True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 3

Hi guys this is my 3rd update.

Kumud and Saras share a romantic Eyelock.
Kuch na Kahe plays

Just then Kusum comes there and shouts at Saras
How dare u touch my di?

Kumud Kusum inonhe mujhe girne se bachaye aur tum in par Chila rahe ho. Maafi maango…

Kusum Par dii
Kumud Meine kaha maafi maango

Saras there’s no need of it, Its ok
Kumud Sorry sir, I say sorry on my sister’s behalf.

Kumud Kusum let’s go
Saras one minute? U r an indian.
Kumud yes why?

Saras I am also an indian.
Kumud Hi, I am Kumud Desai.
(Kumud forwards her hand 4 a shake hand)

Saras Hi I am Saraswatichandra Vyas.
Kusum I am Kusum Desai.
Saras Hi

Saras starts feeling a special bonding with Kumud.

He says Can we sit together in my table?
Kumud looks at Kusum and says ok no problem.

They sit and chat 4 a while and party get over.

Kumud and Kusum go towards their car and finds that there car has a puncture.

Saras comes that way and stops his car beside their car and asks Can I help u?
Kumud actually our car has a puncture so we can’t drive home.
Can I leave u to ur home?

Kumud hesitantly says Ok,
(Now even Kumud wanted to stay close to him)

Saras leaves them home and returns home.

Next day morning,

Saras is alone at his home.
There was knock at his door.

He goes and opens the door.

Somebody hugs him tight and says BHAIYYA!!

Saras gets happy and says DANNY!

He hugs him Back.

Saras says come in.
How are u?
Danny very good. My course got over so I can help u in business now. I am so glad.
They both chat to each other

Precap : Saras and Kumud misses each other.

Guys in this ff, Danny is Saras’s real brother. NOT STEP BROTHER. THERE IS NO CHARACTER NAMED GUMAN.

True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 3


True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 3


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