Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 22 & 23)

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Chapter 22

Lucky are those who are blessed with the feeling of love…and blessed are those whose love is reciprocated …but whatever it is…love changes you for ever.

Sam woke up she found her head on Neil’s chest and his hand was wrapped around her Sam smiled…she kept watching him lovingly…Neil without opening his eyes; ‘’Stop staring…I am not a ice-cream’’

Sam; ‘’You look more delicious than an ice-cream…how about I taste you’’

Neil; ‘’ I don’t mind but Are you ready for that… if you taste me I will eat you…so think twice’’ Sam blushed and hid her face in Neil’s chest

Neil smiled wrapped both his arms around her he caressed her hair lovingly for last few days he had given her lot of pain and he wanted her to smile Sam hugged Neil and closed her eyes…Neil kissed the top of her head and got up…Sam made a face; ‘’No some more time…please’’

Neil; ‘’Baby…I need to go back to my apartment’’

Sam with a sad face; ‘’You are not coming back…you will again leave me alone…and you are staying with a girl’’

Neil; ‘’ I will come every day…baby I paid 6 months’ rent in advance…how can I leave now….and plus that Girl Rita is super hottt’’ Neil kept looking at Sam’s expression she was sad and nervous…she was looking down…she did not fight him on Rita..Neil lifted her chin up she had her eyes closed again…Neil smiled kissed her forehead…and left.

Sam opened her eyes once Neil left; ‘’I am ok with anything that makes you happy…I cannot lose you’’

USA evening

Radhika came back to her dorm…Anna greets her but finds Radhika disturbed; ‘’what’s wrong Rads’’ Radhika narrates the incident on Sunday and Arjun’s display of possessiveness …Anna rubs her forehead…she doesn’t know what to do finally she takes a deep breath ; ‘’Rads I will talk to him…you don’t worry…I will not let him trouble you…wait I will talk to Steve and Ron’’ Radhika smiled and held Anna hand she made Anna sit and gave her a glass of water.

Radhika; ‘’Anna relax …do you trust me’’

Anna; ‘’Yes…but why are asking this…we need do handle that mad man’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I will handle him …my way…he is a spoilt child…but he loves me the way no one can…he can do anything for me…I will give him a chance…if it works we both will be happy…if it doesn’t Arjun will back out’’

Anna was surprised…her mouth hung open at Radhika’s confidence; ‘’you don’t know him…he will never back out’’

Radhika pinched Anna cheeks; ‘’He doesn’t know me…Anna if I run from him he will follow me and lock me to himself…he is powerful and resourceful…he will find me where ever I hide…So I have decided…I will go to him myself …make my rules and he will follow them…he breaks one rule …and I will make him leave’’

Anna blinked…she got up from her place…observed her head to toe; ‘’Girl you look so small delicate like a feather but your determination is like that of a mountain…God save Arjun…I am so happy I met you… love you Rads’’ Anna hugged and kissed Radhika’s forehead…; ‘’so now what’’

Radhika; ‘’I am planning a date…do my make up once I dress up…first let me call Mr. Hades’’ Anna gave her a thumbs up…Radhika messaged Arjun asking him for a dinner…Arjun asked her to be ready in 30 min…Radhika dressed herself in a body fitting plain baby pink chiffon anarkali…it was a gift from Neil..she wore single pearl droppings in her ear…she left her hair lose Anna did natural make up for Radhika…at the end Radhika wore a stone bindi….

Anna held her heart; ‘’Rads you are breathtaking…Arjun will not leave you…you are playing with fire…’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’ I am water…fire challenged me….now its my turn’’

Anna smiled; ‘’ can you get me one of those dresses’’

Radhika; ‘’In a month you will have a dress prettier than this one…oh I forgot my bangles’’ Radhika completed her look by pink glass bangles and softly said; ’’Neil all your gifts have been lucky for me…today I am taking a big decision…please be with me buddy. Arjun messaged Radhika to come down…Anna wished her luck and Radhika went down to meet Arjun…

Bird Song

Piyali knocked Nandini’s cabin door…Nandini greeted her with a smile and asked her to take a seat

Piyali; ‘’Nandini..I wanted to speak you about…’’

Nandini; ‘’Jai….I know he will have to surrender his shares or payback the money he usurped…it wasn’t his it belonged to each and every employee of bird song’’ Piyali burned but controlled her anger’’

Piyali; ‘’I know he did wrong but I wanted to speak about Sam and Arjun’’ Nandini went alert she kept her pen down and looked straight to Piyali…she knew what was coming up…

Nandini; ‘’What about them’’

Piyali; ‘’I guess you don’t know…they love each other for two years…they were waiting to meat each other… Sam had told me once…’’ before Piyali could continue Nandini interrupted; ‘’Arjun will marry when I approve the girl…and he never spoke about Sam so lets not talk about it….Now I have to go so please excuse me’’ Piyali left the cabin…

Nandini POV; ‘’My baby had already chosen his bride…I waiting for him to come and tell me…Arjun’s wedding will be one of the best in India’s history.’’ Nandini smiled at her thought…she had already decided Radhika’s wedding attire.


Arjun forgot to breathe when he saw Radhika in full Indian attire…her fitting dress beautifully covered yet revealed her curves…and free flowing chiffon material made her look like a fairy…Arjun’s eyes went to her lose hair…her glass bangles…her bindi and her pink lips…his determination was now 200% to get this girl in his life…Radhika looked at his expression and blushed…she smiled and said; ‘’I think I didn’t dress up to stand here in the parking’’ Arjun extended his hand and this time Radhika gave hers Arjun pulled her and locked her to his chest; ‘’you shouldn’t have looked this beautiful…you invited trouble for yourself’’ Arjun leaned to kiss Radhika on the her cheek…Radhika moved her face away; ‘’Arjun before we move forward we need to talk’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Sure bunny… today I am taking you for the dinner to the best place in New York…but I need to tell Anna that you will not be coming home tonight’’ Radhika moved out of his arms…Arjun smiled moved forward and again wrapped his arms around her; ‘’ Don’t pull back …trust me Bunny…I will never do anything against your wish…but your time tonight belongs to me…shall we’’ radhika nodded and took her place in his car’’ Arjun took Radhika to Dovetail one of the most expensive places to eat…

Radhika was stunned; ‘’ we should have gone to Devil’s Kitchen…Neil and His friend owns that restaurant chain they started first one in Ney York 2 months back and why do you show off so much’’

Arjun smiled wrapped his arm around her and took her inside…he was greeted like a king…Arjun took Radhika to their table…Radhika looked around; ‘’I don’t think I will get anything to eat…and I can’t stay hungry’’

Arjun; ‘’Bunny if you don’t like anything…I will cook for you…Now answer this…why suddenly this date…I know you are not stupid and I am not gullible…so speak up what’s running in your head’’

Radhika; ‘’Where are you taking me after dinner’’

Arjun; ‘’My place for tonight’’

Radhika; ‘’then let’s talk there ’’ Radhika picked up her orange juice and took a sip she found Arjun staring her like a hawk…she lowered her eyes

Arjun smiled; ‘’Bunny you walked into my den…neither you know me nor my hunger for you…I know you are not easy…but escaping me would be impossible…now you won’t be able to leave me…I get what I want’’

Radhika lifted her eyes to meet Arjun’s confidently; ‘’I know your hunger for me …I know you are dangerous…but you will not able to see me in pain…I know that too…so I have a deal for both of us…lets eat and then we can discuss’’ Arjun smirked…she was fearless…but she should fear him because most people do…she was not aware who he was…and also about his sister who will go any length to give Arjun his happiness


Sam freshen up , cleaned her apartment and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast…she was hoping on one leg…Neil entered the apartment with his luggage he kept is bag and searched for Sam he found her working in the kitchen standing on one leg…he shook his head at her stubbornness …Neil walked to her lifter her up…Sam was surprised and the squealed; ‘’ Neil!!!!’’

Neil; ‘’yes baby your Neil…now who asked you to get down…you should rest’’

Sam hugged him; ‘’I was hungry…I have not eaten anything since yesterday morning’’ Neil bought her to the room placed her gently down and kissed her forehead; ‘’Sammy why you had to complicate things…couldn’t you accept your feelings we both would have not suffered this much…and time to change your bandage’’

Sam looked down; ‘’I am stupid…and I am sorry’’ Neil smiled bought the first aid box…and started changing Sam bandage…he removed the old one…looking at her wound it was Neil who was more pained than Sam…he blew warm breath while applying ointment…Sam watched him …smiled; ‘’Neil…I gave you pain for so many years and you forgave me so easily why’’

Neil; ‘’because if you love someone truly….learn to forgive them too…and punishing you was like punishing myself…All I wanted was you…I have you so why waste time in holding grudge and being angry’’

Sam watched him as he did her bandage….she recalled all the moments they shared…it was only him all the time… she understood this late.. she wanted him and no one…rest was just a mirage which she never understood…but then a sudden fear gripped her..what if she lose him again…Sam’s stance was broken by Neil’s voice

Neil; ‘’I will get you breakfast…now don’t move from the bed…’’ Neil got up but Sam caught his hand he cupped her face; ‘’what’s wrong…why are so worried…’’

Sam; ‘’Mom…what will we do…she wants me to go to Arjun…you know her she knows how to turn things in her favour…I think we should tell our parents about us…Neil I am scared’’ Sam eyes were full of tears…Neil could sense how frightened she was

Neil leaned and kissed Sam; ‘’Baby I am angle only for you…if your Mom tries to separate me from you she will face the other Neil…don’t worry about Arjun…he is already involved with someone and he is serious…we will speak when time is right…for now study…and back out from that modelling contract….I wanted to murder you when that male model had his arms around your waist…by the way I moved in again with you…’’

Sam’s face brighten up; ’’where is your luggage and your 6 months’ rent’’

Neil; ‘’ In my room…and you are more important than rent’’ Sam nervously played with her ring…’’Sam what wrong…speak up’’

Sam; ‘’We can share the room…if you are ok…I mean I sleep well near you’’ Neil hugged Sam she closed her eyes in contentment…’’as you wish Sammy…but get rid of the modelling contract I will not approve that’’ Sam agreed

Sam rested her head on Neil’s shoulder but she had a fear her POV; ‘you don’t know mom…she has something in her mind…I don’t want to leave you’ Sam clutched Neil’s shirt tightly pushing herself to him…Neil understood her mind he gently squeezed her shoulder to calm her down


Arjun took Radhika to his apartment …once inside he lifted her up leaving her surprised…Arjun carried Radhika to his master bedroom and placed her gently on the bed…the next what Radhika saw left her completely shocked…the wall opposite to Arjun’s bed had Radhika’s wall size picture…it was of the friends outing at SPIN…he had clicked Radhika smiling with her hand under her chin…and the other hand tugging her hair…Arjun watched her amazed face and spoke softly; ‘’I have more…I want to marry you and I am very serious…’’

Radhika frowned; ‘’I am going to be 21…even if everything works out I am not marrying you or anybody for next 5 yrs’’

Arjun; ‘’First you will marry me and no one else…. second…we will marry in a year…I can’t keep my hands off you anymore’’ Radhika was shocked he was crazy and he was driving her crazy…Arjun pulled Radhika into his arms and kissed her forehead; ‘’Bunny if I want…I can marry you tomorrow…no one will be able to stop me…so don’t instigate me talking about 5 yrs’’ Radhika moved out of his arms; ‘’Arjun we should talk…its important’’ Arjun smiled she was looking down…she was smart…intelligent but naïve innocent and very beautiful…he understood why Jai Khanna was so mad for her and Neil so protective…but now she was his for life….he got up moved to his cupboard , took a pair of keys and gave to Radhika ‘’next room is of my sister… you can change into her clothes…get comfortable…and by the way your dress and assemble is beautiful’’

Radhika beamed; ‘’Its Neil’s gift …for my last birthday…everything my dress bangles…sandals earrings he got everything assembled …he gave me a surprise…you know two days before my bday I had seen this dress and wanted to buy…I made him buy me accessories…’’ in her enthusiasm Radhika forgot to observe Arjun whose jealousy was at its peak now…he moved towards her and locked her to the wall holding her hand with bangles tightly…Radhika heard the cracking sound of few bangles she begged; ‘’Arjun no please…I love them’’

Arjun glared at her murderous; ‘’Get one thing straight…you will not wear anything given by any man other than me or your father…not even Neil…if again I see you wearing this dress..I will rip it off your body…now change before I decide to do it myself’’

Radhika in a strong voice; ‘’He is my best friend…and this is a gift’’

Arjun; ‘’Old story…now you are mine…I will not tolerate anybody between us…NO ONE…’’

Radhika; ‘’if you want me…you will accept everyone I love…and Neil is an important for me ‘’

Arjun whispered a warning; ‘’Why are you making me angry, the more I turn good the more you test me…please change Radhika….I cannot see you in this dress…I will be waiting for you outside’’

Radhika was taken aback…she never knew he would be so possessive about her…she quietly moved to the other room and changed…this man should be handled with brain now….Radhika changed into a track pant and tshirt and came to kitchen and stood at the door…Arjun was preparing coffee…without turning back he said; ‘’Come to me Bunny’’ Radhika blinked and stood next to him…Arjun turned to her smiled and pulled her into his arms…he caressed her face and then looked at her wrist…he kissed it and softly spoke; ‘’Now we will talk…but before that can you take an off from your evening job I need to take you somewhere’’

Radhika; ‘’I just joined…can we go over the weekend…I will skip the bakery’’ Arjun smiled nodded and kissed her cheeks…Radhika didn’t like it she closed her eyes

Radhika’s POV; ‘from now you will hear and see what makes you happy but with my rules and I will either change you or you will back out that’s a promise Arjun’

Arjun POV; ‘I know you are upto something Bunny…but I don’t care…I will do anything to bring you to me…you don’t know the real Arjun’
Crazy isn’t it…Beauty herself went to beast but she doesn’t love him …she will make him dance on her numbers…but beast will not make it easy…now when he has her …he wants her completely. Sam and Neil’s story started but there is more to come.


Chapter 23

Destiny brings two people together who truly need each other…Arjun-Radhika, Radhika will give Arjun back what he lost…and he will give her his unconditional love and lifetime friendship
Sam-Neil; ‘Neil will give Sam her dreams her confidence and lots of love…Sam she will support and trust Neil even if it means being hated by everyone’
Arjun and Radhika sat opposite each other sipping coffee it was past midnight…

Arjun; ‘’Now tell me what you have to say’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun I know you love me…and I don’t doubt that…I like you but I don’t love you…I am here because running away from you is futile …I know that. I want to give you a chance…but not everything will be according to you’’

Arjun smiled she was honest; ‘’So what do I have do to keep you with me’’

Radhika; ‘’You will not force physical intimacy till I am ok with it…you will not put a dress code on me…I never have been tied down…you will give me my freedom…you will not doubt my relationship with my male friends specially Neil…no more abducting me…we will have no secrets…and remember one lie and I walk out’’

Arjun stared at her he got up blocked her to couch lowering himself on her… Radhika leaned backwards more on the couch and kept her palm on his chest to maintain the distance…Arjun looked at her hand smiled and said; ‘’I will try…. but do you feel any of this can stop me from getting you…even if I break theses rules you will not be able to leave me….why don’t you understand…I am not a saint’’

Radhika looked back into his eyes smirked; ‘’Arjun you know I am not stupid…do you think I would have walked in your life without a backup plan…I know you are a devil and right now I am your heart…You love me too much to see me in pain…if you force anything I will ruin and hurt myself infront of your eyes…you won’t be able to stop me…and you will watch me in pain’’

Arjun was speechless she was way beyond he had thought; ‘’Don’t you dare’’…Arjun closed his eyes to calm himself ; ‘’fine Bunny as you say…I have few conditions too…the most important one till we are married …you will not stop me from kissing you only kissing nothing more I promise that…only I will pick and drop you…you will not try to run from me…and if you do…all rules we will be broken you will marry me ….if you refuse and I will forcefully marry you…done’’

Radhika was shocked …forceful marriage…but she was not the one to give up; ‘’Kissing is physical…I am not comfortable’’

Arjun; ‘’Agree Bunny!…physical intimacy is much more…do you want a demo?’’

Radhika blinked ;’’No ….and no kissing…you can hug me whenever you want I won’t stop you and only hugging me not feeling me up’’

Arjun chuckled; ‘’Ok let me kiss you today after that we will go by your rules …. I will only Kiss you nothing more I promise that…done’’

Radhika knew she was in trouble but she trusted her decision she looked at Arjun and nodded…Arjun leaned came near her lips he found her trembling ,he smiled and kissed Radhika lightly on her cheek he stayed there looking at her angelic face…he watched her face turning crimson…and she was shrinking her body being embarrassed…he smiled lifted her up and tucked her to bed; ‘’Sleep my doll…you will need a lot of it from now’’ Arjun switched off all the lights accept the table lamp and left the room…Radhika wiped her sweaty forehead.


It had been a more than a week since Sam’s modelling shoot…Agnello had told Samrat and Piyali that Sam’s pictures had got very good feedback…and His modelling agency wanted to sign a 50 Lakhs contract with Sam…Piyali was elated…she said yes even after Samrat asked her to first check with Sam…but Piyali told Agnello she will convince Sam any how…she declared herself Sam’s manger…Sam was a very emotional girl and Piyali knew she would definitely agree to help her parents.


Sam and Neil were very happy in their little adobe…Neil pampered Sam like anything…and Sam she completely surrendered her heart to Neil…Sam was in the kitchen with a laptop…Neil watched her

Neil; ‘’Baby…what are you doing’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Preparing special dinner for you…I have read some dishes from internet …you will like them’’

Neil; ‘’I should take a doc appointment in advance’’ Sam made a sad face Neil smiled came to her and said lovingly; ‘’Leave all this you came here to make a career…you can do this after your studies’’

Sam; ‘’Neil I don’t want a career….I want to be your wife I want a family…I understood this…now I don’t want to be late ….Neil I am too scared to lose you…you don’t know I always have a fear that I might lose you…please Neil marry me …soon’’

Neil saw a kind of anxiety and fear in Sam…he hugged her; ‘’Baby I will marry you..but why do you fear so much and of what’’ Sam could not answer she just started sobbing…Neil hugged Sam tightly and held her close to calm her down…he knew Sam was a scared girl…she only pretended to to strong…Neil was worried he wanted to her to come out this fear… Sam composed herself and said;’’Let me complete my cooking’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Leave cooking …how about long drive.’’ Sam hugged Neil tight…she felt happiness Neil asked Sam to change and took her for a long ride. But Sam’s fear was not unreasonable…there were more test for her….but good she had Neil.

Neil took Sam to disc…Sam looked at Neil; ‘’How am I supposed to dance with this leg’’

Neil smiled and brought her to the floor; ‘’Sammy wrap your Arms around my neck’’ Sam obliged…Neil lifted her up…bring her to his eye level….Sam laughed…and Neil felt relived looking at her smiling face…he danced with Sam in his arms; ‘’Sammy remember whatever the conditions or situations are…we will help each other…we have bring this balance…we have to hold each other everytime we fall…I trust you and you have to trust me…will you trust me completely’’

Sam softly whispered; ‘’I do… I will….Now put me down…before I lose my senses…and you have scream for help’’ Neil chuckled and pulled her more challenging her to make him scream…Sam blushed; ‘’Put me down Neil…please’’

After a good drive…Neil had dinner with Sam …he praised Sam’s effort… that bought smile to her face…they retired for night…Sam held Neil hand …’’can I sleep in your room please’’

Neil; ‘’It’s your right dear… come’’ Sam made herself comfortable on Neil’s shoulder and kept her arm on his chest…Neil hugged her and kissed her forehead; ‘’Sam stop being worried…I will not leave you in any situation…and I won’t let anyone take you from me’’

Sam; ‘’I trust you’’ Neil squeezed her hand gently give her an assurance…Sam felt safe…she relaxed her body and slept in Neil’s arm’’
But Sleep had left Neil…he was worried about Sam’s growing fear….he wanted answers for everything…whatever its is he will stay by her side now


When Radhika woke up she found Arjun sitting on a chair watching her with his lazy eyes and a smile…She just lowered her eyes and left the bed to change. Arjun had dropped radhika home in the morning…radhika told Anna everything…Anna wished her…she knew Arjun was not easy…but she trusted Radhika’s determination…Radhika got ready and left for classes…after that she finished her job in the library and walked out for to go for her second job…as expected she found Arjun waiting with his bike…she quietly went and sat behind him..Arjun smiled he wanted this right on her and he had got this right may be not completely but he was sure he would soon get that. Arju dropped radhika near the store she got down smiled and turned to leave…Arjun ; ‘’Bunny you forgot something’’ Radhik closed her eyes she finally turned walked to him and gave him a hug…Arjun brushed his fingers on her face; ‘’love you…will pick you at 9:00 don’t come out till I reach’’ Radhika nodded….Arjun left after she was inside the shop…Deepak had seen Arjun dropping Radhika…he understood she was someone important for him…he showered extra attention on her which she didn’t like. Radhika finishe her work changed her clothes and checked her phone no message from Arjun….Deepak told her that he had to lock the shop…Radhika decided to wait outside…Radhika was waiting …when she heard a gruff voice ‘’So Arjun left his pet alone…by the way you are too cute to be left alone’’ Radhika was unfazed

Radhika rolled her eyes; ‘’Now …who the hell are you?’’

Ario; ‘’Ario…so girl you look scared…don’t be…I will make it easy for you…and Arjun will live in pain for life’’

Radhika chuckled; ‘’I don’t fear you…but you should fear him…because this is about me…he will kill you…if you even touch a hair on my head’ Radhika suddenly felt a known hand around her waist…she relaxed Arjun pulled her close and kept his chin on her shoulder…he whispered; ’’Thanks for trusting me Bunny….you deserve a gift’’

Arjun turned he gaze to Ario;’’Looks like you don’t want to live’’ Radhika squeezed Arjun hand on her waist she didn’t wanted any trouble…Arjun tighten his grip…Ario watched Arjun’s protectiveness towards Radhika.

Ario; ‘’for how long will you follow her…one day I will get even with you’’

Arjun; ‘’I have a habit of stalking her she will never be alone…you worry about yourself the day I am alone…you will curse your fate’’ Arjun pulled his love to his chest and walked off…he had to get rid of Ario before he touches Radhika…Radhika sat behind Arjun on his bike…Arjun spoke; ‘’Sorry you had to wait…By the way…you threaten Ario on my name…you don’t even have feelings for me??? Wow!’’

Radhika smirked; ‘’that’s called maximum use of resources…and don’t forget…I am not a fool I have my ways’’

Arjun; ‘’ …Were you scared?’’

Radhika; ‘’Nope…I knew my stalker would be close enough’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Smart…now hold me…because I was scared of you getting hurt’’

Radhika wrapped her arms around his waist…Arjun drove off…he dropped Radhika at her dorm and caressed her cheek…Radhika could feel him disturb; ‘’Tiger…calm down…he doesn’t have the guts to face you…and I know I am safe…chill see you tomorrow’’ Arjun gave Radhika a hug and held her of sometime…’’Bunny say yes for marriage…please’’ Radhika smiled; ‘’then let me fall for you first…goodnight’’


Sam got a call from Piyali that she has accepted a big modelling contract on her behalf and Sam will be traveling around the globe for the shoot…Sam was angry…but

Piyali blackmailed Sam emotionally asking her to accept this one contract as right now they needed a huge amount…Sam knew Samrat would never share his problems she decided to this to help her dad.

Neil was out on his project and an add shoot for Bird Song…Nandini had requested him to personally monitor that…he came back exhausted and fell flat on the bed…Sam came out of the washroom and found Neil lying on his back…with his mouth open…she smiled took off his shoes adjusted his legs…and caressed his hair lovingly…Sam gave Neil a peck on his forehead…she got up but Neil held her hand…she saw him smiling at her

Neil; ‘’Come Sammy…let’s sleep’’

Sam; ‘’Ok so you are awake..get up and Have your dinner…then we can sleep…’’ Neil got up pulled Sam to him and came out for dinner…Neil had noticed tremendous change in Sam…she enjoyed cooking and caring for Neil…she did her college work…but career dream had suddenly taken a back seat…she just wanted to be close to
Neil…Neil loved it…but he also wanted Sam to have an identity…but he hated modelling…Sam was little worried about how to share this with Neil

Sam; ‘’Neil…you will always be by my side right…whatever may be the situation is’’

Neil; ‘’Sam don’t beat around the bush…what’s wrong’’

Sam; ‘’Glitz has offered me a year long Modelling contract of 50 Lakhs…mom has accepted it sh wants be to take that up’’ Neil pressed his lips in anger…he knew Khanna’s were losing their hold on BirdSong and needed close to 2 crores to save their shares from Mehra’s but he never thought Sam will also have to bear all this Neil cupped her face; ‘’What do you want’’

Sam; ‘’Want to help my dad…then marry you and go far’’

Neil ;’’fine but this would be the last modelling contract you are signing…I will not accept anything after that…and you will move in with me once we are back in India’’

Sam blinked in surprise; ‘’Will your mom allow…and what about my parents’’

Neil; ‘’Sam…stop worrying about everyone…its about you and me…you will do the assignment with me by your side…I won’t let anyone push you anymore…and if more money is needed I will pay that …I have enough money to get your father rid of his loans… promise me you will not quit your studies and yes I am planning to marry you…and soon

Sam beamed with happiness; ‘’I promise to keep my studies on…. Neil…I can marry you now…if you want…you don’t know Mom ’’

Neil; ‘’we will marry Sam and no one will come between us …not your even your mom’’

Sam Leaped at neil…Neil knew Piyali Khanna was desperate to get her sons share back…in that she forgot that Sam was also her daughter…Neil and Radhika were two people who had held Sam intact for so long…and now Neil will not let anyone break his love…Sam answered his love after a long wait and now he will not let her go. Neil knew there were 2 people who will stand by him blindly his friend come brother…Arjun…and his little bird Radhika…

Neil dialled Radhika after putting Sam to sleep Radhika was in her campus she smiled; Hi Handsome…how are you’’

Neil; ‘’My cutie pie…there is a news for you…now don’t scream or jump’’

Radhika; ‘’Ok …go on’’

Neil; ‘’Sam accepted my love…I moved back with her and I am planning to marry her as soon as we go back’’

Radhika froze…she was happy but marriage; ‘’Neil miser…you don’t want to give me a party of you marriage…that why you are marrying her like this…how dare you that to without me I cannot be back before a year…this is not done…I am mad’’

Neil; ‘’Little one listen I have a reason’’ Neil told Radhika the whole story…Radhika was shocked…she knew Sam was not very keen on modelling…she promised Neil that she would help him at any cost.’

Radhika; ‘’Buddy….I will never leave your side….love you’’

Neil smiled; “I know little one stay blessed’’


Radhika ended the call but she turned she found Arjun watching her…she suddenly leaped at him and gave him a hug …Arjun held her as she was jumping…but he loved her happiness

Arjun; ‘’Bunny…for what reason I got this amazing gift’’

Radhika; ‘’My wish’’

Arjun; ‘’Who was on the other side …to whom did you say love you’’

Radhika teasingly; ‘’My boyfriend’’ Arjun held her hand dragged her to the corner and locked her to the wall

Arjun;’’ Say that again…I will teach you a lesson today’’ Radhika was not scared she had started understanding him she pulled one hand out of his grip smiled and cupped his cheek; ‘’You need to trust me…I promised you I will give your love a chance then trust me Arjun…’’ Arjun loosen his grip and fell on her burring his face in her neck; ‘’I am sorry for dragging and distrusting you like this’’ Radhika caressed his hair…she smiled …this was her first win…she was able to calm the beast down…and not to forget he was Sorry…she knew she will change him…she rubbed his back…Arjun pulled himself and kissed Radhika’s forehead; ‘’I love you Bunny’’
She made the rules and now he will follow them…Beast had a dream of locking her in his castle…but Beauty used her strength…she will give him all the happiness he deserves …and for Sam…she has Neil with her…but road won’t be easy.

Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 22 & 23)


Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 22 & 23)


Indian Dramas
Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, includin... Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, including House, CSI, 24 and plenty more. They are the tv series that captivate our attention and entertain us every night after a hard day of work. Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and more come to our screens catching our interest and enwrapping us with their storylines. 6. CSI. Also known as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” This show is produced by Jerry Buckheimer. The drama series follows Las Vegas detectives as they take on challenging and often mysterious criminal investigations throughout the city. The series debuted in 2000 and continues to captivate audiences today. Watch just one episode and will be enough for you to get involved. 5. Mad Men. This drama is a three time Golden Globe Award Winner and has won 9 emmy’s as well. It is one of the most popular shows in recent history and is a perfect example of what a drama series should be. Mad Men follows the publicity surrounding Sherling Cooper in New York circa the 1960’s 4. 24. A fascinating show that mixes drama, suspense, and action to form a perfect recipe for our list of top drama series. Debuted in 2001, this show follows Jack Bauer, a UAT employee, in real time for the most suspenseful 24 hours you will ever have watching television. One of the series that keep you focus the whole time. 3. Law and order. One of the longest drama series running, it’s first episode aired in the year 1990. By 2010 this show had been through 20 seasons. Definitively, the numbers talk good about it. In 1999 we saw “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” which continues to air today. 2. Boardwalk Empire. The latest drama series that has kept the audience glued to their seats. With big names such as Director Martin Scorcese and actor Steve Buscemi, this series has managed to captivate audiences and is quickly reaching legendary status. The second season premieres this October, 2011. You can’t miss it. 1. House M.D. This masterful drama with Hugh Laurie as the protagonist is about a doctor dedicated to treating extraordinary illnesses with unorthodox and sometimes controversial practices. The seventh season began airing on September 20, 2011. Drama Series: Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, CSI. Written by Jessica Gómez. Schedules for each series can be found at HBO, FoxPsychology Articles, and Warner.

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