Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-32)

Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-32)

Hi everyone! Let’s get into the story straight…

Pragya wants Abhi to tell about Tanu to her so she was now trying out her own way to make him do that.

Pragya “Suniye! I will be late from work today and have your dinner on time!” Abhi ” U will be that late ah?” Pragya ” Yes there is a lot of work to be done today as I was on leave yesterday!” Abhi ” Ok take care! And u also have your meals on time!” Pragya with a wide smile said ” Ok and bye!”

Abhi was also busy with his work and came back from work very late. He didn’t find Pragya in room… Abhi, I know that she said she will be late but its already 11 pm now! How can she be so late?? He tried calling her number but it was unreachable and then he asked Dadi and his other family members but they were also not sure of the whereabouts of Pragya… He called Pragya’s mum and sister but they were also not aware of where Pragya is!!

Abhi was getting more and more tensed as Pragya still haven’t reach! He drove his car to her college and he reached there…the watchman over there told that all the staff and students have left the college and there is no chance of anybody to be in the college
premises. But Abhi’s gut feeling told that Pragya should be inside. He somehow persuaded the watchman and both of them went inside the college.

Both of them went near the staff room but it was locked. The watchman ” Sir u see its locked as all the staff have left early today!” Abhi ” Is there any way for it opened?” Watchman ” I should check whether there is any spare keys? Wait here for a while let me go and check” Abhi ” I hope Pragya is not locked inside but why do i have the strong feeling that she is inside!!”

Abhi was getting more impatient for the watchman to arrive back and once he came back he just snatched the keys from him and opened the door in a hurry. Abhi ” Pragya!!Pragya Are u here?” There was no response and the watchman said in a irritating way ” I told u na sir there is nobody here! Why are u just wasting time searching for Pragya mam here!!” Abhi ” Can u just stop it! I know she is here and I can feel that. If u feel sleepy then u go and sleep!! And I am not wasting time searching for her! as my time will only be wasted without her!!”

With that Abhi continued to search the staff room and found the washroom was locked from outside… Abhi with his strength break the door and found Pragya lying there unconsciously! Abhi ” Pragya!! Wake up what happened to you??” Pragya was still unconscious and after Abhi sprinkled some water on her face she slowly opened her eyes…

Pragya said in a weak voice ” U are here?” Abhi ” Don’t talk anything now! Let’s talk in our house!” He gave a stern stare to the watchman before he carried her to his car and drove off from the college.

At mehra mansion…
Everyone were relieved that Pragya was back and cared for her a lot as she looked very weak. Abhi was still worried and was wondering how did Pragya get locked inside the washroom.

When Abhigya were alone in the room..
Abhi” What really happened Pragya?” Pragya ” Oh no! How many times should i repeat myself to everyone! I went to the washroom when it was 7 pm when almost all the staff have left the room. And i think the watchman thought there was no one so he locked me from inside… I tried calling out to him but dont know y he couldnt hear me!!” Abhi ” How can he hear when i saw him all the while listening to music with his earpiece!! So irresponsible!! I will not spare him now!! Already he made me so irritated just now!!”

Pragya ” Okok cool down! Mistakes do happen right? And u had came on the right time to save me! So don’t be too angry now!!” Abhi ” What if i never come on the right time? I can’t be as forgiving as u Pragya and I will not spare him!!”
Pragya ” Suniye! if u are so angry now then who will make me sleep?” Abhi ” Make u sleep?” Pragya ” Haan i don’t feel sleepy now so u have to make me sleep!” Abhi who was sitting on the couch came closer to the bed that Pragya who was lying down there. Abhi ” So my sweetheart wants me to make her sleep right?” Pragya in a childlike tone said ” Yes!” Abhi hugged Pragya first and said ” U look so cute when u request me something!” Pragya blushed to his response and said ” Ok now i feel sleepy alrdy! Thank u!”
Abhi ” What!! just by my hug and compliment u
feel sleepy! I had some other plans but its ok now u are too weak! So may be nxt time i shall
try that!” Pragya in her mind, surely his plans are
the naughty ones just like him! Thank god i have escaped from it today!

Pragya felt her day was messed up and she still haven’t found a way for Abhi to tell her about Tanu….

Pragya searching for her diary….

Hope u all enjoy this episode!!

Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-32)


Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-32)

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