Swaragini 27th April 2016 –

Swaragini 27th April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Parvati says get a doctor and get rid of this child. Sumi says Maa. Parvati says this child won’t come in this house. Shekhar says no maa this child will. I don’t care what anyone says. I won’t let anything happen to my child. parvati says this is my final decision. Shekhar says this is my final decision too and I will go against you too if I have to.
He says lets go Sumi you should rest.
Parvati says I will shekhar how you bring this child in world.

Rajat says can’t you see. The man says behave, I am of your dad’s age. They smile. Its his dad. The woman says where is our money? Rajat says I asked you not to come out with this stall. What if someone sees you. The says who will see us here.. Parineeta comes and says oh God Rajat utra told me you were in Kanpur and I saw you here so I followed you here. And I got to know your real plan. You are poor and dont even deserve to be with our family. I don’t understand swara knew all this.. She recalls durga saying swara liked him. Rajat says bhabhi.. Parineeta these are not your real parents? Tell me truth only then I can help you. Rajat says no. Parineeta says you are doing this for money? You will get the money but promise me you wont forget your character. We have to get this wedding done. Rajat says so you wont tell anyone? Parineeta no. Once you marry then i will tell everyone how wrong swara was and I will become good one then. You can then leave with 50lac from here. Now see swara how you answer everyone.

Durga parsad gets a call and says yes what you pandit said? He says their kundli’s have matched. God has made this couple. He says on call that soon? Okay then. Congratulations. Sujata says what they said? Durga says their pandit has given date after one day. Sujata says how will we arrange everything? Parineeta says we will handle everything and we have swara and ragini. Durga says I was thinking of engagement tomorrow. Sujata says I am so happy. Durga says anupama remind me I have to bring her jewelry from locker. Sujata says jewelry for her? Anupama says we are her bady mummy papa.We have her responsibility. She says thank you bhai saa. Ram says you have done so much for us. Durga says you are my brother you own everything in this house. Sujata says I am very happy today.
Laksh hugs utara.

Rajat’s fake dad says he said wedding will happen soon. He says who thought we’d become millionaire.
Shekher gets s call from durga parsad. He says sure sure we will come such a good news. He tells sumi about the wedding. Sumi says that is why shona was asking about that girl. He says drink milk.

Next morning, Sujata is preparing for engagement. Durga decorates flowers. Swara says I have made sweets. Sanskaar says make me tea please. She says not right now please. I am busy. He says sweets.. She says no not now. He eats it.
Utara is getting ready. Ragini says you are lucky your husband is not like you brother. She says my brothers are world best. Now get me ready. Swaragini help her dress.
Sanskaar says you look like a joker. Laksh says no no don’t say that. joker was better.
Ragini says don’t tease her. Utara says your wives made me ready. Sanskaar says she knows nothing. you made my sister joker. She runs after him.
Adarash says stop teasing her. My sister looks so good. He puts a red nose on her nose and says now its perfect. They all laugh.
Ragini says swara everyone is so happy. utara says i wanna take your smiles with me. They hug her. Sanskarr says you wanna marry really? She nods. Laksh says no matter what anyone says. You will always be our sister. Sanskaar says if rajat teases you let us know. pareenta says go and let her get ready.
Uatara says my earring is broken. Rajat gave me this one. Swara says give me I will get it repaired. Utara says thank you.

A woman gives a packet to parvati and says make her drink this. The child will be aborted. Swara is in the same market. She sees parvati. She says dadi.. She goes after her but she leaves. Swara says must be in a hurry. I have to go.
Swara sees vegetable cart. She sees rajat’s parents. Swara says so this is your reality?

Precap-Swara is kidnapped by rajat’s fake dad.She runs, rajat takes the knife and attacks her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Swaragini 27th April 2016 –


Swaragini 27th April 2016 –

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