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Chapter 24

A great man once said –‘to fulfil your destiny stay true to your heart’ this is what Arjun and Sam needs to learn
As promised Arjun reached Anna’s dorm to pick Radhika up on Saturday at 7:00 AM…Radhika came out dressed in a tight knee length skirt and top…Arjun looked at her from top to bottom; ‘’That’s very short’’ Anna made an annoyed face at Arjun…Radhika stared at him for a minute went inside and banged the door…Arjun gave a winning smile…but what he got next left him shocked and Anna amused Radhika came out in denim shorts cropped top and trekking shoes…Radhika folded her arms to chest and raised an eyebrow at him, Anna pressed her lips to hide her laugh…Arjun ; ‘’Now what’s this?’’

Radhika; ‘’ no dress code remember…rules’’

Arjun; ‘’ fine I will be waiting down come fast’’

Anna; ‘’You guys should be back by evening…its friends day’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes Anna..will be back by evening…’’ Arjun made a face as he wanted to spend whole day with Radhika he had even packed few clothes…he walked out asking Radhika to come…Radhika cam down after 10 min dressed in a full length jump suit….Arjun smiled Radhika took her seat in his car Arjun…looked at her; ‘’Sorry will never comment on your attire…and why we have to come back by evening…we could have spend a day and back by morning’’

Radhika took a deep breath …it was time for Arjun to learn a lesson; ‘’Anna was hopeful … I don’t break hopes and also because…having someone new doesn’t mean you neglect the old ones now shall we move because we will come back by evening…’’ Arjun lifted Radhika’s hand to his lips she quickly withdrew and spoke; ‘’Do you want a rule broken on first day itself…you almost broke one up there’’…

Arjun surprised; ‘’Bunny this is not kissing’’

Radhika; ‘’Follow my rules or just move back…choice is yours’’

Arjun smiled ; ’’Why are you so different…I love you Radhika’’ Radhika smiled and they drove off,.


Dilip was busy in his office when the peon told him about a Samrat , Dilip greeted Samrat with a hug.

Dilip; ‘’How come in my office’’

Samrat; ‘’It was necessary…I didn’t wanted to speak infront of Mala or Piyali’’

Dilip; ‘’Samrat…what’s wrong is everything fine…something wrong with kids’’

Samrat; ‘’Dilip…Please never accept Jai’s proposal for Radhika…her life will be spoiled’’ this sentence left Dilip bewildered , Samrat always wanted Radhika as a part of his family but now he himself was speaking against this relationship’

Dilip; ‘’What’s wrong’’

Samrat; ‘’Jai has an obsession of Radhika…he just wants her for himself…if this happens it will make Radhika’s life hell…Jai needs to understand…please Dilip…hope you understand’’ Dilip felt proud of his friendship he hugged Samrat…because Samrat thought about Radhika first even before Jai. Dilip promised his support in case he needed him…Samrat left after that…Dilip decided to let Mala understand the same.

Destiny; ‘Now The suitor left for Radhika in her parent’s eyes was Neil….poor chap…Radhika was a baby for him…he could never look at Radhika that way…well but this will complicate or solve things you will know in future’


Sam was getting ready…as it was her first official date with Neil…she had changed atleast 10 times…but nothing seemed perfect…Neil finally knocked at the door ;’’Sammy I think we should plan our date in the apartment…’’

Sam came out wearing a sleeveless maxi dress…she smiled at Neil…Neil appreciated her look wrapped his arm around her waist and walked out of the apartment….Neil took Sam to the famous Silso island…Sam was amazed…this place was the Singapore’s best tourist location…Neil gave Sam a bag and asked her to change…Sam checked the bag…it had a swimming costume…Sam’s jaw dropped; ‘’Neil…!!!!’’

Neil smiled; ‘’baby we are at a beach…and this is not too revealing…so stop popping your eyes go change and come’’ Sam went changed…she took a deep breath then stared at her image in mirror…Sam searched her bag and found a chiffon stole she tied it around her waist like a wrap…to hide her bare legs…once satisfied she came out to the beach and stood behind Neil…Neil gave one slow look to Sam and extended his hand he was also in ¾ bottom with a bare torso Sam for the first time just wanted to stand and stare at him he was so perfect…Neil lifted Sam up and threw her in the water…Sam gasped…she must have drank a litre of salt water…she got up all angry; ‘’Will kill you’’….Sam and Neil played in water enjoying each other’s company and affection…Sam hugged Neil; ‘’Thanks Neil…for this beautiful day’’ Neil’s palm rubbed Sam’s back; ’’Baby we have whole weekend thank me after that…well now I am taking you for a Jet ski ride’’ Sam kissed Neil’s cheek warmly. Piyali was continuously trying to reach Sam but her no. was switched off…Neil had done this when Sam went to change

Neil POV; ‘No one will come between us Sam…neither your modelling contract nor your mom’


After 2.5 hrs drive Arjun brought Radhika to farmhouse…the place was very green…there was a small simple house in the middle surrounded by a beautiful garden…the place was far from city…it had amazing freshness…a man came an greeted Arjun and then Radhika…Radhika was mesmerized by the scenic view; ‘’What place is it’’

Arjun; ‘’it’s a farm house…it was my Mom’s now mine…she liked simple things natural beauty…she loved this place…she breath her last here’’ Arjun’s voice was sad…Radhika walked to him..held his hand and squeezed gently; ‘’Show me around’’ Arjun smiled held her hand tightly and showed her all the places and the people who took care of the place…

Radhika met a different Arjun…the devil had a heart…he was so happy and jolly with the kids around…no one could say that he was the spoilt prince…he gave the kids the gifts he bought…the kids pushed him to ground tickled him sat on his stomach….and he enjoyed all that…Radhika noticed that the caretakers family loved him….and so did he…but when he introduced her Radhika was shocked; ‘’Andrew meet your new would me mistress…she will own this place’’ Radhika blinked…she was too shocked to react…they greeted her and congratulated Arjun…Radhika knew Arjun and made his decision to marry her…she was little worried…as she was still trying to love him. Arjun took radhika inside the house…it was a simple place…Radhika felt a kind a warmth there which brought a smile to her face…she found Arjun’s mom portrait on the wall; ‘’Now I know where you got your killer looks from’’

Arjun; ‘’I thought I was an amalgamation of animals’’

Radhika; ‘’I think I whistled at you after that….so yes you look good…by the way why did you call me owner of this place…I have not promised you marriage Arjun’’ Arjun smiled came close and whispered; ‘’I told you Bunny…I will marry you come what may…your rules will not stop me…’’ Radhika shivered at the intensity in Arjun’s eyes…Arjun brushed her cheeks and pulled her into his arms Radhika wanted to move out but Arjun tighten his grip; ‘’You will not stop me from hugging you…this was your rule.’’

Radhika smirked; ‘’What is the point of these rules when you have already made you decision…lets just leave this sham…you want me…take me and just get over with your obsession’’

Arjun was hurt he immediately moved back…he loved her she was not just a body for him but his world…he inserted his hands in his pocket gave Radhika a pained look; ‘’I will be out….need to check on the farm…you can ask the cook if you want something…get yourself comfortable’’ Radhika went to the kitchen and was greeted my an old man david…he gave her a wide smile….it was welcoming..warm…David told Radhika that Arjun’s mom expired when he was 10…His father loved his mom so much that he couldn’t cope up with his wife’s death which resulted in Arjun getting neglected…In present scenario the father son only exchanged pleasantries…Radhika felt bad for Arjun..she could visualize the little Arjun eyeing for affection…finally David concluded; ‘’He is a very good boy…just little alone….he loves you from his heart…he never brings anyone here…don’t leave him’’ Radhika smiled and nodded she went to the porch …and found Arjun enjoying horse riding with the kids…he looked happy different…he was taking all the kids for ride one by one….Arjun saw Radhika watching him…he gestured her to come…Radhika looked sideways and gulped….noway she will not go for horse riding…Arjun smirked got down …Radhika’s eyes popped out; ‘’Listen Mr. Hades…don’t mess with me…you cannot force me’’

Arjun folded his hands to his chest; ‘’This was not there in the rules…so you are doing it…and why are you scared…when I am with you…trust me’’ Arjun extended his hand and Radhika took it little afraid…he helped her on the horse and took his place behind her she was continuously chanting hanuman chalisa…Arjun started slowly…but then gained speed…Radhika squealed in excitement….’’Tiger this is amazing….thank you’’ Arjun halted the horse and it lifted its front legs…for Radhika it was like adventure sport…he held her waist and bought her down like a doll… Arjun took her for a walk; ‘’These plantations and garden was done by my mom…she loved gardening…I still can feel her here…’’ Arjun leaned against a tree…looking at his mom’s remembrance around him….Radhika gave him an assuring smile; ‘’Then she must be around….lets have food ….I am hungry….’’ Arjun watched her for a minute intertwined his fingers with hers then took her back to the house..


Neil took Samaira back to Siloso beach resort…he had booked a cottage for them to spend the weekend…samaira was spell bound it was a huge luxury cottage with greenery around…the had their own private pool…the porch was open yet private… it opened to the beach giving them a beautiful view of endless majestic sea…Sam turned to Neil; ‘’Why?’’

Neil; ‘’ because this is the date I have been waiting for years…because I wanted to tell you how special you are for me…you are the only dream I ever had…you are my beginning and you are my end…’’

Sam smiled broadly…wiping the happy tears…she hugged Neil tight… ‘’lets not talk about the end …this is our beginning….Neil I want to live a happy life with you…we will not talk anything sad…only fun, romance and love…Neil smiled and nodded…’’so what do you want to do’’

Sam; ‘’right now…just want to spend time with you …so can you just switch on that ‘do not disturb button’

Neil; ‘’Your wish is my command’’ Sam quickly freshened up she wore a knee length lose shirt dress…her hair were still wet she tucked a small white flower on one side and smiled looking at herself..she opened the door to the poach arranged two glasses and wine….she dialed Neil but his no. was busy…she smiled and decided to wait for him.

Neil was in hotel lobby he was talking to his lawyer…;’’So what do you have to say about the contract…are there any loop holes in it’’

Lawyer; ‘’it’s a strong one..Samira might have to pay a huge penalty if she backs out…but we can do something once she starts shooting…like she being sick or doctor’s advice to quit due to something…but that only when their doc confims…then they won’t be able to do anything. Neil…I wanted to tell you something…according to contract Sam cannot refuse any kind of outfits or couple or intimate photoshoot and she cannot marry or get pregnant…Piyali has accepted this without reading…’’

Neil; ‘’I will take care…don’t worry…look it to it again and let me know if you find something which I can use to end this nonsense.’’ Neil was desperate to marry Samaira…it was very easy for him to pay Khanna’s the money they needed…He was just not the owner of RYTHYM or partner in Bird SONG…he and ARjun together held a chain of restaurants in India and some south Asian countries…by the name ‘THE DEVIL’s KITCHEN’ …both wanted to do something away from what they got from their parents…they had started it after their graduation under Nandini’s supervision…she guided and groomed them..Arjun’s sharpness and Neil’s dedication with Nandini’s experience had made it huge success…Neil was expert in handling any kind of barriers only Arjun knew how twisted he can get…when he wanted to get the things done…he never forced Sam to be with him but now when she had accepted he wouldn’t allow her to leave….even if she wanted. Neil knew what has to be done and who will help them.

Sam saw around 20 calls from Piyali…she was about to call her when Neil entered the room snatched her phone ; ‘’Sammy this weekend I don’t want anyone between us…please…’’ Sam nodded Neil kissed Sam passionately …’’ how about a couple spa Sam smiled and nodded.They finished the spa bath….and were enjoying looking at the waves…

Sam was sitting with her back attached to Neil’s front and his arms around her locking her completely to him…Sam felt the bliss…she hesitated and then spoke; ‘’I have a confession’’

Neil; ‘’Go on’’

Sam; ‘’I thought you were in Love with Chashni…I am sorry’’

Neil gave a roaring laughter then composed himself; ‘’Chashni??? Couldn’t you find some one better…she is a baby …I can never see her that way…she is important for me she is my best friend…I love her but like a child…well she has a brain of a child only’’

Sam chuckled; ‘’Neil she is intelligent …we all know that…no child can have a brain like her…she brought you back to me ’’

Neil; ‘’Agreed she bought us together….but sometimes she is stupid too…’’

Sam warned; ‘’Dare you call her stupid…if she knows this she will chop you into pieces’’

Neil; ‘’Ok sorry ! Sammy…her happy go lucky ways over friendly nature and daring attitude lands her in trouble…well leave that if she knew we were talking about her on our date…then she will give us an ear bleed’’

Neil ordered dinner in the room…after having dinner he kissed Sam’s forehead wishing her for the night….Sam held his hand; ‘’Neil can I sleep hugging you…’’ Neil walked to Sam tucked her hair behind her ear…lifted her in his arms…and placed her on the bed…joining her in a sec…he wrapped his arms around her locking her body with his…Sam felt cared protected and like a queen she kissed Neil neck and closed her eyes.

Sam POV; ‘I don’t want to do this assignment I know you hate it …but first time in my life my mother has expectations from me…I want to prove myself to her after that I will marry you…no more distance’
Sam just wanted a single word of praise from her mom …well she deserved it she was broken …but Neil will heal her…and Arjun he will learn lessons which no one taught him…this will calm him down…

Precap: Aradhika sweet moments and Nesam romance





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