we will be united (dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 1

hi guys Iam Namratha I am a new writter of writting ff, i hope u guys will support me and frnds if u feel this is boring i will stop this ff an the pairs will be not reaveled for a certain period of time so be patient and enjoy reading, iam starting from when rags and sans join hands to stop swalak marriage by planning to give swara drugs and play a drama so that laksh will hate swara and stop this wedding and in this case ap that is laksh mom will not like swara and accept this wedding only because of laksh .i think u guys know this who watched the previous episodes of swaragini even though i will tell the characters

ok lets start :

at the temple

ragini was waiting for sankar’s arrival so that she could tell him her plan and she was waiting so long so she was fed and called him

rags: sanskar where r u , iam waiting for u so long, and what about yesterday did u delete the photo from swara’s phone which was the proof for her that she could prove her innocense tell me sans y r u silent

sanskar was thinking about yesterday’s incident an fb is shown


it was 9.30 pm and sanskar was wearing a mask (its not actually a mask he covered his face with a cloth ) and he climbed up to swara’s room and some how he entered her room from the window swara was in the washroom she was washing her face and thinking about how she was given drug and who was the person behind this ,she thought to herself and she said i will soon find it and she thought :anyways atleast i could show the proof to lak so that he will understand that someone is giving me drugs and when she was there inside sans quickly took the phone but when he was taking the phone which was in the table , suddenly sans hit something by mistake so it falls , hearing this swara opened the door quickly and saw sans ,she cud not identify him because he covered his face, soon she was about to scream but sans closed her mouth and pushed her and he jumped from the window and ran from there , swara got up and followed sans (swara also jumped like sans bcoz she dont know what to do) she hurriedly ran behind him and cryed to give her the phone which was the only proof for her but sans had already deleted it and kept the phone near her, swara saw that the photo has been deleted she then scolded sans who was some distance away but he turned and heared her she told: how can u do this, do u not know what is true love?? do u not have a heart at all? she cryed sans was touched and was remembering abut kavita’s death and he to cried but he went and swara was crying and was going to her home( guys i know this actually happened in swaragini but i think ur clear that iam starting from swaragini previous episodes but till this only it will be like that but i will make it different )

fb ends

rags: r u there in line

sans: yes ragini iam there and i have deleted the photo and i want to tell u something and i will be right there now

rags : ok but pls cum soon

and near rags a scene was going on and rags was seeing that ,the scene was a small girl and her sister was playing in the temple and suddenly the small girl got hurt and was crying rags was abut to go and help her but her sister came first and made her younger sis stand up and told her dont wry when iam here with u nothing can harm u i will sacrifice evrything for ur smlie so dont wry and tickle her sis to make her smile and that cute sisters hug and hold thier hands together and they went seeing this rags started crying and kneel downed before matha rani and said i have done a big mistake maa these small kids made me understand wat is true love iam really sorry she cried bitterly i thought iam the only person who loved laksh with true love but it was wrong, love cant be snached , i made my sis cry and thought to marry lak but my intention was wrong wat a big mistake i have done i have to apologize to them so rags forgot evrything and walked fast while going her hair was stuck in a tree but she did’nt mind it and her plate was removed because her hair got stuck there so there was no option left so she removed it and cool breeze was blowing in the air ,ragini was very beautiful when she was in free hair that time sans also came they collide each other and rags was in the ground and sans was lying on her they had an eyelock ( janam janam from dilwale bgm plays) they both say in same timing ” i want to say u something” a guy is shown that he was taking photos of them when they collide and lying in the ground ( the guy face is not reaveled and guys guess who is he )
then the guy goes

at galodia house

sumi: swara where r u see who has cum to see u ,swara before marriage itself ur like this means after marriage i dont know how u will be, hare ram ji i dont know what iam going to do with this girl

the person( in teasing tone) : aunty u dont wry i know she is little bit mad ,i will take care of her

swara (she comes
down hearing this in a angry tone) ; maa ur my mom or his mom and u laksh iam not going to leave u how dare u call me mad

(that person is none other than lak) laksh: swara its just for fun ok leave this and i want to talk to u thats y i came here , aunty can i take her to coffee shop pls

sumi: sure beta and till one month only left for your marriage and after one week ur engagement so i don,t have any problem take her and swara if u see ragini anywhere bring her to home or u call her because she has still not yet come home

swara: ok ma

swalak leave and go towards the coffee shop

at coffee shop

laksh : swara i know u r very confused about the past incidents pls i want u to asnwer my questions and dont think iam testing u or doubting u swara its just my right to ask u

swara : i know lucky i can understand u but trust me i will not go down in ur eyes
z i love u
lak : ok swara i will ask u my question” do u take drugs and what was that when u danced in the pub with some guys and why did u pushed me and explain me what was all that and do u really love me swara bcoz that day u asked me” who u r”, thats y iam asking u all this say swara

swara: laksh listen i am not used to drugs someone has given me drugs so that i will go down from ur eyes and our marriage will be stopped and i had proof also but yesterday some person who actually planned all this stuff came to my room without my knowledge and deleted that proof lucky i tried my level best but i failed to save that proof lucky and because of that person only all this had happen and i really love u lucky pls believe me lucky

lak: swara iam sry iam a mad swara i should not have asked u and made u sad like this ,fine now i trust u swara soon we will find tat person u dont wry

swara : thank u lak

they go from the cafe then lak sys i will drop u and says swara u call rags also ur mom told na

scene goes to the temple

sans: i will say u first

rags: no i will say this is very important

rags gets call from swara suddenly there is an road accident near the temple by hearing that noise rags gets scared and shouts ( but its not sans or rags accident wait and watch)

swara hearing rags scream and thinks rags got an accident and starts crying lak asks wat happen swara says hel…helo…helo but rags has cut the call

screen freezes with the face of ragsanlakswas sacred faces

precap ; shall i continue… or not pls comment

we will be united (dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 1


we will be united (dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 1


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