ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 9

ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 9

Thank u everyone for spending time only to read my ff and answer my questions , thank u very much and really sry for making u wait for the episode for so long, I m sryyyyy and I hav asked so many questions now its ur turn , u can ask me anything.
And FAN of ISHVEER , Madurai is so hot I was there for the past ten days and believe me it is the hottest place I have ever been


todays episode,

lak: shall we go now?
Ragini: ya u go , I will be here for sometime
Lak: ok but hw will u go home?
Ragini: With my bike
Lak: and where is ur bike?

Ragini searches for her bike but then realizes karan has took it
Ragini: this guy is doing all sorts of nonsense with the title love guru
Laksh smiles at her
Lak: come with me I will drop u
Ragini hesitates to sit behind him and our laksh understands this

Lak: u don’t hav to sit behind me , will go by walk
Ragini gives him a big bright smile
They both go by walk and the whole atmosphere is filled with silence
Lak: can I ask u something?
Ragini: sure!!
Lak: u are wearing full sleeves that too in peak summers ……
Ragini: I am comfortable only in these clothes laksh
Lak: sry , jst curious
Ragini: its ok

They both reach home

Ragini: come inside
Lak: no its fine I will co(me)……..
Jst then karan comes and takes laksh inside with him
Lak: karan what r u doing?
Karan takes laksh inside his room and closes it but does not locks it
Karan: when r u giving me treat?
Lak: for what?
Karan: arey ragini confessed her love to u that too alone after sending me home (he starts building up stories)
Lak: if she wants to confess her love, she would hav done that infront of u , she is very straight forward u know ( he repeats karans dialog)
Karan: what do u mean?
Lak: she was asking me what is love?
Karan: what?
Lak: yess
Karan: and what did u say?
Laksh tells him everything
Karan: wow , u proposed her ,omg omg
He starts jumping up and down and kisses laksh on his cheeks
Lak: chii yaar karan what r u doing?
He was still jumping and ragini opens the door and enters in as it was not locked
Ragini: what happened to u?
Karan: ragini don’t u hav mannners , hw can u enter a guy’s room without knocking , u r really shameless
Ragini: when did this room become urs?
Karan was confused he scans the whole room only to find out that the room was ragini’s and he has entered the wrong room
Karan: heeeeeee
Ragini: heeeeeee, now get out I hav to sleep
Karan: okay I am going but u two get ready 2morrow we r going for shopping
Ragini: for what?
Karan: I am going to propose my girlfriendS ,I need a makeover
Lak: wow congrats
Ragini: every1 will propose to girlfriend u r the only one to propose girlfriendS
Karan: don’t be jealous ragini
Ragini stares them
Karan runs out but laksh keeps staring at a photo
Lak: this is………?(pointing towars a boy in the photograph, he was siting between karan and ragini and he was really cute and chubby)
Ragini: he is mine and karan’s best friend , ladooo!!
Lak: ladooo?
Ragini: ya he is like ladooo , gol (round)
Lak: but I hav never seen him nor heard about him
Ragini: he was my best friend , he used to support me always and understands me very well, he left to the states 8 years back to fulfill his dreams and we lost contact with him but I am sure he will come back for me
Lak: me?
Ragini: ah……. I mean us
Laksh gets sad as he gets to know that ragini had some feelings for him but she doesn’t know to name it
Ragini: laksh!! She shakes him
Lak: ah nothing
Suddenly they hear a tune from nowhere, someone plays a mouth organ
Ragini: ladoooooo………..
Laksh is confused while ragini’s face lits up , karan too comes there confused
Ragini: karan , the tune , ladoooo
Karan was shocked as he knew ragini liked ladooo and if he comes back this will be the end of raglak’s love story
Karan: I don’t hear anything
The tune stops
Ragini: karan? I heard it ,I knew he would come for me !!!
She starts searching while karan sees laksh but laksh understands what was happening , he was heart broken
Karan: laksh?
Lak: hm……..
Karan: do u know who is ladooo?
Lak: hm….
Karan: who?
Lak: my love story’s villain.

To be continued……

Hm…lets see.

ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 9


ek cup coffee!!! (raglak) 9

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