s hand very tightly it seemed tht he was taking out his frustration
kunj notices this and frowns a bit. Then both break the handshake
T: Kabir now till my marriage gets over u will have to stay here only… no choice its my order
Ka:ofcourse twinkle hw can i miss my wedding
All there stood shocked..
T:y… yr. wedding
Ka: arre baba i mean my best frnd’s wedding
All laugh accept kunj
K thinks: wht is he upto!
L: ok ok enough of masti mazak…. i want to tell u all (to twinj and uhi)that i hv called a choreographer to teach us dance for all ur wedding functions
M: wow maa who is he
T: ya tell tell
Leela points towards kabir.
L: he is ur choreographer
Twinkle shiws are 180 volts smile
T: oh wowwww! how can i forget yaar…. kabir is the best choreograher in all over london
I m sooooo very much xcited yaar
saying this she again hugs him… this tym a short one
just then pluto cms running
P: bow vow… bow vow
K thinks: ye kabir toh gaya ab…. he hugged twinkle no…. now this pluto will not leave him… accha hai pluto kahi toh kaam aaya
Pluto is running towards kabir…. surprisingly for kunj…. kabir bends down and open his arms and pluto jumps on him and starts licking him
Ka: hey junior… we met after a long tym
K:(not in his senses)why didnt this pluto attacked kabir!
all gets shock listening to his quesktion
Ka:(smiles a bit) bcus kunj… wen i used to stay in amritsar…… i, twinky, pluto and mahi used to play endlessly… thts y i nd pluto also share a gr8 chemistry… nd my junior can never think of attacking me… ri8 jr.?
p: bow vow (in agreement)
K: shit yaar…. (slowly)
but our twinkle hears it
T: narrowing her eyes…. wht did u say
Kunj gets tensed
K: n… no… nothing
L: ok ok now stop it…. twinkle- mahi punditji came and he told tht muhrat for ur haldi ceremony is after two days… so kabir…
Ka: dont worry aunty i will teach u all dance within a day only
Leela smiles
To be continued…
sorry sorry sorry sorry guys for this boring epi… even i can feel its boring… but these days i m very busy so dont hv tym to think smthing interesting and i wrote a shirt update bcus i dont know abt the rituals of the marriage so i will ask my mom everything tmro as its 11:40 pm here.. soorry guys

It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 36


It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 36


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