Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 8

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 8
Due to public demand Karan Tacker is cast opposite Kumud in Rudra’s role.

Rudra:Don’t get scared Kumud.I won’t touch you.
Kumud was relieved.
R:Because I love only my ex-wife.She loved me unconditionally though I am handicapped.She could have got a better guy as she was perfect.But she chose me as she loved me madly.I married you only because I wanted a mother for my son Shiv.He has never seen his mother as she passed away giving birth to him.You know Kumud?My son always used to ask me where his mother is.I lied to him that she went on pilgrimage for his better life.He waited for his come back.Finally when he saw you on the mandap he was very happy thinking that his mother has finally come back to him.
Kumud:Shiv is a lovely child.I promise you that I will be a good mother to him.
R:Thanks Kumud.
K:I should thank you for giving me my space.Maaji did’nt want Shiv to sleep with me.But he will be very happy if he sleeps besides me.Please call him here.
He smiled:Are you sure?

You are a better mother than I expected.I will bring him.
He went and brought Shiv.Shiv ran into Kumud’s arms:Mumma!
Kumud kissed his forehead:Beta….you sleep here only.
S:You are so sweet mumma.
Shiv hugged Kumud.Rudra was very happy.

Indra went near Kumud in the kitchen:Shiv slept in your bedroom?
I:Why?I told you that he will be a disturbance.
K:No maaji.How can such a sweet kid be a disturbance?He was so happy to be with me.I also feel happy to be with me.
I:If Shiv always sleeps with you how will you have your own child?
Kumud was shocked with her open question.
I:Rudra won’t be able to touch you at all.You will remain a virgin forever.
Kumud found it disgusting.
I:Or have you already lost your virginity?
Kumud stared at her with shock.
I:After all you used to roam around with your boy friend.But Kumud…listen…if you cheat my son with your boy friend I will not leave you.
Indra left.Kumud burst into tears.Shiv came:Why are you crying mumma?
K:I am not crying beta.
S:Don’t lie mumma.Did dadi scold you?I know Dadi scolded you.She is very bad.
K:Don’t say like that about your dadi beta.She is good.
S:No.She is bad.Dadi always scolds me also.

Shiv wipes her tears:Don’t cry mumma.
Rudra came seeing it.
R:Kumud,are you alright?
S:Papa…dadi scolded mumma.
K:No Rudraji.Nothing like that.

Rudra went to Indra:Maa,why are you hurting Kumud?
I:Se just landed up,immediately started poisoning you?
R:She did’nt tell me anything.But I know the truth.You used to do it with Shilpa also.
I:I don’t understand why you are always a henpecked.First you fought with me for Shilpa.Now for Kumud.You are a gone case.
Indra left in anger.On the way she saw Kumud.
I:You were successful in making my son turn against you.It’s not for your good.

K:No maaji.You are misunderstanding me.
Indra ignored her words.Kumud became upset.Rudra came:Don’t take it seriously Kumud.She is old.we can’t change him.
K:No problem Rudraji.

Arnav was rehearsing with Khushi and others with no interest.
Danny rang up Arnav:Saras Bhaiyya is out of coma.
Arnav was very happy:What?
Arn:Khushi…Saras is out of coma now.
K:Wow!It’s a happy news.Devi mayya is kind.
Arn:I have to leave now.
Arnav rushed to the hospital.Guman was upset:How did this miracle happen?
Saras was not looking pleasant:Where is Kumud?Is she alright?She was also attacked by those goons.
All were upset.
Arn:That happened 3 months back Arnav.You were in coma till now.
Saras was shocked.
Arn:Kumud was forced to marry someone else.
Saras was shattered.

Arn:Kumud had no choice.
And the goons were sent by Guman.
Saras was again shocked.
Rishikesh:What are you saying Arnav?
Arn:Stop it.I think you also supported Guman to kill Kumud as you were also against that relationship.
Rishi:No Arnav.Saras..don’t believe this.
Saras:I had always respected you and mom.But everything is over now.Now I understand why Arnav hates you dad.You deserve only hatred.i hate you.I am not leaving you because I had promised my mother that I will never leave my father.
Rishikesh was shattered.Guman smiled in an evil manner thinking:What if Saras escaped from death?This is more than enough for me.Saras also is away from Rishi now.
Danny noticed Guman’s smile.He thought:Why is mom smiling when all are upset?Is Arnav bhaiyya right about mom?
Danny became restless.

Saras got discharged within a few days.
Arnav:Saras,are you still worried about Kumud?
Saras suppressed his pain:It’s better that she did’nt marry me.Whenever I was with her she had only sufferings.If I had married her she would have suffered now also.
Arnav patted on his shoulder to soothe him.

Arnav came to the drama school with a pleasant face.
Arn:Saras is healthy now.I am very happy.Now I will rehearse peacefully with full dedication.
Khushi smiled.Slowly her smile faded.
K:Did he ask about Kumud?
Arn:Yes.I told him the truth.He is very upset.But he is recovering from that pain also.Did you tell kumud about Saras?
K: Not yet.But will tell her.So that she can live peacefully.Anyways we will resume our rehearsals.
They started their rehearsal.During the break time Arnav and Khushi drank some water.
K:Arnav….Lavanya said your father and her father are thinking of getting you married to her.Is it true?
Arn:Whether it’s true or not what difference does it make to you?

Khushi wanted to say that it makes difference to her,but her ego did’nt allow her to admit it.
K:Tell Arnav.
Arn:Ok…it is true.
Her heart blew a bit.
K:Is the marriage fixed?
Arn:No.I was delaying it giving some silly excuses to Lavanya’s father as I felt she was not meant for me.But now….
Khushi became restless:Now what?
Arn:Khushi,you know that very well.It depends on you.If you accept me I will marry you.But if you continue rejecting me I will have to go ahead with Lavanya’s proposal as there is no point in waiting for someone who does’nt love me.
K:Arnav,I made it ckear that i can’t.Now my stand has become more stronger after what happened to Saras and Kumud.If Guman comes to know about us again the same problems will repeat.

Arn:No Khushi.Because I am not weak like Saras.I am a tiger.My dad or Guman cannot touch us.
K:But I can’t take any risk.
Arn:Ok,your wish.
After the rehearsal they took their bag to go back home.Khushi saw Lavanya coming with the car to pick up Arnav.She ran towards Arnav:Hi ASR!
Khushi could’nt stand it.Arnav stared at Khushi happily.
He thought:I know Khushi that you are jealous of seeing me with Lavanya.But you only created this situation.Now I will burn your jealousy till you accept me.
Lavanya:Come on…let’s go ASR.
Arnav walked off with Lavanya.Khushi became upset.Arnav turned back.Khushi looked at him painfully.
La:What happened ASR?

They walked to the car leaving Khushi in pain.

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 8


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 8


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