Kalash 29th April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Nivi slaps jyoti and says dont take name Devika, Jyoti says i was talking about Mata Rani’s parsad, Nivi says shut up, Ravi has come out of Devika’s memories after many months, tomorrow is my engagement with Ravi and i dont anything wrong t happen, she asks Manju how much did she lose in casino? Manju says 1lac, Nivi says you people will never be fine, Monty comes there and asks nivi to sign papers, Nivi throws away papers and says is this time to work? you will make me work in house too? she leaves.
Nivi comes to Ravi’s room and finds him sleeping, she has brought medicine for him, she asks Ravi if he is not fine? she caresses his body and says you look so handsome even while sleeping, she comes closer to him to kiss him, Ravi wakes up so she moves away, she says i got to know that you are ill so i have brought medicine for you, Ravi takes medicine and smiles at her, she says big surprise is that invitation card of our marriage has come, she shows it to him and asks if he didnt like it? Ravi says all cards are same, she says if you dont like it then i will order another one, he says no its nice, i will take shower, Nivi says i will take off your shirt, he says no, she says no issues, we are going to get married, she unbuttons his shirt and takes it off, Ravi smiles at her and goes to take shower, she caresses his shirt, boldo no zara plays.
Jyoti says to Shweta that i said Devi ka parsad (devi’s parsad) but Nivi slapped me, Manju says you took name Devika which makes Nivi angry and afraid, she thinks that by taking her name, Devika’s ghost can come here, dont take her name, Shweta says if Nivi listens our talks then she will do same with us what she did with Sakshi, Manju says she will destroy us, she will put us in cage too, we will do whatever Nivi will say, we have got this luxury life and we will not lose it, we will follow Nivi only.
Rekha is praying to Ambe Maa with kids and Pallavi. Pallavi does aarti too. Rekha prays that 9months have passed, i am still missing Devika, you know how i have survived without Devika, dont know where she is, all say that she is dead but my heart says that she is somewhere, she is part of yours and your part can never die, wherever she is, keep her safe and sound.
Devika gets ready, Janki comes there, Devika hugs her. Janki says my daughter is looking very nice, Devika says i am your daughter so i will go on you, Janki says i live just by listening mother from you, always be happy, i have surprise for you, a parcel is going to come then i will give you good news, be patient, Devika says okay i will wait, Janki says lets have breakfast, i have made it for you, Devika says whatever you will make for me will be best, its blessing to have you, Janki says you are blessing to me from Ambe Maa.
Monty has become Nivi’s personal assistant, she orders him to call Ravi, he leaves. Nivi is scolding servants, Manju, Shweta and Parmindar are tensed. Ravi comes there and asks about engagement ceremony, Nivi says i have done all preparations, my manager will give invitation cards, i have called press conference tomorrow, Ravi asks why all are silent? Nivi says they must be thinking about work in engagement, Ravi says just relax Maa, he says i was thinking to give one card to Devika’s chachi, all are shocked, Jyoti thinks if Ravi will be slapped too? Nivi smiles fake to Ravi, Jyoti thinks she didnt say anything to him, she has two personalities, Ravi says i think everything is incomplete without her so i will invite her, you will come with me? Nivi says yes, Ravi leaves, Nivi asks Manju to give food to Sakshi, Manju gets afraid, Nivi leaves too.
Manju comes outside Sakshi’s room with food, she is shivering and goes in room hesitantly. She opens room, its store room and all dark, she doesnt find Sakshi, she puts food and runs out of room, she locks room, Shweta comes there, Manju shouts seeing her too, Shweta asks what happened? did you see any ghost? Manju says sakshi says is no less than a ghost, Shweta says you are afraid of Sakshi? dont worry, i am with you, Manju says i am afraid of her.
Ravi and Nivi comes outside Rekha’s house. Ravi recalls how he used to drop Devika on bike. nivi comes to him, he says we shall go inside, Nivi says i have to call someone, you go in, i will come later, Ravi leaves. Nivi thinks that i hate this, i am doing all this for you, i have made you agree for this marriage after so much difficulty so i have to listen to your demands, inside emotional drama will go on, i will go inside after that ends.
Ravi comes in house, Rekha is happy to see him, Rekha says i know you miss Devika alot, Ravi nods and asks how she is? Rekha says i am fine when you are here. Ravi says actually i came.. he gives her invitation card and says tomorrow is my engagement with Nivi, i want you all to come and bless me, Rekha is shocked, she slaps Ravi hard.

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Kalash 29th April 2016 –


Kalash 29th April 2016 –


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