Unusual Attraction 6th Episode – IKRS

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Episode starts with Dhaani standing on a stool searching for coffee jar, she stumbles .. and is falling.. falling.. and.. yes.. falling.. ?
Let’s check what happens next.?

• Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani shouts Aaahh! and she closes her eyes in fear. As she realizes she is not hurt.. she opens her eyes slowly and smiles seeing herself in Viplav’s arms. Viplav put her on the kitchen counter, Dhaani says thank you.. Viplav stops her by putting his finger on her lips. He goes near her. Leans close to her neck.. kisses on her shoulder.. Dhaani holds his shirt tightly from the back and says I.. I.. Viplav says Dhaani.. Dhaani and he shakes her. Dhaani opens her eyes with jerk and sees she is still in Viplav’s arms. Viplav says, you okay?? And he put her down. Viplav says, you should be careful. And he stands on the stool saying.. I’ll get you the jar. Dhaani stands still. She thinks what was that? What the hell was I thinking! She hits on her head.. and says, may be it’s last night’s hangover. Viplav gets down with the jar and asks , did you say something ? Dhaani says, no..noo.. I was just saying thank you.. and she jerks the jar from his hand and says, you go sit. Viplav looks her awkwardly and goes to sit.

Dhaani brings coffee to him. Viplav smiles and takes. Dhaani says thanks again Viplav, you saved me once again. Viplav says, no need of thanks. Viplav says, by the way, you were saying something when I was holding you.. something like I.. I ?? What was that? Dhaani gets nervous.. she thinks… Oh God! now what… Viplav asks are you okay? why you are looking so tensed? Dhaani handles the situation by saying, oh that! I was saying.. Mummy.. Mummy.. not I.. I.. and takes the sip of the coffee. Viplav doesn’t understand.. and stares her. Dhaani notices him and changes the topic. So, tell me something.. Viplav asks, what? She thinks what to say and looks around.. Viplav says, you were asking something? say? Dhaani gets tensed which end her up in frequently asking . Do you believe in true lov.. she quickly holds her words by putting her hand over her mouth. Viplav smiles seeing this and he says you are so cute Dhaani. ( Haeey! ? But not more than you Mishal aka Viplav! ? ) Dhaani’s eyes gets bigger hearing this. Viplav understands what he said. He says, I mean.. you asked me about love right.. ummm.. yeah I do believe in love. Dhaani gets easy, and says.. Oh.. tough looks but heart is filled with love interesting.. she laughs. Viplav says haha.. funny. Dhaani says, So ‘love at first sight’ kinda love? Viplav stands with a jerk. Dhaani gets tensed, she also gets up from the chair. She asks, what? I was just asking.. nothing more than that. Viplav interrupts her, why you get so hyper in such small things Dhaani. He goes near her and takes her hand in his hand. He says Dhaani thanks for this awesome coffee.. I Loved it. Dhaani understands that he has finished his coffee. He says we’ll continue the discussion some other day. You do some rest I’ll take a leave. Dhaani smiles. They both go to the main gate while Dhaani glares him. ( Abhi Na Jao Chor K Plays )

Viplav says okay! Bye then, And he sees Dhaani glaring at him. He then, in a happening tone says.. come on.. cheer up.. there’s nothing to be worry about.. and he hugs her.. he further says.. think about the brighter side of the situation, you find a Handsome Friend.. right? and he laughs. Dhaani tries to smile. Viplav says, it’s all right Dhaani, i’m with you.. ALWAYS! And they both stare each other for a moment. Then Viplav says, okay.. Bye! he stops and turns back and goes to Dhaani. Remember Dhaani, I’m just a call away. And he smiles and turns to go. Dhaani calls him. He turns .. Dhaani says drive safe and take care. Viplav says you too! and he goes to his car and sits in. He turns his head to see Dhaani but gets shocked on seeing..

( Hold on to your emotions readers. ? This will be shown in next episode.. that, what happened there.. which led Viplav in a shock! Till then let’s pay a visit to Vidhaani’s families .. I heard, something is cooking in their mind..respectively. Come I’ll take you to them. ? )

• Viplav’s Residence

KT serves tea to DT.. Baboji! Viplav didn’t came from the party last night.. i’m feeling worried for him. DT says, bahu.. don’t worry, he has grown up.. he must have gone to his friend’s home. Kanak nods. She says, by the way, did you like Dhaani? Manohar bhai’s daughter. Dashrath says, Ya. she seemed a good girl..but why are you asking about her all of a sudden? Kanak says, I was thinking. If Dhaani.. for.. Viplav.. Dashrath smiles very good idea bahu.. Manohar is a good human being, also Dhaani is nice girl.. Kanak gets happy.. then, I’ll ask Viplav about this as soon as possible. Dashrath nods in acceptance.

• Hotel Room

Here in Mumbai.. Dhaani’s parent are staying in a hotel.

Dulaari picks up her phone saying, God! this girl is so irresponsible! Manohar comes and snatches phone from her hand. Dulaari, why are you getting so angry. Our Dhaani is a mature girl now.. stop taking her as a small kid.. and let her live on her own wishes. Dulaari says, but she didn’t called us for once. Manohar says, she might have gotten home late, from the party. And you know your daughter very well.. it’s early morning.. she would be sleeping right? Dulaari says, ya right. Manohar says, what is it? i’m seeing you from past few days. Any problem? Dulaari says, I was just thinking of Dhaani’s marriage. Manohar laughs, what a coincidence. I was also thinking to talk to you about this. Actually, I was thinking about Viplav.. I found him quite a good guy, and for my Dhaani.. I think he’d be a perfect life partner, what do you think? Dulaari smiles happily, perfect match! I’m so happy Manohar! and she hugs him. Manohar says, very well then, I’ll talk to Dhaani on reaching back home.

PRECAP: Dhaani shouts at Viplav. ( What! Dhaani scolding Viplav again! ? )

Hey guys! 5 episodes completed all well.. obviously with you support! Keep enjoying and stay connected fellas! ?

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Unusual Attraction 6th Episode – IKRS


Unusual Attraction 6th Episode – IKRS


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