SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 10

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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swasan romance… sanskar proposes swara..


Sanskar was standing on a cliff… he is actully confused about swara..
“What am doing.. kavita is right.. i hv to decide what i feel for swara ..”
He close his eyes n saw swara’s smiling… face.. unknowingly a smile appeard on his face too…then he recalls dp’s n ap’s conversation abt swara… hw she tried to kill dp… n that smile faded away ..

“I hv to kill her… m guru.. not sanskar… yes i hv to kill her.. yeah … hw dare she harm my dad.. hw dare she to touch my god… whatever i feel for her is just infatuation… that girl is just trapping me… that fake girl”?

He nerve himself n calls kavita..



“doc plz change my medecines.. they r not effective anymore” swara pleaded??

“miss bose u r already taking medecines of very high power’ doctor sound serious?

“doc plz do whatever u want to do.. is there any solution.. or any hope of improvement ??” Arjun gathers courage n asks?

“m sry bt we cant do anything… i hv warned her… but she didnt listen to me… now she is paying for her carelessness”doctor sound harsh

“doc i mean .. kuch b ni ho skta !??”arjun agin asks with a broken heart?

“m sry but no…she is now addicted to those tablets.. n her adiction has reached an uncurable level” doctor finaly answer him with low voice

Swra hold arjun’s hand tightly n signals him to clam down.. n ask doctor
“hw much tym i hv…”?

“Swara ye tum !!”? Arjun looks at swara shockingly

“to be honest i cant say… u can survive for yrs or for days… these pills hv weaken ur nervous system that much that u may slip into coma any moment or u may even die any moment…” doctor breaks all hopes

Arjun was hell shocked to listen this … his world turn 360°
They left hospital n swara thinks to cheer arjun’s mood..

“hey arjun… come lets hv fun na..? kya sadu sa mood bana rkha hai?.”she tries to cheer him up

“swara m nt in a mood” ?arjun said with a sad face

“uff… come na.. i want treat for ur wedding”she force him?

Arjun doesnt reply

“Lets celeberate na…” (drags his to a resturant) “chlooo naaaaa…. lets hv coffee atlest m hungryy” she sound happy…?

Arjun jerks her hand n shouts”what u want swara… haan u want me to celeberate.. to celeberate what !!! Ur condition !! U want me to celebreate my .. my best frnnd’s death… what u want…”??? he said choakingly

“i want to celebreate the remaining days of my lyf”swara replied with a smile?

“Swara when sanskar will come to kno about this hw will he react ??”arjun asked

“no no no…. use kuch nhi pata chalna chahiye” swara resist?

“Swara he luvs u.. he shld know abt this..”arjun force her to tell sanskar

“no.. use kuch ni pta chalna chahiye”she said in firm tone


“Kavita did u bring that ?” He asked

Kavita passes a bottle”here is that bottle… n ya take this too.. itz antidot of the poision”

“I dont need that” sanskar said

“but tell me y u want her to kill lyk this u can simply shoot ?her !!??” Kavita said doubtedly

Sanskar thinks in mind” I myself dont kno what m doing”
(to kavita)” itz upto me hw i kill her … got it..”

“sanskar think once again.. she is ur luv.”kavita again warns him

“now u may leave” he simply ignore her



she enters mm n saw servent going out…

“aree kaka now where r u going ??” Swra asked confisingly

“beta chhote malik has has given me leave”servent replied

“sanskar ne ?? Kyu ??. Ahh !! Well itz kk” swara says

She was all alone in mm n was getting bore.. Then sanskar enters n swara’s face lighted…

“sanskar tum aagyeee.. u kno m getting bore here… no one is at home” swara jumps in exitement

“look m here.. now u sit here.. let me prepare tea? for u”sanskar hugs her

“tea?? ?That too you ?? Why??” She asked with an innocent face

“ha princess… u just sit here”he kissed her forehead

He left confused swara in living room n went in kitchen..
He mixes poision in swara’s tea n handed that over to her…

She was about to drink tea but her phone rang

*ragini calling*

“Hello ragu” swara talks with her happily….

Sanskar keeps on seeing seeing her happy face… he is still confused..” am i doing right ? Swara is so innocent … i .. i dont kno why she tried to harm dad… but i feel that she pure… y m feeling restless … why my heart sinks seeing her in pain?..”

He close his eyes n saw swara dead n all crying.. he immediately opens his eyes?

“Nooooo i cant kill her… bt kyu… kahi i.. i… ?? No.. i cant luv.. bt.. swara… Yes… yes .. u r in luv … yes u r in luv with swara… i cant kill her… i cant… ”

He then saw swara was about to take a sip n he shouts ” swaraaaa stop.. !! Dont drink this !!”?

Swara was shocked n the cup fell off her hand… ?

“y r u shouting sanskar ??” Swara asked in shock?

“Vo… vo.. that.. that tea”he hesitates in accepting his fault

“Kya ye vo ye vo kr re ho…??”swara askef firmly

She forgot that phone is still connected… n ragini overhears their conversation

“m sry … m sry .. swara !!” He hugs her says in a choaking voice

“y r u saying sry??” This tym she is bit irritated

San explains everything hw he fakes his luv for her n tried to kill her “m sry swara m sry!!!”

Swara was hell shocked… she couldnt belive her ears … on the other hand ragini too got shocked listening all this…

San folds his hand infront of swra ?”m sry swara… plz forgive me ” he pleads

Swara was still in shock she couldnt react…

Sanskar shakes her ” plz say smthng !! Slap me !! Shout on me bt plz say smthng… i can bear ur silence… now i hv realised that i really luv u.. i luv u… ”

Swara came in senses.. She smiled? slightly with teary eyes… n hugs him tightly…
Sanskar was shocked…with her reaction… he too reciprocate hug even tighter… then he feels swara’s hug is loosing…
“Swara !!”
She fainted in his arms…

He patted her face lightly… but she didnt open her eyes… by the tym arjun too came n saw fainted swara…

He gets worried n calls doctor …

Here ragini missunderstands that sanskar has harmed swara…


Everyone was waiting outside room n doctor was examining swara…
Everyone were tensed…

Then ragini came lyk storm n slaps sanskar in rage… she hold his coller
“Hw dare u !!… hw dare u sanskar to harm my sister”?

“Ragini hv u gone mad… leave sanskar”sumi orderd her?

“No ma… he is the reason behind swara’s condition…. he tried to kill her”(explains everything) ragini said with tears in her eyes??

“y sanskar.. y.. u hv done this? ??” Ap asked.. N feels ashamed of him

Before he could reply dp gives him a tight slap..

Sanskar tells them about how he heard dp’s n ap’s conversation… n decide to kill swara..
Dp again raises his hand to slap him bt lucky held his hand ” dad plz clam down”

“dikha dia apne khoon ka rang tumne sanskar… dikha dia tum ki mere bete nahi ho” dp said with broken heart?

“no.. no dad.. m ur son”sanskar says to dp??

“dont u dare to call me dad… u hv lost the right to call me dad… u hv done same mistake what ur father has done.. u only kno half truth n takes action accordingly” dp said in a firm tone?

“dad plz.. m sry… i luv her” sanskar again pleaded?

“m nt ur dad.. jo galti rp ne ki thi saalo phle u hv done same” dp shouts

“what do u mean bt this dad?” Laksh asked

**dp explains that years back.. rp too knows half truth.. n missunderstands dp n ap… so he left mm with sujata n sanskar.. n cutted all ties with them..thats y dp never visit rp’s home when they were living as swara’s neighbour**

***he further explains that.. that day someone stabbed him..YES DP WAS STABBED THAT DAY ★(thats y sanskar missunderstands that swara harmed him) ★bt that was not swara… that was the same enemy who wanted to kill dp…who got recently arrested by swara***

“I missunderstood her .. m sry” he cries his heart out????

Doctor comes out n got angry
“U all shld take care of her”

She was about to say further bt arjun signals her not to say anything so she simply said” she is little week take care of her”

“Come i will drop u” arjun said to doctor

Sanskar was about to enter swara’s room bt ragini stopped him “dont u dare to enter her room”

“Ragini plz let me meet her once” sanskar pleads?

“Sanskar from now onwards.. dont u dare to come close to swara… stay away from that girl” dp said in anger..?

Sanskar simply left with broken heart… he decide to meet kavita.. he went near car n hide himself n listen arjun’s talk with doctor

“She is fyn na doc” arjun sound tensed?

“Arjun u kno her condition very well.. anything can be harmful for her.. n ya i hv sent her reports to Dr. Max he is best doc in uk.. lets see if he can suggest us any way” doctor shows lil hope..

Sanskar was listening all this n got confused as well as worried..for swara

To be continued…

Precap : everyone ignors sanskar… n keeps swara away from him..


Ahhhh at last i can post nxt chapter…. U guyz must hv waited alot for this !!
Thnkuu all for waiting n sply nita dear… I was on cloud nine… Seeing ur luv…??

SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 10


SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 10


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