Siya Ke Ram – A quiz on Ramayan

Hello Guys!!!! Soups here! I’m back with a quiz this time….okay it’ll not be a quiz totally, for some questions there are varied answers! So please put forth your views…and this is totally for increasing our knowledge! I’ll post the answers in 2 days, you can see how well you know. I’m planning to keep the quiz as a “5 parts” quiz which I’ll be posting as soon as possible…have fun and yeah correct me if you think I’m wrong somewhere ? Happy Answering ? and yeah this is based on only the Ramayan for now, if you like it we can go ahead with Mahabharat and other things also do let me know…only 30 questions for today
Cheers ?

1. What was the original name of Sage Valmiki?
a. Ratnakara
b. Vajrakara
c. Vajranabhi
d. Rantideva
2. Who was the wife of Sage Vasishtha?
a. Lopamudra
b. Anasuya
c. Savitri
d. Arundati
3. How many verses are there in the Valmiki Ramayan?
a. 20000
b. 22000
c. 24000
d. 26000
4. How many versions of Ramayana are available to us in Sanskrit?
(This is not really a quizzing question, it’s just for general knowledge…please do tell the names of the extra versions of Ramayana other than the Valmiki Ramayana in Sanskrit Literature…it can be how many ever, I just want to know what are the versions that you know!)
5. Who’s considered the biological mother of Sita?
(Again different answers…for such questions, please just put your ideas across)
6. Who was the first King of The Raghu Dynasty?
a. Raghu
b. Dileepa
c. Ikshwaku
d. Vaivasvat Manu
7. Who was the wife of King Dileepa?
a. Sudarshanaa
b. Sudakshinaa
c. Sudeshnaa
d. Subhikshaa
8. Who were the parents of King Dasharatha?
a. Aja and Indumati
b. Romapada and Vershini
c. Harishchandra and Taramati
d. Hamas and Gauri

9. To whose lineage did Rajarshi Seeradhwaj Janak belong?
a. Manu
b. Ikshwaku
c. Nemi
d. Magadha
10. Who was the father of Sage Rishyashringa?
a. Vibhandaka
b. Vishwaratha
c. Vishwamitra
d. Vasishtha
11. According to the astrological calculations, when was Ram born?
(Both in Indian Calender date and Western calendar date…sorry no options for this :P)
12. Who were some important scholars at Mithila known during the time of Seeradhwaj Janak?
(No options for this too)
13. Who were the wives of Sage Yagnavalkya?
a. Kadru and Vinata
b. Aditi and Diti
c. Katyayani and Maitreyi
d. Surana and Surabhi
14. Which Apsara was sent to disturb Vishwamitra’s penance by Indra?
a. Rambha
b. Menaka
c. Urvashi
d. Tilottama
15. Which king of Ikshwaku Dynasty, before Ram is popularly known for the saying “Pran Jaaye Par Vachan Na Jaaye”?
(Though almost all kings did uphold this value but it is most popularly associated with a king who was tested by Sage Vishwamitra, no options for this one too)
16. Which mantra did Sage Vishwamitra experience in the due course of his penance which is given to every Brahmin boy during the time of his thread ceremony or Upanayanam?
a. Gayatri Mantra
b. Mrityunjaya Mantra
c. Shanti Mantra
d. Om mantra
17. How is Tataka related to Ravan?
a. Mother in law
b. Maternal Grandmother
c. Paternal Grandmother
d. Mother
18. How many children did Tataka have with her husband Sumali?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
19. Which was the great weapon acquired by Ravan from Lord Shiva through penance?
a. Pashupatastra
b. Chandrahasa
c. Nagapasha
d. Brahmadanda
20. What was the name of the bow of Shiva that Ram broke?
a. Sarangi
b. Gandiva
c. Pinaka
d. Vijaya
21. What was Vishwamitra’s earlier name?
a. Kushika
b. Kaushika
c. Vishwaratha
d. Parashara
22. Which state of India is believed to be created when Parashuram threw his axe?
(no options)
23. Which language is most often spoken in the land of Mithila?
(no options)
24. Where is Mithila located in the present day?
a. Nepal
b. Bhutan
c. Pakistan
d. China
25. What was the Capital of the Kingdom of Kosala?
a. Ayodhya
b. Saketa
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
26. On the banks of which river was Kosala located?
a. Ganga
b. Yamuna
c. Sarayu
d. Saraswati
27. Who was Sita’s foster Mother?
(No options)
28. Who was accidentally killed by king Dasharatha who thought that the former was an animal?
a. Shravan Kumar
b. Maricha
c. Nikumbha
d. Shambuka
29. Who was the son of Sage Gautam and Ahalya?
(no options)
30. Whose avatars were Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan respectively?
(no options)
Hope you like it…do let me know if you want more if you don’t ? ? ?

Siya Ke Ram – A quiz on Ramayan


Siya Ke Ram – A quiz on Ramayan


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