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Scene 1
Shashwat comes to Aryan, he does his first aid, he says aaba forgets that if he tries to give pain to other then it will hurt him too, what you did today was absolutely right, not everyone can do this, not all have this much guts, i am proud of you, your thinking, your guts and your decision. you want to get married, i dont care which family Aradhya belongs to, i dont care about cast or creed but i wanna know if you are ready for marriage, you know what marriage means? marriage is lifetime commitment, are you ready for this commitment? you have to make place in your heart and room for her, are you ready? i mean you are still immature, think about it, Aryan says you are making me afraid, Shashwat says i am telling you caution, i know you know whats right or wrong, dont marry Aradhya to rectify aaba’s mistake, to provide justice to all, dont do injustice with Aradhya, maybe 2,3 years you will say that you married her as favor, dont do favor by marrying, thats all i wanted to say, he leaves. Aryan thinks marriage means living in same house, same room all the time, i didnt think about it, aradhya will come in this room, her clothes will be with my clothes, i mess my clothes but she would fight with me on this.
Aaba recalls how Aryan went against him and said that he will live life on his terms. Pavitra comes there and says why you didnt say anything to Aryan? Aaba says i am not in mood to listen to you, didnt you listen he warned me about leaving house, its better to remain silent, Pavitra says only you can stop Aryan, aaba says i know, i will meet Chimaji, he will show me.
Markand calls media, media persons that dasi culture has ended, Markand says it has ended for police but still devdasies lure rich boys, Banwari says i will give you bite that devdasies lure boys. David comes there and says aaba have taken such a big step so it should come in news, David says to media that Aaba has blessed his grand son and announced his marriage with devdasi’s daughter, he is bringing change, media person says this is breaking news but Markand said that devdasies are robbers, David says yes, she has robbed aaba’s grand son’s heart. Aaba comes there, media person asks Aaba if he is ready to make his grand son marry devdasi’s daughter? you dont like them, are you bringing change? Aaba comes to Banwari and asks who called media here? Banwari says they got to know and came here. Media person asks aaba how did he change his thinking? is he trying to be MLA? Kumudini comes to David and says fish is about to get fry, let me put it in oil, she goes. aaba says to media that i believe in work and work happens on right time, Kumudini comes there, she says to media people that he is great man and you are questioning him? you people just make news, you know who is aaba? he is Sarpanch, she greets him, she says to media that this great man’s grand son filled my grand daughter’s forehead with blood, i will show you video, she shows it, she says he is so great, he has accepted this relation, all villagers know it, they can tell you too, aaba is great, he has brought change from his house only, we should respect him, we should wash his feet and drink that water, she calls for water, she says i am ready to wash his feet, she asks media to record it. Kumudini sits in Aaba’e feet and asks aaba to put feet in tray, she takes off his shoes and says i will wash my in-law’s feet, she washes his feet with water, she says i have washed old rituals, she wipes his feet with her saree and makes him wear shoes, media records everything, aaba looks at her.

Scene 2
Gayetri is with shankari, nurse says Damini is out of city, she leaves. Gayetri says to Shankari that you were telling me about child swapping and Pavitra is hospital, Shankari says yes it happened but i know she sent you, she switched children, one was Pavitra and other was.. bring ice-cream for me, she loses her memory again, Gayetri says what happened that day in hospital? i am Pavitra’s daughter and my brother is Aryan, tell me everything.
Aradhya is watching news report, she sees Kumudini washing Aaba’s feet and praising him infront of media.
Aaba comes home and sees Pavitra watching same news, aaba says this news has spread like fire, now we will have to play this, this Kumudini have forced me, Pavitra do something that will save my respect, Kumudini has badckstabbed me.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that i am not looking nice on TV, i should have worn nice clothes, Tulsi asks what all this? Kumudini says interview, Aradhya says dont pretend, Tulsi says not everything is drama, Kumudini says i have washed his feet as he is our in-law now, Tulsi asks who called media here? Kumudini says Markand and Banwari called them to insult us but i washed Aaba’s feet. What i was to do in his house, i did infront of all, i made Aaba great for a day. Did they bring shagun or not? Aradhya stares her, Kumudini what they didnt bring shagun? she asks Aradhya to call Aryan and ask about Shagun, he wont deny to you, Aradhya says you are enjoying my pain? what son in law? he accepted this relation in pressure and emotions, he didnt accept it fully, Kumudini says half marriage is done, now other rituals will be done too, door knocks. kumudni opens it, Pavitra has come with shagun, Kumudini says see Aradhya’s mother in law has come, i was thinking about Shagun only and my Krishan brought you here, you want some refreshment? Pavitra says take shagun silently, Kumudini says give it with love, you came that day for booking of your dance in marriage, we will do it for free now as its my grand daughter’s marriage, you wasted time by calling Purva, Pavitra asks her to take Shagun, Kumudini says give it with love else your son will have bad life, give it with love, Pavitra gives it to Kumudini and wipes her hands with saree as it touched Kumudini. Pavitra is leaving when Gayetri comes there, Pavitra says you and Aryan have insulted me, Gayetri says i wanna ask something, when you gave birth to child, did someone else had delivery too? i met Shankari tai, she told me about child swapping and was taking your name, Kumudini is shocked to listen it, Gayetri says what happened that day in hospital, Pavitra says i dont know, Gayetri says Shankari said child swapping happened, maybe i am not your real daughter thats why you dont behave nicely with me, tell me truly, i am not your daughter? Pavitra says you have gone mad living with devdasies, Kumudini says Shankari is mental case, she can say anything, ask Pavitra why she came here, she brought Shagun for Aradhya, Gayetri is happy. Kumudini says think about Aryan and Aradhya’s marriage, will you not congratulate Aradhya? Gayetri comes to Aradhya and says congrats, i am happy for you. Pavitra says to Aradhya that you will have to come with me for shopping, Kumudini asks Aradhya to go with her, Tulsi says to Aradhya that dont think about anything, just respect her words, Aradhya leaves, Kumudini thinks that i handled everything, that Shankari was to destroy my plan, Tulsi notices Kumudini tensed.
Aradhya and Pavitra comes out of house, Aryan is waiting for them. Aradhya asks Pavitra to listen to her once, Pavitra doesnt. Aradhya looks at Aryan, they are awkward, she recalls how she said that you dont ove and i want to marry a guy who loves me. Pavitra sees them looking at each other, she asks Aradhya to come and sit in jeep. Pavitra sits on backseat.
Aaba says to Markand and Banwari that i know one of you called media, tell me who it was else i will break your bones, Markand says Banwari did it, Banwari says it was Markand who did it, Markand and Banwari fights, aaba asks them to stop, he says media has pressurized me more than Aryan, Shivangi comes there and says Markand called media, he made you famous, it wasnice act, Markand sits in Aaba’s feet and says i called them thinking something else, i am sorry, forgive me. Aaba says its my mistake to have people like you. Servant comes and says Deshmukh is leaving, aaba leaves. Markand is angry with Shivangi.
Aradhya comes to Pavitra and says you should sit on front seat, i will sit behind, Pavitra says you have captures Aryan’s life so sit with him too, Aryan says what are you doing? sit in front, Pavitra says i am sorry, from next time i will ask you how to talk to your wife, she asks Aradhya to not talk much in aaba’s house, you know Aaba doesnt like you, please respect his wishes, i am folding my hands infront of you, she taunts Aryan if she can say this to your wife? Aradhya says i will not hurt anyone, PAvitra says you have already hurt everyone, she asks Aryan to take her to market. Aradhya and Aryan sits on front seats.
Tulsi recalls how Gayetri talked about child swapping and Kumudini got worried, she thinks why Kumudini became tensed? she recalls how DNA test didnt match Chimaji but i didnt have any relation with anyone except Chimaji, Shankari is ill but why would she take Pavitra’s name? there is something wrong for sure. She looks at her family picture and says i am tensed, i have to find out what Kumudini have done in all this.

PRECAP- Aryan asks Aradhya why she is upset? Aradhya says i cant marry you, she takes off her hand from his hand and starts to leave, Aryan pulls her closer and says not everything is to be said in life, you wanna listen then listen, i love you, Aradhya is shocked. Tulsi meets Shankari and says i am Kumudini’s daughter Tulsi, you were telling me about swapping, Shankari says yes, i will tell you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Krishnadasi 27th April 2016 –


Krishnadasi 27th April 2016 –


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