My Life, My Choice (part 4)

Life choice 4:

Recap: Aditi recalling her frndshp with Rudra during clg days n handling his case as ACP.

Aditi is in deep thoughts n came into this world hearing the door knocking sound.

Aditi: Yes, come in

Maid: Bhabhiji, Bhai said to decorate the room n to help u in wearing sari.

Aditi: Decorate room? For wat?

Maid smiled but didn’t say anything. Aditi thought for a while n got it

Aditi: No.No. U go n call Sidh once

Maid: Bhabhiji, Who is Sidh

Aditi: Call ur bhai Rudra

Maid: Sorry, we can’t go n say anything to bhai without his permission. Now he is in meeting too

Aditi: Ok I will go. Whr is he

Maid showed her the room. Aditi opened the door n saw Rudra discussing something with ppl who are with him.

Aditi: Rudra I need to talk to u

Rudra looked her Seriously n sighed her to leave.

Aditi: I must talk to u right now

Rudra got up from his chair n went to her. He hold her hand tightly n dragged her to room.

Rudra(shouts): Why did u come there without my permission. Why did u come out of this room

Aditi scared seeing him that angry. She nvr saw him that rude with her till now.

Aditi: I..I came to…

Rudra: Tell me

Aditi: I am not ready for….

Rudra: For??

Aditi: I need some time pls

Rudra: Aditi don’t make me more angry n tell me clearly wat r u talking abt?

Aditi: U ordered maid to decorate the room but I am not ready to accept u now.

Rudra looked her seriously

Rudra: I am not at all worried abt ur opinion. So be like a gud girl n get ready before I return.

Aditi: Rudra plz

Rudra: I didn’t marry u to leave u n keep u hpy. I married u to take my revenge. Now stop arguing n get ready. dats it.

He is abt to leave but stopped as Aditi hold his hand

Aditi: I just need sometime to accept this relationship.

He turned towards her n caught her hand tightly.

Aditi:Its paining. Leave me pls

Rudra tightened his grip more. Aditi screamed with pain n her eyes are teary.

Rudra: Tell me that u r accepting my order. Otherwise I won’t leave u

He tightened his grip. She felt as if blood circulation was stopped at her wrist as he hold her that hard.

Rudra:Its paining. Right? I really love to see ur tears darling

He left her hand n touched her lips softly with her fingers first n then he caught her lowet lip.

Rudra: I hate the word No. Now just say yes or else

He passed his hand towards his neck n caught her neck tightly. Aditi struggled hard to catch breath.


Rudra left her.

Rudra:Good. Remember nvr say no to me again. U must do watever I say. Mind it ACP Aditi.

Aditi sat down on the floor crying. He turned another side to go n stopped.

Rudra: Listen, don’t come out of this room without my permission. Understand

Aditi(tears): Ok

He went from there. Aditi cried a lot.

Aditi(inner voice): U r not my Sidh. U r not the Sidh whom I loved.I hate u. I won’t accept u as my husband. Never ever.Till now I thought u r still acting to b rude n there is a reason behind ur behaviour n this marriage. I thought to change u as before but no. I am wrong. U r a criminal. I won’t stay here anymore. Somehow I must escape from here before he returns.

Maid: Bhabhi

Aditi: Yes

Maid: Bhai told to help u wearing sari.


Maid decorated the room n Aditi wore sari. Rudra came to his room n saw Aditi in sari. He starred at her continuously. Aditi felt a bit uneasy.

Aditi: Y r u starring like dat at me as if u r going to eat me?

Rudra: Its gonna happen to nite. I am going to fulfil my thirst n hunger tonight.

Aditi: Shut up. Ur words r as disgusting as ur behaviour. I can’t even listen to them.

Rudra: U hav no choice Aditi. Ur whole life u r going to bare me, my words n my behaviour.

Aditi: Its better to kill myself than baring u lifelong

Rudra: Don’t worry. If u irritate me much, I do not hesitate even to do that. Anyways u look really beautiful in sari. Wear only sarees from today.

Aditi: I didn’t know to…

Rudra: Shut up n do wat I say. If u didn’t know, learn to wear sari.

Aditi: ok

Rudra came near to her n touched her from forehead n then passed his hand towards cheeks n lips. Aditi eyes filled witn tears with his actions n words. Though she loves him, now she felt disgusting with his touch coz of his behaviour.

Aditi: Rudra pls take off ur hand

Rudra: This beauty is gonna be mine from today. Completely mine n only mine.

He leaned towards her n came close to her lips. Aditi closed her eyes with fear. Rudra left her.

Rudra: I can wait till night. Bcoz if I kiss u now then I can’t stop myself from going further. You are that beautiful n totally making me crazy

Aditi: Pls leave me

Rudra: Don’t say that again. Because I am not going to leave u how much u beg me. Anyways u must b happy as ur husband is appreciating ur beauty. But y r u giving disgusting looks? Ok. I will go n fresh up n will return to have u darling.

He went to take shower. Aditi immediately came out of the room. She saw around n found a guard near steps. She slowly walked towards there.

Guard: Madam whr r u going?

Aditi: Ur boss told to get water n tea for him. Going to kitchen

He gave the way. She went to kitchen n started preparing tea n poured milk on her sari.

Maid: Bhabhi, ur sari had spoiled.

Aditi: I want to wash it. U pls see the tea

She went to backyard n slowly tried to escape. Rudra came from shower n didn’t find Aditi. Rudra asked guard n went to kitchen. As maid said she went to backyard, he searched there for her. He understood her intention n called all the guards to search for her. Everyone r searching for her n Aditi hide under a tree. Rudra came near to the tree n he is searching her. Tree is behind him. He felt the smell of her perfume n turned towards tree n saw her feet. He came there n caught her hand. Aditi shocked seeing him. Rudra dragged her to a frozen dark room. He took his coat n wore it. Aditi didn’t understand anything n looking him with fear. He decreased the temperature to minimum degrees. Aft 5 minutes Aditi started shivering.

Aditi: Pls stop it. Its too cool.

Rudra decreased temperature further to minus degrees. Aditi fallen down n shivering severely n unable to talk. Rudra took remote to decrease temperature further.

Aditi: Pls…. pls..n..o..

Aditi said those words with much difficulty.

Rudra: Stay here till I permit u to come out.

Aditi: I… will.. die..

Rudra: You must understand the fact that escaping from me is equal to death.

Aditi: I am sorry. pls

Rudra: Say that u will nvr try to escape again.

Aditi with much difficulty, composed herself

Aditi:I am…. sorry… Pls…Forgive…me. I nvr try to escape again.

Rudra increased the temperature but still its cool but can sustain.

Rudra switched off even dim light n then turned to her.

Rudra: Stay here till morning. It makes u scared to go away from me again. Just remember that YOU ARE MY WIFE n I will do anything to u to make u accept me as ur husband.

He went off from there locking the door. Aditi whole night stayed there. Morning he opened the door n saw her unconscious on the floor. He took her to his room. He ordered maid to bring hot milk. He took the milk n rubbed her feet n palm. Slowly she opened her eyes n hugged him tight surprising him. He tried not to react but feeling pain seeing her like dat, he took her into his arms.

Rudra: Aditi, r u ok?

Aditi: Its so cold n dark. I am scared.

Her eyes clearly shows her fear n tears.

Rudra: Take this milk. Don’t cry

He made her to drink milk n asked her to take rest.

Aditi: I am sorry. I am scared with ur words n behaviour. So I thought to escape but didn’t really thought to go away from u.

Rudra: Don’t talk. Sleep now

Aditi slept leaving Rudra confused.

Rudra(inner voice): I thought u will hate me. I am so rude to u only to make u hate me. But u r not angry on me n instead u r hugging me n saying sorry. No U should not accept me Aditi. U must hate me. I will do anything to make u to hate me. I am not ur best frnd Sidh. I will somehow make u realise that.

He thought to go away from there but Aditi hold his hand. He looked her n tried to free his hand but he can’t n he didn’t want to disturb her sleep. He sat there looking at her remembering their frndshp. Aft sometime Aditi woke up n saw him near her. She distanced herself. Rudra looked at her n saw her fearing. He went from there n came there with food.

Rudra: Have it Aditi

Aditi: R u still angry on me

Rudra(inner voice): I am not angry on u n will nvr b angry on u. I am sorry Aditi for hurting u n marrying u forcefully. I want u to be safe. Don’t worry I will solve all the prblms I created for u asap.

Rudra: Just shut up n nvr dare to escape again from me. Have it right now.

Aditi took plate but unable to hold it as her hands got swelling due to coldness. Rudra took the plate n feeded her by himself

Rudra(inner voice): Wat happen to me? Y am I behaving like dis with u? Am I saving u or killing u? No I must save u.

Aditi: R u ok?

Rudra: Ya. I will send milk drint it n take rest.

Aditi: I am a bit scared. Can u pls stay with me

Rudra: Are u not scared of me

Aditi: No. Coz I can see pain in ur eyes while being rude to me. I feel a bit relieved if u stay with me.

Rudra: No I didn’t have any feelings while hurting u. I won’t care for u. I hate u.

Aditi:Just tell me one thing. Whr were u last nite?

Rudra: In my room

Aditi:Then y did ur fingers got swelling? Y ur eyes became red n watery?

Rudra tried not to face her n turned other side

Aditi: I know u too stayed in the same room with me. Y?

Rudra: Bcoz if u die I can’t fulfill my revenge. So I sat there in the same room to check on u. Not coz of affection on u. Understand?

Aditi: I already understood u. But u need to understand urself

Rudra:Yesterday u escaped from me. But today tonite I am going to own u completely darling.

Aditi: I am already ur’s from the moment u married me. I accept our relationship. But I just need sometime to make up my mind pls

Rudra: First go n get ready. Look from today u must prepare the food n do all my works. Bcoz U accepted me. Right?

Aditi: Ok. I don’t hav any prblm

Rudra: Do it first. U will know wats the prblm. By the way I am not going to give time to u. Tonite U must b ready. dats it. No more arguments. Now I have some work. I am leaving

Rudra went from the room n she got down from bed n getting ready. Rudra came to the room aft sometime n found Aditi wearing sari. He turned back.

Rudra:I am sorry. U should have locked the door

Aditi: Anyways only u can come to our room without knocking. So no prblm

Rudra: Shut up. Don’t u have any shy. wat r u talking

Aditi completed wearing sari.

Aditi: Completed turn this side.

Rudra turned n mesmerised seeing her.

Aditi: You are my husband. Wats there to feel shy before u.

Rudra:Pls talk like a girl. Anyways u r always so irritating. Leave it. Next time lock the door

Aditi: I didn’t have any prblm if u come while dressing.

Rudra(inner voice): I guess she is planning something to test me. U didn’t hav any prblm . But I have a prblm Bcoz I married u just to save u. So we r not really husband n wife.

Rudra: So u don’t have any prblm.

Saying this he came forward to her. Aditi is going back. Rudra pinned her to the wall. He came close to her. Aditi heart started beating fast. He leaned n touched her forehead with his. She closed her eyes.

Rudra: Open ur eyes

Aditi opened her eyes n saw him without shirt. She immediately closed her eyes again

Rudra: I said open ur eyes

Aditi: No. Wear the shirt first

Rudra: Why? U r my wife n wats ur prblm. Open ur eyes Aditi. Otherwise I won’t wait till nite n won’t leave u till tomorrow nite.

Aditi opened her eyes filled with tears.

Rudra: Y r u crying? I didn’t hurt u now

Aditi: Can’t u talk properly?

Rudra: I am a criminal. Criminals words will b like this, so rough n disgusting. That’s y I told u not to view me as ur best frnd Sidh. My words won’t b sweeter as u hope.

Aditi: U didn’t know how to talk with a girl n respect the feelings of ur wife.

Rudra: Its ok. I don’t care. If u accept me then u must act according to me n nvr expect me to act as per ur feelings. Bcoz I am not a good person n can nvr bcom a good husband too. Look from next time lock the door while dressing. Otherwise I don’t know wat I will do to this beauty. Got it darling

Aditi: Ok

Rudra: If u agree it at first when I said, I won’t behave like dis. So accept watever I say immediately bcoz I know how to make u accept my words even if u refuse.

Saying he went away from her n wore the shirt. He immediately went from there to hide his tears which were already noticed by Aditi.

Aditi(inner voice): U r a good person n surely u will b good husband too. I will find out wat u r hiding from me n y. I am sure still u r good from heart though u pretend to be heartless cruel person to the world.

Rudra(inner voice): Wats happening to me? Am I feeling for her? No I shouldn’t fall for her. Till now I nvr felt like this for any girl and not even for Aditi till now. But may b marriage had the power to make me fall for her. I feel different now if I touch her or speak to her. Wat is dis feeling called? No wat I am thinking? I shouldn’t think in this way abt Aditi. She is my frnd. I must save her. dats it. No I shouldn’t treat her as my wife. I must stay away from her. I must make her to stay away from me. Sorry Aditi, I am going to hurt u again. U should hate me. U should nvr accept me as ur husband.

Precap: Rudra spikes her milk n pretends as if he owned her against her wish. Aditi slaps him thinking its true.

My Life, My Choice (part 4)


My Life, My Choice (part 4)


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