The episode starts with Dev coming out of his imagination and thinking he can’t tell Nitya he found out truth till she tells herself. Durga asks what happened. Dev says he is thinking about truth that they became good friends when they were enemies before. Durga says you did lot for Nitya and Payal. She says she met Nitya and she is very happy for him. Suchitra comes to Dev asking where was he all day. Dev says he went for important work. Suchitra says she will be upset if he does not have breakfast. Durga says health can’t be got later. Dev thinks he has to prove Shaurya and his friends responsible for Payal’s rape and Nitya will come out of this fake face. Shaurya is asked to open the door. Sanjukta is scared of Sakshi’s reaction. Shaurya tries standing and falls. She asks them to call security to break door. Shaurya determinedly tries again and stands on his foot. He gets overjoyed and opens the door sitting back on wheelchair.
Sanjukta asks why did he lock door. Shaurya says it is his room and he has rights on the door. He says he won’t leave her alive if he can’t stand. Sakshi and Rajnath talk about board meeting and come to know meeting started without them. They come to meeting hall and see Dev talking to board members. Rajnath talks annoyingly.
Dev says they are late. Rajnath asks the reason for meeting. The member says the share holders are in panic and Cancer Research project transfer to Arnav’s group. Rajnath tries to project Goenka empire more bigger. He asks for some time and the members does not agree having options with Dev. Dev suggests to make Durga to make officially a board member. Sakshi disagrees and Dev says he has to few shares to her to make her decision maker. Rajnath highlights some facts as Dev has taken crores from market by selling shares for his personal reasons. Sakshi says family and business are different things and Dev is careless. She says she would say the same for Shaurya. She gives solution to choose Rajnath or Dev. Dev says team should select leader itself and says about board of confidence tomorrow. Rajnath and Sakshi dismiss the meeting. Rajnath walks out angrily.
Ek Hasina Thi 20th November 2014 Written Update
Karan gets call and talks to his friend. He tells about Rajnath knowing about him. He says he met him in gym and had to say he love her. Karan tells about problems posing in life and tension coming in. He says Shaurya is on wheelchair and not helpful. Karan goes from the sports club. A guard informs Durga that Karan left. Dayal brings Divya in white clothes and Durga asks her to be alert when meeting Karan on this way. Dayal asks Durga did Dev tell you anything. Durga asks did he had to say anything. Dayal thinks Dev will wait till she tells herself. Durga asks what are you thinking. Dayal says leave it and plan Karan’s welcome.
Karan drives talking to himself about elections. Dayal puts nails on road and the car punctures. Durga sends message to Divya to be ready. Karan balances car and comes out. He is unsure to get mechanic. He is shocked seeing Divya’s ghost and falls down. He says Divya Babjee you are dead. Divya says I m dead so I came to take you to my world. She asks him to come. Karan scaringly moves back. Durga and Dayal enjoy seeing him. Karan runs from there. Dayal says Karan is coward. Durga says Karan Basu will see Divya’s ghost everywhere then plan phase 2.
Sakshi comes home and Rajnath thinks she is hiding tape and calls it perfect situation.
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