Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 61

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First of all A VERY BIG SORRY i was having some problem with internet nd second of all im really very speechless with all ur lovely comments im really overwhelmed vinnie, ayesha, baby, sanam, forever fan twinj, zayb_zikra, aastha, akankhya, loveleen, shatakshi, twinj fan (tamnna), twinju(bhavika) thank u sooo soo much for ur support… I LOVE U ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Nd about ending the ff… im really veryy veryy sorry for that as many of u r love my ff which is really surprising as i thought im not a good writer but im glad nd im really sorry for that i hope u all forgive me for that… sorry everyone who r requesting me to continue my ff im really sorry very sorry…!!!

The episode starts with kunj top of twinkle (sanam re plays) he comes close nd kisses her eyes twinkle smiles
Twinkle: stop kunj what will purvi nd pari think
Kunj kisses her cheeks
Kunj: nothing they will know how much their father loves his wife
Twinkle blushes
Kunj then moves to her neck nd kisses it making twinkle clutch his shirt he keeps kissing it nd bites it twinkle moans in pain kunj then moves his lips across her neck making her blush more he interlocks their hands nd kisses them while moving up he then moves her above him nd opens her dori
Twinkle: kunj dont
Kunj stops he smiles nd proceed for a kiss on her lips twinkle part her lips giving a response twinj share a passionate, slow, romantic liplock twinkle looses herself nd starts to unbutton his shirt still sharing the kiss twinkle breaks the liplock she starts kissing him on his neck twinkle removes his shirt kunj smiles she then kisses him on his chest kunj stops her
Kunj: u just told me to stop what now?? (Teasing her)
Twinkle pushes him nd lays on the bed nd turns the other side kunj laughs he then comes nd lays beside her he then moves nd back hugs her still laying on the bed twinkle silently smiles kunj moves her hair nd kisses her neck twinkle clutches the bed sheet kunj then moves her kurta up nd touches her stomach sensually twinkle feels shy she turns nd hugs him still lying on the bed kunj smiles
Twinkle: i love u
Kunj: i love u 2
Twinj breaks the hug they sleep peacefully in each others arms

Next scene
Everyone comes to the breakfast table including maya nd kunj twinj looks at each other nd recalls last night nd smiles twinkle sits on her regular place everyone ignores kunj nd maya twinkle looks at him sadly just then kunj sees two seats empty beside twinkle he hurriedly takes mayas hand he himself sits beside twinkle nd makes maya sit beside her twinkle smiles in heart but doesnt show uvi looks on surprised
Uvi: u r not allowed to sit their
Kunj: why not
Uvi: i dont want to explain anything u just have to go to ur room nd have ur breakfast
Kunj: we will not as this property half belongs to me which means i can sit where ever i want
Uvi looks on angrily mahi calms him down
Twinkls soul talk: oh babaji plzz make everything fine plzzz… this sight is unbearable plzzz babajii
Everyone starts to have breakfast mahi notices bite mark
Mahi: twinkle
Twinkle: hmm dii
Mahi: whats that on ur neck??
Twinkle touches her neck nd recalls the last night twinj gets tensed
Twinkle: di…dii… wo… i…
Mahi: what happened twinkle??
Twinkle is hell tensed
Twinkle: diii…. kisi ney mujhey kaatliya
Kunj was drinking the water in tension the water spills out from his mouth everyone looks on surprised
Kunj: i… i am sorry
Twinkle holds her bitten part nd smiles kunj gets a call from someone he answers it nd smiles
Kunj: maya i will be back within 2 hours
Maya: where r u going??
Kunj: i will come back plzzz baby
Maya: sure… leave after kissing me
This time twinkle spills the water from her mouth everyone looks at her
twinkle: i… i am sorry
Kunj understands maya continues
Maya: come baby
Twinkle looks at her angrily maya stands nd is about to walk towards him twinkle forwards her leg naya trips nd falls down
Maya: aaaahhhhh
Kunj smiles
Twinkle soul talk: dekhlo maya sab ki aisi haalat hogi agr koi merey pati k kareeb aya
Kunj then runs towards her nd lifts her maya looks at twinkle angrily he then makes her sit
Kunj: u ok baby??
Others continues to eat maya nods kunj turns nd smiles to twinklee she too smiles back secretly he leaves

Next scene
Maya twinkle everyone r sitting in the hall all of them r ignoring maya who is continuosly on her phone twinkle gets a msg nd smiles brightly nd thinks something
Twinkle: bhaii maya is so stupid right??
Maya looks on shocked everyone giggles
Uvi: yeah yaar she is very stupid dont know y bhagwanjii made her
Mahi: hahha u both r so funny
Twinkle: oh come on im serious she is right?? Because she told she will snatch kunj from me she did but….
Maya smiles evilly twinkle looks at her nd continues
Twinkle: but she didnt
Everyone looks on surprised mayas smile fades away she stands up followed by others
Maya: what r u telling??
Twinkle: that kunj never left me
These words echoes everyone is hell shocked
Uvi: what is this nonsense twinkle??
Twinkle: nahii bhaii this is the truth he never left me nd my children
Mahi: twinkle r u in ur senses?? Oh i got it u still love kunj right??
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: im telling the truth
Maya: WHAT THE HELL R U TALKING ABOUT??? kunj accepted me as his wife ok?? He loves me alot
Twinkle laughs
Twinkle: im sorry maya he never did
Maya: dont u dare say anything he loves me only noww we both sleep together also
Twinkle: nope thats wrong he sleeps with me every single night
Mahi: twinkle r u out of ur mind what r u talking about
Uvi: twinkle i will not tolerate this nonsense now he left u… he betrayed u for maya cant u understand this
Twinkle: no bhaiii he never did…. that was all our plan
Everyone is shocked including maya
Maya: u r lying this is not possible
Twinkle smiles nd narrates everything about kunj nd twinkles plan nd mayas baby everything everyone r surprised nd guilty while maya is hell angry
Maya: that baby was his only
Twinkle: it was not i trust my husband he loves me nd will not do anything to hurt me… my husband is unique if someone will ask for my life he will give his dont u get this maya love is pure love is more pure than ganga love is what makes everything perfect love is what me nd kunj have in between
Maya gets hell angry she just rushes towards her nd pushes her twinkle falls on the ground
Maya: kunj is mine only mine did u get it
Uvi then pushes maya who falls on the sofa
Uvi: how dare u touch my sister
twinkle stands up nd calms uvi down he goes nd stands with mahi nd usha
Twinkle: i know u r hurt maya… as i told u earlier good always wins
Maya stands up angrily nd is about to slap her someone holds her hand everyone looks at the person who is revealed to be twinkles superstar hero kunj twinkle smiles
Kunj: dont dare to do that
He then pushes maya who again falls on the sofa twinj interlocks each others hand maya looks on frustradely
Kunj: i loved twinkle i love twinkle nd i will always love twinkle (it echoes)
Maya: u cant do this to me u love me right
She stands up nd is going towards kunj twinkle comes inbetween d
Twinkle: im sorry ms maya he is my husband
Maya: he married me… he is mine what about the divorce u people have (she laughs evilly) u both r no longer husband nd wife
Twinj looks at eachother with sad face nd afterwards smiles
Kunj: umm maya we married in the court right?
Maya: yes my dear hubby
Kunj: umm ok lawyer sahab plzz come in
The lawyer comes in nd announces that their marriage didnt happen as kunj didnt let the papers go to the court maya is hell shocked
Kunj: oh nd about the baby… plzzz come in
Some 35 year old lady enters maya is shocked
Lady: hii miss maya how r u?
Maya: how did u find her??
Kunj: maya we r not stupid like u… u told me that adii was my child i believed it but my wife had faith in me my twinkle trusted me… i started to find who is the father of ur child as days passes i was really loosing hope i just went to gurudwarey to ask for a miracle nd this miracle happened i met this lady nd gave her the lift to her orphanage house i went inside to know if u came here luckily i got to know about this today…. he is not ur child nor mine
Maya looks on shocked
Kunj: u r not my love maya u r noone to me
Maya starts to behave like mad
Maya: dont tell this kunj u love me right plzzz tell me u do… (she tries to hold kunj by his shoulder) i love u soo much baby plzz dont do this t…….
Before she can come any closer chaattaaakkk a slap from twinkle
Twinkle: dont u dare come close to my husband
Kunj: plzzz come in
The police comes nd takes away maya with them twinj thanks the lawyer nd the lady they both leaves twinj hugs each other tightly usha mahi nd uvi looks on feeling guilty screen freezes on twinj

Precape: last episode it will be short

I love u all ????
sorry for the boring episode

Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 61


Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 61


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