“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”
― Stephen King.

Don’t you find this 100% accurate…I some times get so much attached to a particular tv serial that despite of knowing the fact that it is all just a fiction…I some how feel bad wen something bad happens in the show…I get butterflies in my stomach wen there is romance going on…I feel like wacking the person in negative role…I also at times cry wen something very sad happens.
I know…ull are very much confused as to why is she saying all this here.
I will clear all your doubts…

Tashan E Ishq our favorite show…TWINJ our favorite couple…Is coming up with a big TWIST….yes actually more accurately a SHOCKING TWIST.
Our beloved villain Yuvraj Luthra…is hell bent towards getting married to twinkle And if sources are to be believed this time the marriage is bound to happen.
Now this has come as a shock to all of us…the so called TWINJ FANS.

I too was greatly disappointed after listening to this…obvio yaar I am twinj fan too.
But being a ff writer while writing my ff…a thought swirled through my mind.
I am a small ff writer and few people who visit TU or like reading ffs, only these people read my ff…but still every time b4 writing a particular track or epi I think for long time as to what wud be good…will people like this…will this be interesting or will people get disappointed by this….a galore of thoughts go through my mind and once all my questions are answered I finally approve that idea.

So friends by this what I am trying to explain is….
If I, despite of being a simple small ff writer think so much b4 writing an epi or track Dont u think a well known….super talented and profound writer of such a big show wud not hav thought b4 writing or scripting and finalising this twist/track.
TEI’s director Mr Rakesh Malhotra….who as always given us the best of story line, if he has directed this track….I am 100% sure there wud be something really interesting and worth watching that is coming up.
And I am saying all this…bcoz wen I read the comments on the written updates…I was surprised to see people bashing about the CVs of tei and critisizing their work.
I personally believe that its very wrong on our part to speak anything against anyone b4 knowing the entire truth and the other side of the story…

Ohk I too agree that 1 wrong thing that the CVs are doing is…they are showing marriage and divorce to be a game…I mean its not that simple…first of all yuvi being still married to mahi cant marry twinkle as it is against law…secondly twinj cant get divorced as they have not yet completed a year of marriage…and thirdly if twinkle is still married to kunj then again twinkle and yuvi’s marriage is against law…I agree all this being shown is wrong but we must show some patience.
Maybe twinkle too raises these points which I mentioned after the marriage and maybe yuvi has to go back to jail and this time for a longer span.
So all we can do is wait and watch…
So guys its a humble request…from a TWINJ & TEI fan…plzzz stop bashing about the show, be patient and most importantly plzzzz DON’T QUIT THE SHOW.
Maybe the upcoming track is super interesting and then if u miss 2-3 epis u will go off track and then u will repent.

So this is all I wanted to say today…and I am very very very sorry if I have hurt anybodys sentiments…I had no intentions of doing that.
Love you all loads….and plzzz do share ur views via ur comments…if u agree or disagree !!





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