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Pragya was still admiring the bracelet and abhi was staring at her.Abhi asked pragya if you don’t mind can I ask you something.pragya says Ha pucho . Abhi came a bit closer: Why do you want to go back? Is it because you hate me?pragya looks at him and says Nahi abhi it’s not like that its just that this is not my home , I’m staying here three years and how long I’ll be here, so, now you’ve come ..you obviously want your parents to give you time and kal tumhari shaadi hogi …I don’t want any problems because of me and I can…..Before pragya could continue abhi placed his finger on her lips which shocked pragya as abhi never came close to her all these years. Abhi sensed her discomfort and removed his finger from her lips. Abhi says pragya I think you are forgetting something, you were always in this house half the time by your presence and rest time in mom dad’s talks. I had an habbit to share my parents with you, jab bhi woh khush hote the ya koi bhi baat hoti thi woh mujhse pehle tumse share karte the aur tumhe woh tabhibhi mujhse jyada importance dete the but you never noticed it. Mom dad really loves you pragya and they are hurt seeing you sad, seeing your faint smile and your efforts to go back. PRAGYA not for you but for them try to be happy and try to be same like before please .pragya was in tears now and didn’t knew what to say and abhi left her room giving her time to understand what she should do. Abhi’s words were echoing in her mind and she thought is she really hurting her uncle and aunty who took care of her like a daughter. She remembered how they always used to cheer her up but failed and that would definitely have hurt them. She immediately went out of her room and found abhi standing with a smile waiting for her. She stood infront of him.pragya says I am sorry I was wrong abhi says no No pragya you were not in that state to judge between correct and wrong

PRAGYA says But you helped me thanks.,abhi what can I do now? Abhi says exactly what you will do on Sundays pragya smiled and went towards ragini and neil’s room. Abhi followed her. Pragya knocked the door. Neil says Beta you both don’t need permission to come in …pragya says . Uncle Aunty jaldi se ready ho jao we are going out.neil and ragini were shocked to see pragya talking like this.pragya says Uff ho jaldi karo it has been 3 years, we never went to movie , so lets go for a movie and after movie my favourite restaurent ….Barbecue Nations ..let’s go.. so jaldi be ready I want you both down in 30 mins.ragini hugged her and cupped her face while neil hold her hand. Pragya smiled at them. Abhi was seeing all this from a distance and then pragya left the room. Neil and Ragini still didn’t believe what she just said and looked at abhi who gave them an assuring smile and left.After 30 minutes, abhi, Ragini and Neil came down. Neil wore a tshirt and jeans, ragini wore a kurti and leggings and abhi wore red tshirt and black jeans with hair perfectly set and wore a watch. They were waiting for pragya to arrive and when they saw her their happiness increased to next level.pragya had wore a pink color knee length dress with floral prints, she left her hair open after 3 years which were increasing her beauty, she wore single stone earings and bracelet which abhi gifted her. Pragya came in front of them and they complimented her. She just smiled and soon they left for movie.At Movie Theatre abhi went to get popcorn and cold drinks while neil got tickets. Ragini and pragya were waiting for them. They selected a comedy movie to make pragya happy.Later they headed towards VIP seats of the theatre and neil purposely took separate seats of pragya and abhi. Neil and ragini sat at the 3rd last row and abhi and pragya went to the last corner seats of the theatre .abhi said Nice move pragya, mom dad bahut khush hai.pragya smiled saying Ha and its all because of you, thank you so much abhi aaj seriously woh dono bahut khush hai. Abhi smiled asking you are happy na? Pragya looked at him and he saw straight in her eyes. They had an eye-lock which broke due to sound of movie beginning. Abhi offered her popcorn and cold drink. She first refused but on insisting by abhi ,she ate.They enjoyed the movie, pragya was watching the movie and laughing on jokes while abhi was stealing glances of her without her notice. After the movie they headed towards pragya’s favourite dinner spot – Barbecue Nations at Bandra.Barbecue Nations .

Abhi had already reserved their seats. Abhi sat next to pragya and Neil and ragini sat opposite to them. There was mild music in the background. Suddenly PRAGYA’S expression changed and all three understood that she was missing her parents so to divert her mind abhi started the conversation. Abhi asked pragya you remember n.a. whats my favourite dish. Pragya smiled saying Stuffed Mushrooms na..abhi glared at her while they all laughted. He got irritated.pragya says Sorry but it was your fault i told you not to eat it,it has black pepper but you never listen to me.ragini says : Ha uska allergy ki wajah se iski aawaz chali gayi thi aur jo bhi yeh ishare se bol raha tha woh hume samaj nahi aa raha .All again laughed while abhi was admiring pragya’s giggling. This was observed by neil and ragini and they smiled.The waiter came for the order and neil placed the order but pragya instructed him to keep black pepper away from the food. Abhi smiled seeing her concern. Soon the food arrived and they started eating.After dinner, abhi ordered 2 chocolate brownie with ice cream as desert for himself and pragya which was pragya’s favourite and 2 ice cream sundae for Ragini and Neil. PRAGYA was enjoying like before, offering a bite to neil and ragini from her desert and they too happily fed her from their desert. After the dinner they headed towards home.At Mehra’s Mansion ragini hugged pragya and abhi and left for her room. Neil placed his hand on pragya’s head as blessings, kissed her forehead and wished good night. Pragya left for her room to sleep. Neil asked abhi to come with him to study. Neil asked abhi ,pragya doesnt know about the co- owner ship matter na.Abhi nods No Dad.neil says Good I have made the agreement tomorrow breakfast time lets talk about this.abhi says Ha and I think now she won’t deny for it and today she is so happy na dad.neil smirked saying you have done lot of things for her happiness and she is happy now and all credits goes to you.i am sure if she denies you will definitely handle her.abhi got confused at his statement but neil said Good Night and left. Abhi too went to his room but before he peeped in pragya’s room and found her sleeping still wearing that bracelet in her hand. He smiled at her and left from her room.

Precap: abhi starts working under pragya………..abhi gets angry…





Indian Dramas
Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, includin... Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, including House, CSI, 24 and plenty more. They are the tv series that captivate our attention and entertain us every night after a hard day of work. Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and more come to our screens catching our interest and enwrapping us with their storylines. 6. CSI. Also known as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” This show is produced by Jerry Buckheimer. The drama series follows Las Vegas detectives as they take on challenging and often mysterious criminal investigations throughout the city. The series debuted in 2000 and continues to captivate audiences today. Watch just one episode and will be enough for you to get involved. 5. Mad Men. This drama is a three time Golden Globe Award Winner and has won 9 emmy’s as well. It is one of the most popular shows in recent history and is a perfect example of what a drama series should be. Mad Men follows the publicity surrounding Sherling Cooper in New York circa the 1960’s 4. 24. A fascinating show that mixes drama, suspense, and action to form a perfect recipe for our list of top drama series. Debuted in 2001, this show follows Jack Bauer, a UAT employee, in real time for the most suspenseful 24 hours you will ever have watching television. One of the series that keep you focus the whole time. 3. Law and order. One of the longest drama series running, it’s first episode aired in the year 1990. By 2010 this show had been through 20 seasons. Definitively, the numbers talk good about it. In 1999 we saw “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” which continues to air today. 2. Boardwalk Empire. The latest drama series that has kept the audience glued to their seats. With big names such as Director Martin Scorcese and actor Steve Buscemi, this series has managed to captivate audiences and is quickly reaching legendary status. The second season premieres this October, 2011. You can’t miss it. 1. House M.D. This masterful drama with Hugh Laurie as the protagonist is about a doctor dedicated to treating extraordinary illnesses with unorthodox and sometimes controversial practices. The seventh season began airing on September 20, 2011. Drama Series: Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, CSI. Written by Jessica Gómez. Schedules for each series can be found at HBO, FoxPsychology Articles, and Warner.

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