Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Yuvraj and Soumya standing at the bar while Dadi and her friends look from a distance. Dadi friends tell Dadi that she should of made Somuya her Bahu. Dadi says its ok, they are really good friends and she is the company model, they often together, they are not husband and wife but they are good friends. Dadi tells her friend what type of party is this, no music. Rag suggest that Yuvraj and Soumya should dance. Dadi says of course and one of Dadi friends goes and grabs Yuvraj from the bar. Yuvraj refuses to dance as he needs to give water to Pratima, they sent the water to her thru the waiter. Yuvraj still refuses that he doesn’t know how to dance, Dadi friend doesnt take no for an answer and invites Soumya by grabbing her and leads both to the dance floor.
Both stand on the dance floor hand in hand. Suhani walks in and Yuvraj and Soumya let go of each other hands. Suhani walks towards Yuvraj but Dadi comes before and asks Suhani what she is doing here. Yuvraj tells Dadi he called her here cause Pratima left her medicine. Suhani goes to give it to Pratima. Pratima thanks her and Suhani is about to leave. One of Dadi friends stops her and praise her for the tagline. Suhani thanks her and is about to leave when another stops her and tells her to stay. She takes her over to Yuvraj and tells him, now you have your correct partner now you cant refuse. Suhani says she doesnt know how to dance and is about to leave when Yuvraj grabs her hand. Yuvraj tells her that she just needs to follow and he will lead. Both begin to dance. Dadi, Rags and Somuya look unhappy. Rags tells Dadi, they are dancing so close what if Suhani tell Yuvraj it was your idea to open a joiny account. Dadi tells Rags to shut up she knows what to do. Pratima and Sharad are happy. Pratima states how Suhani always comes into Yuvraj life in the nick of time for everything before Soumya. She wonders when will he notice this. Both wonder what is going in in Dadi head.
Back at home Suhani is about to go into her to tell Yuvraj and his friend but bumps into Suhani. Dadi confronts her and tells her she was trying to help her by opening the joint account. But now Suhani will go and complain to Yuvraj and blame it all on her. Suhani refuses and tell her stopping the useless spending and making up with Yuvraj is her job, she wont use anyone name. Dadi leaves and Suhani goes to her room and finds Yuvraj sleeping. She admires him from the mirror and says she will make up with him. Rags, Menka, and Dadi are seen talking outside in the hall. Dadi says we need to stop them from making up. Menka says we have hid Yuvraj bank card. Rags tells Dadi now Yuvraj will have to ask Suhani for money. Menka says and that will get him upset because that goes hurt his pride. Dadi says no, that banker daughter is smart, she will find a way. We need to do something more, that he doesnt just argue with her but hates her.
Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th November 2014 Written Update
Next day Yuvraj wakes up to see his jogging clothes and shoes laid out. He gets up and goes to the bathroom. Suhani walks in and wonders if Yuvraj mood is better. He comes out and she talks to him about his friends and shows him the pictures. Yuvraj looks mad. Suhani further tells him she know they is alot of money in the house but he should do useless spending. She gives examples of trees and water, if looked at we have so many trees and water but there are campaigns to save water and trees. Yuvraj tells he doesnt like people lecturing and commenting on his life style and that also in the wrong way, you get that. Suhani nods her head. Yuvraj thanks her for telling him the truth about his friends. Suhani phone rings and Yuvraj gets annoyed and hands her the phone. Its Suhani dad. Yuvraj looks back at her and suhani tells her father she will ask mom and come. Yuvraj turns and walks away.
Suhani and Somuya are seen walking. Suhani and Somuya are talking about the party. Suhani is happy that soumya had fun and she was dancing. Soumya tells her she didnt dance with Yuvraj. Soumya asks is Yuvraj still mad with her. Suhani says no but she is afraid that after seeing her and Krishna, she worries about her relationship. They arrive to the house Soumya asks Suhani that she came here with her, hope it wouldnt be weird. Suhani tells her, this is her house as well. Suhani mom opens the door and invites them in. Suhani dad is standing next to a window on the phone stressed. Suhani mom asks Somuya about her family and she tells them they are fine. Suhani fathers comes and sits with them. Suhani asks her dad what is wrong. Suhani father tells her that his sister needs money but after Bhavna and her wedding, they isnt money in his account. Suhani suggest to take money from her account, the one that he opened up himself. Suhani father refuses saying its his daughter account. Suhani says if you had a boy would you not take it from him. If that is the case then dont call me your son. Suhani father accepts.
Pre-cap: Suhani and her father are seen outside Birla house, talking. Suhani tells her father that they is alot of money in this house and she will live her life comfortably. Yuvraj and Dadi are at the stairs watching. Yuvraj looks mad.
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