Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-129

The episode starts with Ishaani tells ranveer tmr we are going to honeymoon. He smiles and tells yes.. Today is just trailer and in honeymoon u will see main picture.. She smiles and tells him to prove tmr then and tells him let us go now. Ranveer signs them to get down. They both comes down. Ishaani tells see my dress is wet? She shiver in cold.. He smiles and hugs her Sanam re plays.. He kisses on her head and he brings her to car and makes her sit on seat and comes to driver seat and starts car and comes to house.. Madhu comes to radhika and speaks to her and shakthi also..

They both speak to her. Ranveer comes there and sees madhu and gets teary eyes and he comes there and hugs madhu and cries. Madhu tells him not to cry becoz I came here Na. He smiles at her. Ranveer tells I need poori which u make for me. She smiles and tells sure I will get it ready within 5min.. Madhu comes to kitchen and cooks food. Neha calls her and tells her to concentrate on destroying their family and not to cook food. Madhu wonders where she kept spy? Neha tells I have kept camera there so that u can’t cheat me. Madhu tells OK. Ranveer asked me poori so only I am gonna make it.

Neha tells then OK do it. She cuts the call. She comes up and gives him poori. Ishaani smiles at her. Madhu face gets tensed seeing one camera on pot. She comes back to kitchen and thinks how to tell this to Ishaani and ranveer? She wonders.. Neha calls her again and tells her not to even think of telling this to anyone. Then u r bail will be cancelled then u will be jailed once again. Madhu gets shocked and cuts the call and sits down and cries. Madhu breaks plate and cries.

Next day Ishaani and ranveer comes to airport and gets into flight and comes to Switzerland for honeymoon.. Ishaani tells ranveer this place is nice Na? Ranveer tells not up to our India! She smiles. They both comes to room and looks at each other. Ranveer shouts and tells how u gave me double room with seperate cots? Room man tells sorry and tells him to wait and gives another room key.

Ishaani and ranveer comes to another room and sits on bed. Ranveer tells my leg is paining.. Pls massage it. She tells what? Do I think I am mad? He gives her book and tells her to learn and tell meaning for it. She takes it from him and tells I won’t and tears it and runs. Ranveer comes there and holds her dupatta.. It flies. Ishaani hides her hand with it. Ranveer comes there and moves her hand and hugs her from back. He kisses on her shoulder and tells now.. She asks now? Door bell rings. Ishaani takes dupatta and wears it. Room boy gives him lunch and leaves.

Ranveer keeps it aside and comes near Ishaani and sits near her and holds her hand and takes it and kisses on her hand and smiles.. She looks at him nervous.. He tells today is spl for us. He kisses her and holds her hand against bed and kisses her. He kisses on her neck and shoulder… Ishaani moves him down and she comes up and she adjusts her hair and kisses him tightly….

Precap:Neha bribes college principal . he calls ranveer and tells him to come for exam with Ishaani… College final semester…

Hope u all liked it bye.

Credit to: Narendran

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-129


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-129


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