Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th April 2016 –

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th April 2016 –

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Thanks to our visitor, Shraddha Sharma, here’s the update.

Episode starts with amrish yelling on dhyan for doing such big crime. He says that due to his mistake rajni is inside lockup and saving you.
He is about to raise hand when shaan says no papa and rajni cutely says no bau ji and havaldar say no papa… and is being scolded by inspector.
Amrish ask inspector to put dhyan behind bars and take rajni with her..

At home all ladies are gossiping on phone. Surili ask someone too look bengali bahu for shaan, shaguta says that she will marry her brother to NRI, Maggie says to balwant that rajni is went to her sasural that is jail, Sharmila says that she is still no.1 bahu, bubbles say to some baba ji that your bhut/dhayn bhagao idea worked and aishwarya is shown.

Just than amrish enters. And surili starts her drama that if he did not brought her bahu rajni and shaguta speaks – mom! She is criminal and police do not leave them easily. Surili says- of course! She robbed bank of…
Amrish interpts and says bank of something that I cannot get. And he furthers says that see your faces; they are glowing like swear pipe busrted with water flowing everywhere (nali ka pipe fatt gya hai or paani behae jaa raha hai); but i said i will bring rajni back and call rajni inside. All ladies are in state of shok.. and surili ask how come she is out?
Amrish says that real culprit is behind bars.
They ask who?
He says dhyan, who confessed everything to inspector.
Maggie as usual says in drama that we are so rich why he did so?
Sharmila says cupcake in jail???
Rajni very cutely says that your cupcake will be eaten by flies!! ???
Surili says amrish we need to do something! Amrsih lleaves in anger..

In room shaan ask rajni we need to take out dhayn out of jail! There is something fishy!!
Rajni cutely says that there are 3 possibilities-
1. Bank turns into casino at night? Shan nods no
2. bank gave loan to casino? Shan says bank do not give loan in cash. Rajni cutely says ulta zamana hai.
3. Someone from bank is involved!!

Shaan says yes, and he ask her if they met someone in casino? She says charlie without chaplein. He ask to draw sketch!

Sharmila roams with cupcake and cries and shaan says he will find real culprit. Gyan says he is sunil from bank.
Shan ask if he is sure?
Gyan says – tiger ki chal, baazz ki nazar and gyan ki memory pr doubt nhi krna chiye!!!?????
Shan leaves… sharmila says i will not leave rajni bhabhi…

In room rajni talks to shaan, and says how he called her pedeshan? Shan says they will continue adrsh bahu drama later and he ask her to find sunil kumer no. She says there are 3500 sunil kumer, he says bank worker sunil kumer.. she finds and says meri jaan… he says to activate messenger and send. Rajni sends ok my jaan. He ask her to send no. She sends and ask him to come home fast..

Sharmila comes and says that becoz of you my cupcake is behind bars and you are romancing with shaan. Rajni says its bad manners to enter in others room without knocking..
Babuji comes and ask rajni why did not she tell that why she went?
She says she promised to dhyan that she will not tell to family but told to inspector as he is not part of family.
Amrish call inspector and ask him- inspector says to pay flat money??

Amrish is confused when rajini cutely raises her hand and says becoz sharmila bhabhi do not want to stay with family!! Amrish is shocked to hear this.. sharmila says that its shaan swear to release cupcake from jail and leaves from there…

amrish ask rajni not to feel bad and he is at guilt that due to blood of our house she had to stay in jail for a night.
Rajni says bauji i do not feel bad as i do not have this feature..
Rajni thinks to free dhayn from jail and says its shaan swear…
Screen freezes on her innocent and cute face.

Precap- Shan stops car and a lady is shown in weatern atire (must be rajni) and she goes to near car.

Update Credit to: Shraddha Sharma

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th April 2016 –


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th April 2016 –

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