Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 5

Naiya is shocked to see Durga Agarwal on TV. ” Gopi is Alive? Trishna, Paridhi and Gaura baa tried to kill her? Why did they not tell me about Durga?” Naiya was confused. Naiya goes downstairs. Sona is setting the plates on the table.
” Hello bhabi, do you need anything?” Sona asks.
” No! Where is saasumaa?” Naiya shouts.
” She is watching TV in her room.” Sona replies.
” That woman busy relaxes while we do her work! I’ll teach her!” Naiya shouts, she barges into Rashi’s room.
” How dare you enter my room without knocking!” Rashi yells.
” How dare you not tell me about Gopi Modi being alive?” Naiya shouts. ” Switch to Star News.” Rashi puts on Star News, news headlines show the attempt assassination of Durga.
” I am sorry, I forgot to tell you…” Rashi says.
” Why are you not doing anything about her? She is roaming around as Durga Agarwal and you are sitting here watching soap operas.” Naiya shouts. ” I won’t let this happen.” Naiya storms off.
In the morning, Kajol secretly meets her dad Molu. ” Dad, I have a interview at Agarwal Industries. Mom will never let me join the family business so I want to join the Agarwal business. Please? It is a great opportunity. Don’t tell mom.”
” Fine, I wont tell your mother but you must promise to give your first salary to me. I will tell your mum that you have gone college.” Molu says.
” Thank you papa.” Kajol hugs her father. Naiya is listening outside the door and thinks to herself that she will teach her daughter a lesson for disobeying her. Kajol goes off the office, whilst Naiya follows her.
Kajol arrives at the cabin of Durga Agarwal. She knocks on the door.
” Come in.” Durga says. Kajol enters the cabin.
” Hello, I am Kajol Modi.” Kajol says.
” Oh yes, you have an interview today.” Durga says. Durga thinks to herself that she is Molu’s daughter; Durga was relievied to see such a good girl. She hoped all her grandchildren were good.
” Shall we start the interview, maam?” Kajol asks.
” Sure. So tell me your strengths and weaknesses.”
“My strength is my intelligence, my thoughtfulness and sense of integrity. I am a hard worker, I believe in determination. My weakness is that I lose confidence at times and that hinders my progess.” Kajol replies. The interview goes on… Durga finally announces that Kajol has got the job. Kajol is so excited.
” Thank you so much maam!” Kajol screams. She runs out the cabin and walks down the stairs, she comes accross her mother. ” Maa?”
” So you lie to me you are going college but you are here at a interview?” Naiya shouts.
” I was going to tell you…” Kajol says. Naiya slaps her and grabs her hair.
” Don’t try and fool me. I heard you conversation with your father.” Naiya shouts. She drags Naiya all the way down to the bottom level, beating her and thrashing her. She slaps Kajol repeatedbly. Kajol cries a lot, her face is bleeding and full of bruises. Naiya tries to slap Kajol once more, but Durga grabs Naiya’s hand and pushes Naiya. Durga comforts Kajol and then looks at Naiya.
” What kind of mother are you!” Durga screams. Naiya looks and is shocked to see Durga.
” Gopi Modi?” Naiya says.
” Oh you are delusional like your whole family. I am Durga Agarwal, not Gopi Modi!” Durga shouts.
” You are Gopi Modi! Do you feel sorry for your grandaughter, hence why you saved her?” Naiya taunts.
” I saved her because she is my employee and I won’t let anything happen to her. You understand?” Durga warns.
” What are going to do? Kill me, like you killed your own mother in law?” Naiya says. Durga thinks to herself that Naiya killed Kokila herself and she is blaming Gopi Modi.
” If you harm Kajol again, I swear I won’t spare you. Get out of here before I call the police!” Durga shouts, Naiya leaves. Naiya is outside and phones her goons. Her goons come.
” Burn the building. I want everyone in there to die.” Naiya orders. Her goons understood. Her goons disguise as businessman. After a few moments, the businessman set fire to the building. Everyone runs out.
Durga is in the toilets and sees smoke as she enters he cabin. Her whole cabin is on fire and she sees unconcious Kajol on the floor. She picks up Kajol and takes her to the lower level- the firemen grab Kajol. Before Durga gets out, a massive fire explosion happens and Durga is trapped. She screams for help, but nobody comes.
Ahem and Mansi are in a car. ” Ahem, look that burning building!” Mansi says.
” It is the Agarwal building. Our rivals, that will teach them!” Ahem gets happy.
Ahem gets out and hears screaming of a woman in there. He recognises the voice of Gopi. He thinks to himself that Gopi is dead, that cannot be Gopi’s voice. Durga screams Ahem Ji, Ahem hears it. Ahem ignores the fire men and enters the building. Ahem is shocked to see Durga- Durga looks at Ahem. Both stare into each other’s eyes. Ahem walks to Durga, still shocked by seeing Durga. Durga faints and falls into Ahem’s arms. Saath Nibhana Saathiya song plays.
Ahem picks up Durga- recalling his memories of Gohem.
Precap- Durga says, for your rude behaviour, I will destroy your business Ahem Modi. Just like this building, Modi Industries will fall. Ahem tries to slap Durga, but Durga holds his hand and slaps him. She says how dare you raise your hand on a woman!

Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 5


Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 5


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