MANZIL (Chapter 2)

Recap : Arshi , swasan , Raman & hargun reach Darjeeling. Ishitha to give surprise.

Arnav & sanky about to tell something to shagun & Raman they hear ruhi crying & all run to garden.

Raman take her in arms & shagun ask

Shagun : what happened baby..?

Ruhi : chote is cheater

Everyone look at him..

Arnav : what.. What did I do..

Harshad : your fishes are here as per promised then.. What happened baby..

Ruhi : these are not my babies..

Arshi look at each other in surprise..

Raman : what do you mean not your fishes..

Ruhi : I can identity them.. These are not mine.. ( she start crying )

Shagun : what did you do chote aren’t these the same fishes..

Arnav nod no..

Swara : what.. Bhai.. Then what happened to our motu patlu pinky chinky titu bubbly sonu monu. They are fine or..

Ruhi start crying loudly…
Ruhi : I want to see them right now…

Harshad : ek shabd aur nahi shona warna maar padhegi.. ( not a word more )

Shagun : when you didn’t wanted bring them why you promised her.. See now..

Arnav : kushi what now..

Raman : what did chutki do now

Kushi : actually it was my idea to replace those super active fishes by these new one..

Raman : but why..

Arnav : electronic chip is inserted in them.. They can be controlled by remote..

Kushi : we did this to save poor sanky..

Sanskar : sach.. ( really..) Only you two are my real friends.. Or else this swara had made all plans of killing me..

Swara : sanky..

Harshad : shona chup.. Arnav now who will convince ruhi.. She won’t agree..

Ruhi crying inconsolably..

Kushi : ruhi.. I’m sorry.. Your babies will be here by tomorrow ok.. Please don’t cry..

Ruhi : noo… I need them now..

Raman : I’ll take you for boating today stop crying..

Everyone try she isn’t convinced all 7 stand helplessly but suddenly ruhi stop crying..

Ruhi : ishu maasi…

She go & hug her.. Everyone surprised seeing her & ruhi starts complaining..

Ishu : I heard you crying.. What happened to my baby…

Ruhi explain what happened & start crying again

Ishu : oh.. Baby listen.. Do you know why chote left them in Delhi…
Ruhi nod no..

Ishu : because they are grown up kids now.. Now tell me who will take care of our house there when we are here… is there anyone there..
Ruhi nod no..

Ishu : aapko pata hai jab chote une lene gaye tho unhone kaha hum yehi rehkar ghar ka kyaal rakenge.. Issliye une chod aaye.. ( do you know when arnav went to pick them.. They said they’ll stay there itself & look after house.. So he left them )
Ruhi : sacchi.. ( really )

Ishu : haan ( yes ) you can meet then when you go to Delhi.. Now stop crying ( she wipe her tears )

Ruhi : thank you chutki & chote..

Arshi just smile

Ruhi : I’m hungry..

Swara : come I’ll freshen you up then shall have lunch ok..

Ruhi swara go..

Kushi hug ishu

Kushi : missed you a lot.. Very nice surprise..

Ishu : missed you too

Arnav : aapne bacha liye warna aaj.. ( you saved us or else today.. )

Shagun : how smartly you handled her.. Warna Raman aur mein toh lagbag paagal hi hogaye the ( or else me & Raman were almost mad because of her )

Sanky : di can handle everything she’s super woman

Raman : ( low voice) super woman nahi.. Bhoot..

Ishu : Rakshas ko acche log bhoot hi lagte hai..

Raman : haha.. Very funny..

All finish lunch..

Shagun : there’s soo much of preparations left.. We’ve lot of shopping left

Harshad : let’s divide the work then..

Ishu : me & shagun will finish all Pooja work

Raman : me & harshad look after catering & invitees.. & you 4 ( Arshi & swasan ) see decorations here..

Ruhi : me.. What shall I do..

Harshad : you monitor whether these guys will do work properly or not ok..

Swara : all of you reach national mall by 5 there will shall do shopping there ok..

All 8 are engaged in their own work


Swara on a stool trying to hang some flowers loose her balance & is about to fall but sanskar hold her..

Sanky : swara…

Swara : thank God sanky you held me warna my back would’ve broken today

Sanky : instead my back is breaking.. Get down.. ( he put her down ) you’ve put on lot of weight.. I think from now on everyone should call you moti I stead of shona

Swara : sanskar ke bacche..

She chase him & he run away..

Ishu & shagun at temple

Shagun : chalo yaha ka kaam toh katam ( come on work here is finished )

Ishu : from where shall we buy Pooja materials.. Do you know any shops here

Shagun : no ishu..

Ishu : call harshad & ask him to accompany us to buy them

Shagun : no I’m not calling him..

Ishu : oh ho simmo I’ll only call him

She call him & talk..

Shagun : what ? Is he coming..

Ishu : yes.. But that Rakshas is also accompanying him..

Ishra & hargun at some guests house for inviting them for inauguration

Harshad : it will be our pleasure to have you with us..

Mr.Sethi : sure Mr Gadodia I’ll be there..

Mrs Sethi : Its nice work you people are doing here.. Anyway when are you going to make us eat your marriage laddos ( sweet )

She ask looking at hargun.. Shagun get enraged while harshad confused what to say..

Shagun : woh.. We are.. ( Raman interrupt )

Raman : very soon..

Hargun give some dangerous looks to him..

Ishu : he mean for now they want to settle everything here & then think of marriage..

Mr Sethi : that’s also right work comes first..

Mrs Sethi : what about you Raman when are you getting married.. You’ve to still search your bride..

Ishitha get uncomfortable Raman look at her but she avoid looking at him..

They take leave from them & reach mall

Raman : Mrs Sethi ne dimaag karab karke rak di ( Mrs Sethi spoilt the mood )

Shagun : koyi marriage bureau hi kol deti hume kyun tang kare jab dekho wahi baat..(she must open some marriage bureau instead of troubling us .)

Ishu : haan hadh hai yaar ( she’s too much )

Swasan reach there..

Swara: what wrong did she say..

Sanky : get married soon & clear our route

Ishra & hargun look at them in surprise

Sanky : I mean Arshi’s route do you know what were they doing.

Fb start..

Kushi monitoring the lighting section outside.. While hanging the lights she end up caught in between the light ropes. Arnav come there & smile seeing her..

Kushi : what are you doing there stop staring & free me..

Arnav : I’m looking how stupid my girlfriend is.. You act like kid sometimes..

Kushi make pout face , arnav come & start freeing her both lost in each others eyes.. Arshi about to kiss but Their stance broke by ruhi..

Ruhi ooh ho.. You both started again

Arnav : what ruhi .. There was dust in her eyes

Kushi : yes baby come let’s get ready & go to mall..

Arnav : we still have lot of shopping left..

Fb end..

Precap :

Raman : isse kehana classy party hai sar pe bageecha laga jar naa aaye..

Ishitha : isse kehana pehle shave kar le baad mein mujhe gyaan de

MANZIL (Chapter 2)


MANZIL (Chapter 2)


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