Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 42

Abeer sits outside the OT waiting for the operation to finish. The result comes and it was that Abeer’s bone marrow matched to Meher’s. After waiting for 1 more hour, the operation was finished. The doctor comes out. Abeer asks about Meher.
Doctor: congratulations, ur wife is completely fine.
Abeer: thank u doctor, when will she wake up?
Doctor: 3 hours
Abeer: can I meet her?
Doctor: yes once we shift her to her ward.
Meher is shifted to the ward. Abeer sits beside her on a chair. He holds her hand.
Abeer: so finally u r OK Miss Akdoo (he smiles looking down and then looks at her) u said right that God can’t be so cruel, our love is really strong…now that u r OK, we will have lots of fun once u get conscious… oh n do u know? our honeymoon was supposed to be of one week but it became of one year (he laughs), we should do entry in Guinness book, first couple who celebrated honeymoon for one year…OK I know bad one bad one, but seriously u scared me…I thought I will lose u Meher, when u started having breathing problems, my heart started crying, u love stars and see ur life again lit up today, u r my star.
He kisses her forehead.
Abeer: look u even have ur hair with u, still they r strong.
He giggles.
Abeer: vo gana ekdum theek hai for u, ladki kyun na jane kyun ladko si nh hoti….wake up soon…I should tell everyone that now u r OK.
He calls Suman and everyone else one by one, everyone were very happy.
Abeer: life is boring without u, I will also sleep till u wake up.
He keeps an alarm of three hours later and sleeps in a sitting position keeping his head on Meher’s hand.

After three hours, Meher wakes up and feels weight on her right hand, she sees Abeer sleeping on her hand
Meher: I should let him sleep, he cared a lot for me, now its my turn.

She runs her fingers in his hair.
Meher: cutie pie.
Abeer’s alarm rings and she quickly turns it off.
Meher: u don’t need to wake up, aaram se so.
Suddenly she feels movement on her right hand. She sees Abeer waking up.
Meher: good morning
Abeer: how r u feeling?
Meher: Akdoo
Abeer: huh?
Meher: better
Abeer: hmmm, our honeymoon became of 1 year.
Meher: hehe…let’s do entry in Guinness book
Abeer giggles.
Abeer: should v go home today?
Meher: yes, but after spending some more time in honeymoon
Abeer: haha

The doctor comes in the ward.
Abeer: when will Meher get discharged?
Doctor: just two more days then u will be discharged

Two days quickly passed. Abeer was packing their bags and did all the formalities for discharge and booked tickets back to Mumbai. They were still in the hospital room, it was time to go but then Abeer saw Meher sleeping. He calls some ward boys and they take her downstairs on the bed in the lift.

Soon they reached airport and they were in the aeroplane. Now Meher was awake, she was enjoying the journey. Abeer was singing and everyone were enjoying the music. After 5 hours they reached to Mumbai. They were coming out of the airport when they saw a car stopping in front of them. The car’s driver came out. It was Kuber.
Abeer: Papa why did u come? we would’ve come by taxi.
Kuber: I wanted u people to be fully safe so I came, how r u now Meher?
Meher: fine
They sit in the car and drives off.
Kuber: Abeer, Meher, u r the first couple who celebrated honeymoon for so long…what happened in this one year? u two were totally alone.
Abeer blushes.
Abeer: papa
Kuber laughs.

Meher feels dizzy and starts feeling nauseous.
Abeer: r u OK Meher?
Meher: yes m fine.
Abeer: we will go to doctor…can’t take risk.

Precap: Meher pregnant.

Guys for two days, telly updates wasn’t accepting any submissions due to some problems, so for sometime I will give updates in a flow or combined chapters, and also I wana say that the honeymoon became 1 year long, so if u didn’t like it, sorry.

Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 42


Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 42


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