Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th April 2016 –

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Kamini tells Dhaani about Dadi Bua’s anger. She gets the goon’s call again, Dhaani comes to Dadi Bua and requests her not to complain her mother about any of her mistakes. Dadi Bua slaps Dhaani hard accusing her to be a dancer in parties, Kamini saves Dhaani from Dadi Bua who hated Dhaani. Dhaani tells Kamini she wants her mother to be happy always, may be her mother may think she is trying to divide the family.
The goons again calls Kamini, they stood outside their house. Dhaani was concerned, the phone bell rings. Dhaani picks up Viplav’s call, she couldn’t hear him. Kamini asks her to do packing, Dhaani was upset and thinks about meeting her mother. Kamini suggests about going with her, but Dhaani promises to meet her in market. Dulari cries worried about Dhaani, Viplav was a hope for her still her daughter wasn’t happy.
Dushranth comes to Dadi Bua, she demands Dushranth to throw this Dhaani out of the house before time is over. Dushranth also wanted this. She complains how they couldn’t know about Viplav’s wedding with her.
Kamini awaits Dhaani in the market, she calls Dhaani but couldn’t connect. Her phone bell rings again, she doesn’t pick up the call, then gets a message that they have kidnapped Dhaani, and calls her to an old compound without informing police. She then calls the number, Dhaani cries telling Kamini she doesn’t know where these goons brought her. One of the men ask Kamini to come her as well, they will leave her only if she comes here. He cuts the call.
Dushrant was annoyed at his insult, Dadi comes looking for Dhaani. He accuses his wife and Viplav for bringing him to this position. Dadi Bua comes downstairs asking for the biggest lawyer in town, she wants to make her will.
Dhaani argues the goons. The man calls Kamini his friend for which he would use Dhaani. He met Kamini in bus, she never picks up his calls. Kamini walks the way panic. She calls Viplav on her way for help, it doesn’t connect. She stops an auto in the way. The goon demands Dhaani to make him and Kamini marry. Dhaani shouts if he has seen her face, who would marry him with this face. The auto goes out of order, Kamini leaves her wallet in there as well.
Dadi Bua didn’t believe on Dushrant, she had intended to name all her property after him but now since Dhaani is here in the house Dushrant won’t get a single penny. She asks him to sign the papers, Dushrant does the signatures saying this time would also pass.
Kamini reaches the compound. Dhaani shouts at the goons to unwrap her hands. The goon deters them of shooting if there is police around. Kamini asks him to leave Dhaani, he had promised this to her. They won’t leave Dhaani, Kamini sweetly speaks to the goons winking at Dhaani.

PRECAP: Dhaani and Kamini flee from the compound and go to hiding, Dhaani’s phone rings and they were caught again.

Update Credit to: Sona

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th April 2016 –


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th April 2016 –


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