Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 4

” We do not know who this woman is? We never told her to kill Durga!” Gaura shouts.
” She is lying! She did tell me to- here is a video of the conversation-” The poor lady shows the video to the police. The video shows Gaura, Trishna and Pari giving me to the poor lady.
” We gave it her because she was begging!” Pari cries.
” I am sorry but you three have to go to the police station with us. You will spend the night there until we decide what to do with you three.” The police officer takes the three women. Trishna looks closely at Durga.
” I know this your plan Gopi. You watch Gopi how we come back and destroy you. You killed Kokila and now you will suffer the real punishment. You watch your back.” Trishna whispers.
” I do not understand why you refer me as Gopi when I am clearly Durga. Now go please!” Durga shouts- the vamps are taken away. Durga and Parvati go outside. They meet the poor lady. Durga gives her money and thanks her for completing the task.
” Maaji, I have finally trapped my enemies.” Durga cries of joy.
” Did you just call me maa?” Parvati cries. Durga hugs Parvati.
” You know, although nobody can take Maaji’s place, you have took care of me for 18 years just like she used to.” Durga says.
” Just like all my daughters, you are one of them. Out of all my daughters, you are my favourite. Our relationship is stronger than mine and Shruti’s because God wanted me and you to unite together because we both have lost happiness in the past.” Parvati takes Durga.
In the Modi Mansion, Rashi has gathered the whole family. Naiya, Molu and their children are coming to the Modi Mansion in a few hours. Rashi is tensed with the appearance of Durga.
” What if she isn’t Gopi?” Rashi says.
” She has to be Gopi. Look at her. She looks exactly like Gopi, although Durga is quite vulgar compared to Gopi Modi. Both are horrible women anyway. One killed my grandmother and this one mocks our family. They are both the same. Times have changed, Gopi Modi does not care about our family anymore- she wants revenge because we discovered her truth.” Vidya says.
” Vidya is right. She is responsible for my mother going to jail. This is all her plan. Gopi Modi is a very clever evil woman. Mother always told me about Parvati as well. I tell you, both of them are trying to destroy our family.” Niddhi says.

” What proof do we have to prove it is Gopi though?” Rashi asks.
” We need to prove she is Gopi. For saasuma’s soul to achieve peace, we need to stop Gopi.” Dharam says.
” We need someone befriend the Agarwal family. We need someone to find out the truth of the Agarwals. Krishna would be the best option!” Rashi says.
” Krishna will not do your dirty work Maa!” Tolu shouts, entering the house.
” Excuse me? Do not you know what is going on in this house? Gopi Modi is back and she wants to destroy our family!” Rashi shouts.
” Bari maa is back? She died?” Tolu asks.
” We will tell Krishna tommorrow about the plan. Shall we tell Ahem?” Dharam says.
” No. Ahem will get very angry seeing her. Mansi won’t like it too.” Rashi says.
” What will happen when Ahem meets Gopi? How will he react?” Niddhi asks.
” I do not know. Gopi will treat him very badly because this Gopi is not a gawar anymore. She is Durga Agarwal, the most powerful woman in this city.” Rashi says.
After a few hours, enter Naiya, Molu, Kajol and Karan. Naiya is dressed in a gold designer sari. Molu is wearing a three piece navy suit. Karan, arrogant boy , wearing skinny jeans, leather jacket and shades. Kajol is a simple girl that looks like Gopi. She is wearing salwar kameez and light makeup. She is very fair and beautiful. Her smile reflects her good nature.
” Molu! Naiya! You are here!” Rashi shouts, running to greet them. Molu and Naiya touch Rashi’s feet. Kajol also touches Rashi’s feet. Karan ignores Rashi and walks off to his room.
” What is wrong with Karan?” Rashi asks.

” That boy is like that, no respect for elders!” Molu shouts.
” Don’t you dare talk about my son like that!” Naiya yells. Avoiding the tension, Rashi talks to Kajol.
” How are you, Kajol, my little angel.” Kajol shys away.
” I am fine dadi. I had so much fun in USA.” Kajol says, smiling with her innocence.
” Calm down. You don’t need to get so happy about it. Just shut up and make us all food!” Naiya says, pushing Kajol towards the kitchen.
” You don’t need to be so harsh to her. She is a child.” Rashi says.
” She is 17 years old and you dont need to interfere. Please leave me alone saasuma before I get very angry.” Naiya says, walking off. Rashi goes to the kitchen. She sees Kajol and she wonders how much Kajol resembles Gopi. Same sanskaar and same innocence. For Rashi, Kajol was Gopi reborn again. No way Durga could be Gopi. For her, God brought Gopi back in the form of Kajol.
” What are you making?” Rashi asks.
” Chicken Biryani” Kajol replies. Rashi notices tears in Kajol’s eyes.
” Dear, why are you crying?” Rashi asks.
” Why does mother hate me!” Kajol cries.
” She doesn’t hate you. She expects more from you. Soon, you will get married and go to your in laws. Your mother is worried about your future.” They start talking and both make the food.
Naiya is in her room. She thinks of how much she hates her daughter Kajol because Kajol looks exactly like Gopi. Gopi was part of her past. Naiya accepted that she killed Kokila and put the blame on Gopi. Kajol reminded Naiya about her past and that is why she hates Kajol so much. Naiya sits down and turns on the TV. News headline shows near attempt assassination of Durga Agarwal. Naiya is shocked to discover that Durga looks like Gopi.

Precap- Durga is trapped in a burning building. Ahem hears her screams, but does not know who is inside.

Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 4


Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 4


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