Everest 20th November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with mountain rockers rejoicing Akash’s victory. Arjun makes joke of Kabir and blaclk horses leave from the grounds. Siraj finds Akash upset and asks him to tell truth to everyone. Raman comes and is glad to join mountain rockers. Akash holds a smile. Raman tells him that Anjali told him about Akash getting out of NIM and took him to tell truth. He apologizes to him and tells how he fears. He says he is ready to face Kabir and his team. Anjali says now you are in our team so stop worrying about Kabir.
Anjali says Akash won you in game and now you are mountain rocker. Raman thankfully hugs Akash. Akash takes pics and Anjali comes in his lens. He says he was romancing with moon but won’t feel bad. He tells about moon having just one face and hides dark side. Anjali says it means its like humans. Akash says but few humans have just black face like black horses and few have just good side like her. He says he did not thank her for taking Raman to Abhiyankar. She asks why did he play match for Raman and he does not have black side. He says he won’t let anything happen to her, he means mountain rockers. She says she has to go and goes to her room. Akash clicks moon’s pics. She goes to sleep thinking about Akash and even he thinks about her. They smile and fall asleep.
Akash comes to Anjali and greets her. Pari notices their friendship. Many students sleep late. Abhiyankar addresses everyone and reminds about making good mountaineers but its in their hands to become good human beings. He asks black horse gang to step forward and tells healthy competition is good but jealousy and pulling back others are bad. He asks them to not to find their success in other’s failure.
Everest 20th November 2014 Written Update
He calls them to apologize to Raman and only then their training will start. Kabir says sorry Raman. Pari and others also apologize. Abhiyankar asks them to join back. Late comers join and does pushups. Abhiyankar says every student has to complete training and it is tough than yesterday. He tells about outdoor training. He dismisses them. Anjali and Siraj are excited and nervous to climb the real wall. Abhiyankar asks them to leave the bolt and rope will get them back on ground. Akash sees the wall and recalls Gauraav’s death. Akash goes to Arjun and asks him to speak few words as he is getting good light to do recording. Arjun asks what will he tell. Akash says anything about mountaineering. Arjun says he is made for mountains and its not everyone’s cup of tea. He says when he is at mountains, only then he feels alive as mountains are his only friends. Akash gets puzzled. Arjun says no one can fight with mountains and I fight and win over them always. Akash records it. Abhiyankar asks arjun and Akash to join the group.
Pari and Kabir go first for wall climbing and are given instructions to use holds and leave it to get down by rope. They finally do it and come down. Other students also pass the task. Akash gets worried seeing the heights. Black horses laugh about the one who fail in task. Anjali and Akash goes next.
Akash sees down. Anjali asks him to see towards her and asks him to leave hands off bolt. Akash gets scared. Anjali tells Akash that heights. Arjun tells Akash that he will observe him and if he is wrong then leave Everest expedition.
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