previously v saw ishitha and ruhi’s reunion after 7 looong yrs
Mani: meri ek deal hui ishu
Ishitha: wowo dats great congrats mani u didit finally
Mani:thanks alot ishu a d ya irs all bcz of ur support ha ab batao what were u sayng
Ishitha: where r u now???
Mani: am at home but y
Ishitha: b der am gonna come n tell u evrythng bye bye
Mani: ok ok relax bye

Ishitha: ruhi aaliya chalo lets go
Dey go
Meanwhile raman n mani r in a meeting at their home
And ya as per da current story raman is in Australia and is in a meeting wid mani to discuss about their company n both raman n mani r shocked to c each otr
Raman: mani tum yaar after a long time how a u
Mani: am fine n yuh how a u how is ishu
Raman’s face bcmes blank
Mani: what hppnd is evrythng fine
Raman: mani nothingz fine ishu mar gai suicide karliya ruhi bhi chodke chala gaya ham sabko
Mani: whattttt
Raman is in tears
(Mami asked raman about ishitha to kno whether he still luvz her or not he thought of revealing ishitha’s truth to raman)
Raman: donno y my madrasan did lik dat she was very strong
Mani: sambhalo raman dou luv ishu now also
Raman: ya infact i luv her even more
Mani: raman i should tell u smthng
Raman: hmm temme
Mani starts telling the fb and walks past raman
Now raman is facing his back to raman
Mani strts telling fb and narrates everything
Raman is now completely in tears and almost breaks down
just den ishitha comes along wid ruhi n aaliya
She doesnt c raman as he is turning dat side
Ishitha: oops am i disturbing u shall i wait outside
Mani: no no no its ok temme what were u saying
Ishitha: mani mani mani my ruhi is alive c dis rockstar ruhaan is my ruhi and takes off her wig
Mani and dats side raman is also dumbstruck
He turns dis side and sees ishitha
at first both were dumbstruck and dazed
Mani: arre paagal fellows itne dino baad mil raje ho hug tho bantha hain na
Ishitha: raman
Raman: madrasan
Ruhi: papa
Aaliya: so den ur raman
Mani: jus stop des dialogues yaar
Ishitha and ramanhug each other
Ishitha: raman c dis hamara ruhi she has become big now
Raman tightly hugs ruhi and ishitha
Aaliya hugs mani
Ishitha: raman she is my daughter aaliya
Aaliya: hello uncle
Raman greets her
Ishitha: mani am so lucky to have u in my life thanks alot
Mani:no thankyou and no sorry on friendship
Ishitha: raman howz everyone
Raman: nothingz fine der ishitha sab kuch bikhar chuki hain
She is shocked

Ishitha: matlab
Raman tells how bith da families seperated and he also tells about romi
Raman: now u both should come and set everything alright
Ishitha: dont worry raman ill make everything fine ruhi is also der now nothing will go wrong
Everything will be fine
Raman: i should show u all something
He shows pihu’s pic to dem
Ishitha: raman hamara baccha
Ruhi: papa she is jus like me Omg
Raman: tumhari jaise dikhthe hain aur sab kuch tumhari jaise hi karthi hain
Dey share a lighter moment
A woman: v r here
All of dem turn bac
Ishitha is shocked to c her
Ishitha: tum
Woman: haa main
She is none otr dan shagun pihu is also der wid her
Ishiths sees pihu and mesmerizes her resemblence of ruhi…ruhi also does da same
Pihu: wow rockstar ruhaan am a huge fan of urs…..wow am so lucky to meet u..ur recent song was superb she literally squeezes him
Shagun: pihu relax ruhaan am sorry shez crazy about u dats y she is behaving lik dis
Ruhi: its ok shagun mamma
She doesnt notice dis 1st but den
Shagun: shagun mamma ese toh mujhe ruhi hi bulathi thi
Ruhi takes of her wig
Ruhi: ha mamma aapki ruhi
Shagun: ruhi meri bacchi
She tightly hugs her
Dey unite
Ishitha: how a u shagun
Shagun: agar main zinda hu ya margai tumhe kya farak padtha hain…tum toh mujhe chodke chali gai thi na so i dont care about u
Ishitha: oh am sorry shagun really sorry…
Pihu: mumma she dat photo aunty which i sae in iyer aunty’s house….and ya she was da same aunty who gave me pastries. …
Shagun: ho ok pihu now see dis is not ruhaan pihu shez ruhi ur sissy
Pihu: oh but how
Shagun: ill tell u everything afterwards bbut for now she is ruhi not ruhaan ok ur sissy
Pihu: wow popstar ruhaan is my sister n yah she is a girl not a boy…omg unbelievable
All laugh
Ishitha in a childish way
Ishitha: shagun..shaguuunnn
Shagun: ji kahiye
Ishitha: am sorry sooo sorry
And hugs her
Shagun: maaf kardiya and raises her palm
All smile
Raman: mani i thank u sooo much for taking care of my madrasan
Mani: no no dont say lik dat ur madrasan is my best friend
Raman: if u dont mind u will come to India along wid us and i want to merge my company with urs if u accept den
Mani looks at ishitha and she nods her head
Mani: i would luv to raman and hugs him
Mani: but what about aaliya’s studies
Raman: ill join her in da best university if delhi afterall she is my daughter
Aaliya: thanks alot uncle
A man: den what about me
All look in dat direction

Ishitha becomes emotional goes and higs him
Ishitha: i missed u alot khanna
Boy: mee to mumma
Aaliya runs to him
Aaliya: bhai
And hugs him
He goes to mani and says
Boy: appa
And hugs him
(U guys must hav got an idea on who he is yes ur guesses r right he is none other than vivaan. Guys its ur wish on who u will imagine as vivaan… i thought akhil akkineni- a telugu actor or paarth samthaan..guys if u hav any ideas temme…u can imagine ur fav person)
Mani: welcome back home vivaan missed u alot
Vivaan looks at ruhi
Vivaan: wow popstar ruhaan is having a loong hair??? Amma howz it possible
Ishitha: vivaan dis is my daughter ruhi
Ishitha narrates da whole story to both pihu and vivaan
Pihu: toh iska matlab ur my mummma
Shagun: ha pihu shez ur mumma not me
Pihu: i accept shez my mother but ur myy best mom…from now on i hav 2 moms ishimaa and shagun mamma….
Shagun gets emotional and hugs her
All get shocked of pihu’s understanding nature though shez a kid..
Vivaan: toh mujhe do aur behen aayi omg now i should buy gifts fir all 3 of dem omg…hain bhagwaan main toh gayi
All laugh

Precap: vivaan and aaliya throw a farewell party for their frnds….aaliya gets drunk.

Hey guys i hope u like it..comment karna math bhulo…silent readers break ur silence….sorry fkr da extra long epi

Credit to: ANANYA




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