The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 4

The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 4

So I come again ..sorry for the late update because of TU’s server down .. but I am back … so something is revealing ..some murder case …haha ..ya story will reveal soon …wait ….so all are enjoying this na ? .. now come with me guys ..let’s see together ….

In the last episode you saw that Dhani and her family reach to their ancestral house …they enter in the house ..
so today will something happens
.so be ready ..come with me ..don’t scare when I am here ?

Dhani seeing all arts …sculpture paintings …avi is stunned by seeing the big jhumar ( chandelier) ..and says how big it is dad … papaji is watching the house .. and see the closed room on the first floor … a drop of sweat goes down from his head …avi says dad …dad …papaji come out of it and says yes beta ..what happened …. avi asks who made this jhumar … papaji says how can I know ? your great grandpa made this house … ask him na ….avi says ap bhi na dad ? ? …Dhani smiles hearing this ( I know that is not funny but kuch to chahiye tha isliye diya ? ) … papaji says now keep your luggage to the first two rooms of the first floor … me and your mammiji are in the ground floor jarurat pare to bula lena … avi and Dhani yells .. yesssss ….papaji … and smiles …mammiji also smiles ( cute family na ? ? )

( so guys I am your guide na …so let’s explore the house ..come with me …here is a big royal sofa … sit …. ooo soft na ..areh don’t sleep in sofa ..come … it is an old house but it is cleaned …papaji called the care taker, Prachi di to clean the house … very hard working lady. .. she cleaned the house fully ..hope so she did not cleaned the closed room ..mystery is there na ? ? .. on your left side there is a big knight armor holding a big sword ..side of that ..there is an abstract painting .. nice but scary little … ” gumnam hae koiiii ..anjan hae koiiiii… kon hae wo ” .. is anyone hearing this song ..from where it is coming ….oh sorry this is coming from my pocket is my mobile ringtone ..hahaha ? ….. hello … bewakuf phone kyu kiya kam ke wact rakh .. I am guiding my readers to a ghost house ..bye … ? sorry ..guys I will visit this house next time see the story )

so Dhani and avi unpacking their luggage in their separate rooms … Dhani unpacked her luggage .. and keeping all in almirah … ( this is a small room … old type of bed … mosquito net old type’s of fan with light ….nothing scary now ..but wait little ) ..
( now see what avi is doing …come with me )
avi is styling his hair in front of a mirror ( this is not the talking mirror is a simple mirror) .. and says oh handsome I am !!! ( avi think too much :-/ :-/ ) he come out of his room and call Dhani … di come out fast .. let’s see the house …Dhani replies ya ..I am coming … she comes out of the room and says let’s go .. ( guys let’s go with them ..) ..avi and Dhani are roaming ..Dhani plays a song in her mobile … ” gumnam hae koiiii ..anjan hae koiiii ….kon hae WO .. kisko khabar ..anjannnn haeeeeee koiii …gumnam hae, koiiiii ” ( 1920 London wala song .. so she also like my choice .. good girl ? ? ? ) .. they come to bathroom ..avi smilingly say let’s go to bathroom ..may be there will be “mayush meena” of harry potter movie ( seems avi also a harry potter fan like me ..haha ? ) …Dhani says you go chotte ..sayad wo terahi wait kar rahi hogi ..aur tu ja ..tujhse pyaar bhi hojayega sayad ..go go ..hahaha ? ..avi says ha ..ha ..very .funny .. let’s go from there ..Dhani smiles ( Dhani ne bhi hisab barabar kar liya ? ) then they come to the closed room.. it is the last room of the floor .. a cold mild breeze blows .. cat’s scary sound … avi says ohooo .. let’s go inside ..Dhani says no ..he says dar gayi kya darpok .. and laughs .. from the ground floor mammiji is calling them …avi …Dhani ..come for dinner..
( chalo let’s see the dinner )

They go for dinner ..they come from the upstairs and sit for dinner is big royal dinning table .. many plates with tasty food is ready …chicken tikka masala … panner pasinda .. Punjabi style pindi chole aur bhature ..fried rice ..dum aloo .. gulab jamun .. payasam ( muh se pani nikalna bandh karo……. we are invisible viewers only . can’t eat ..just can watch them eating ..badme mae khana de dunga episode end ke bad ) ..

they start eating … avi takes all things and starts eating fastly ..Dhani says slow down chotte ..I am not snatching your food .. avi says agar khana itna tasty ho to kyse ruke ? . you are great mammiji .. mammiji says thank u beta ..khao tum ? .. Dhani ask dad ..what is in the last closed room of first floor ..papaji stops and angrily says don’t dare to go there .. never think of that .. aspas bhi nahi jana uske .. Dhani says ok dad ..don’t get angry .. ? .. ( avi ko koii farak nahi padta iss bat ka ) ..he thinks I will go there tonight definitely ?

( ae avi nahi sunega …. but ae agar sunega papaji ki batt to story age kaise badega he is needed …)

Episode end

Precap: Dhani and her family is in someone’s house old woman is shown ..they all are very scared … so why are they there ..why scared … Jan ne ke liye padte rahe “the talking mirror: destroyer of all ”

so that’s it for today .. ap sab log khana kha lo is ready … so bye guys episode will be 1st may .. meet in comment box ? ?

The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 4


The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 4

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