Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega Summary till now

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This ff starts with the school life of twinkle Taneja, kunj sarna and yuvraj luthra
The leela anitha and manohar are business partners as well as family friends
So from the childhood itself twinkle kunj and UV are besties…
The story begins with the class 10 life of the trio…
Twinkle has a secret crush on kunj who is way flirty but with gud eticates…
Twinkle and UV are in the same class while kunj is another….
One day UV comes to know that twinkle has a crush on kunj and hence he feels happy for twinkle who is like a sister to him…
One day some 12th class seniors try to misbehave with twinkle when kunj saves her by fighting with those boys…
Meanwhile he himself gets severe injury by getting a push from stairs by the one of the senior…
He was taken to hospital and he had got a fracture in right hand…
Twinkle too faints… As soon as she gets well she rushes to kunj.. Kunj who was unconscious till noe..wakes up at the touch of twinkle and by her sobs…
He gets discharged after 3 days… But the doctor advices twiraj to stay with kunj till he gets well as friendly and lovely atmosphere could cure him fast…
So twiraj shift to kunjs room till he gets well..
Twiraj goes to school but kunj does not as he still has pain so twiraj explains him everything..
By that time kunj too starts feeling for twinkle but did not realise…
UV also never leaves a chance to tease twinj…
One day kunj finds himself perfectly fine but he listens to twinkles convo with leela on phone that she would return back as soon as kunj is fine.. Then kunj became restless and he realizes his love for twinkle..
He fakes of falling down in bathroom and convinces doctor to act as if he is hurt more so that twiraj could stay for more time..
Doctor comes and says that kunj said that he is not being taken care properly amd twiraj too r busy with their school work..
This angers twiraj and they get in and start packing..
Kunj feels.his plan has backfired and starts his melodrama and says no one loves me and cares for wud have been better if u wud have died that day in hospital…
Twinkle goes and hugs kunj and says that never talk like that cuz she cant live without him.. When he gets hurt she feels pain.. He gets pain then sehe crys.. If he cries she feels to stab herself… N finally she says kunj that SHE LOVES HIM..
She realizes what she said and covers up by saying that he is her bff but kunj interupts and says I LOVE U TOO. They hug.
UV watches this and feels happy..
Next day was kunjs bdy, and twinkle and UV plans a surprise bdy party for kunj with other family members. Kunj thanks twiraj. Twinkle helps kunj to tie a tie n later she gives a peck on kunjs cheeck as a birthday gift. As a coincidence twinj wear the dress of same color combination. He teases twinkle as she was the one who selected kunjs dress.
After the party, surjeet who is manohars bro and cherry surjeets son come to sarna mansion who before used to live in mumbai now shifted to amristar. Anitha and leela are shocked to see surjeet and so is surjeet to see them both.
Anitha gets teary eyed seeing cherry.
Next day UV and cherry find anjeet(anitha and surjeet) at terrace and UV and cherry comes to know that surjeet amd anitha are their father and mother respectively.
UV feels cheated and he locks up himself in a room. Later the family members get shocked by knowing that anjeet are parents of yuvrry.
They get double shock when leela comes forward and says that she will say the truth when anitha starts accusing surjeet for keeping away cherry from his mother.

leela and surjeet are childhood besties in boarding school so both of them does not know anything about each others family.
They both were very close to each other.
Every one doubted them to b more than friends but they were just friends. After schooling both went their own ways. Surjeet got job in Mumbai so he went their nd f met anitha. Both of them loved each other. One day surjeet found leela n she was already married ny that time to rt. Both the couples moved in together nd leela and surjeet became even more stronger friends. When anjeet thought of telling their matter to the surjeets parents, anitha turned out to be pregnant and had many complications so they didnt go. Their first child is UV. By the time of UVs birth anjeet got married to avoid allegations from society. Again when they wanted to inform their family then rt met with an accident and slipped into comma for 3 mnths.All the time rt WAs in coma, surjeet handled her by canceling. Their Plan to inform their family members.
After rt came out from coma, he got to know that he was going to b a father. He was very happy but seeing the growing closeness between sureela He doubted on leela. After an year anitha delivered a baby boy again who was cherry. And twinkle was of 3 months at that time. By that time rt started torturing leela.
On the day of cherrys birth rt blackmailed surjeet that he would kill anitha and UV if he wudnt elope away by taking cherry with him.
Surjeet having no option left after trying to know the reason behindrts behavior, he ran away with cherry.
Anitha was heart broken and decided to go away from all these memories. So anitha, UV , leela and twinkle came to amritsar to leelas parents who took great care of them. Soon anitha and leela joined the family business of tanejas with sarnas who were already business partners and family friends..


after knowing the truth anitha forgives surjeet, yuvrry forgives anjeet and leela apologises to anjeet when rt enters and accepts his mistake and says he was insecure about leela. He asks forgiveness and all of them forgive each other.
Suddenly they find twinkle missing.. Everyone search for her in the entire house but find her nowhere. Rt blames himself for everything that has been hapenning all these years. Kunj was on the edge of crying when Everton rush to Taneja house and find twinkle continuously sneezing. Soon doctor comes and says that it was just severe attack of dust allergy.
When leela.questions her about her condition, then she says that she was cleaning the house so that papa does not get any bad impression on us. They have family time.
Later kunj confronts twinkle for going like an insane persons without informing anyone. Then he takes a promise from twinkle that she would never leave him and go. Twinkle says that she promises that shell never leave him and go unrillHE MAKES HER GO.AWAY FROM HIMSELF WHICH HE WOULD NEVER DO..
They hug. And uv also joins them. They have a friendly movement……….
Guys keep commenting guys.. I was on the verge of crying seeing just 4 comments…? ? ? ..
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Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega Summary till now


Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega Summary till now


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