My share of ice cream..os(twinj tashan e ishq)

Hello every1 I guess u know me..i m Shatakshi. Now a days due 2 my lectures I m unable 2 concentrate on my ff but just got some time so thought of writing a one slot on twinj. So lets start.
But be4 starting I would like 2 say that this os does not contain any breakup, betrayal, hardships…but is a simple luv story. It is a bit lengthy but plzzz do read it I have tried hard to make it up 2 the mark
Happy Reading..

“ Mr Kunj u r done with ur physiotherapy 2day so u may leave.” the soft words of Dr.Twinkle Taneja, the physiotherapist fell in kunjs ears…but be4 that let me introduce kunj..The Kunj Sarna a famous business tycoon.
“Yes offcourse miss taneja “ replied kunj smilingly.
“ saran I just wanted 2 ask u that r u feeling better coz its been over a month but ur back pain isn’t giving any positive response after various treatments…I think the fault is in my treatment.” Said twinkle sadly.
Kunj notice this n said “ Hey miss taneja its not ur fault n guess what 2day I m feeling relieved” consoling her. Hearing this twinkle smiles but deep in her heart she knew that those were some soothing words which kunj used 2 relax her n they bid each other.
On his way to home kunj thinks…
How can I say u twinkle that I luv u soo very much. The 1 I luv soo much knowingly l m hurting her. I m sorry twinkle u r not at fault but its me..only me who hurt u always. U r the best physiotherapist ur treatments a working or rather say that it had already worked. Yes I m perfectly alright but ur love make me do this drama everyday. But what can I do I don’t want 2 leave u n 2 stay with u I have 2 do this all.
Yug (kunjs friend) insisted me to go for physiotherapy for my back pain due 2 my sedentary work schedule. At first I didn’t found it necessary but later agreed 2 it. The first day I saw u I was like She is damn cute…the simple attire that is chudidar n her twinkling eyes with her million dollar smile made her look just Perfect.It was like Love at first sight for me but I don’t know whether she luvs me or not but its been 1 month n we r just friends. The thought of loosing her is making me insane.
I have 2 propose her asap why not 2morrow??? Yeah its perfect I will do it 2omorrow itself coz kehte hai na ki Aabhi nahi to kabhi nahi. He had a bright smile on his face.

Next day..
Kunj enters the cabin had a bright smile as soon as he had a glance of twinkle engrossed in her work
“May I come in miss taneja”
“ Yes ofcourse mr sarna n how is ur back??” twinkle replied smiling
“ My back is not at all fine coz I m unhappy.” Making a puppy face
“N may I ask why is this so??” a bit concerned
“becoz I have told u 99 times n its my century now to call me kunj n not mr sarna.” Said kunj
“So I think ur memory is weak as I have also told u to call me twinkle instead of miss taneja.” Said twinkle teasing n they both burst out laughing
After his treatment done for 2day it was nearly 8:30 time for twinkle 2 leave. But be4 that kunj offered twinkle for a long drive. Firstly she hesitated but then agreed as after he is her only friend with whom she can share everything n such outings with kunj was common for her. There relationship had 2 side first a relation of doctor n a patient which was formal n second was their friendship which was totally bindass.
On their way kunj asked twinkle that why she is afraid of love as she told in 1 of their talks.
At first twinkle was a bit shocked by his sudden question but then smiled n told him a very personal secreat of her life which except her family no1 knew.
She starts..

I n my family used 2 stay in Amritsar. My marriage was finalized with the only son of an average industrialist but at the day of my marriage his family demanded for huge dowry n blackmailed us. I knew that my parents cant afford it so having no opinion left we broke the marriage. I started liking him…not really but was happy with that marriage. After that incident 2 overcome it we shifted 2 mumbai…buss that’s it so maybe this is the reason of my behavior or u can say the fear of being ditched again. I just hate lairs.
“okay but the entire world is not like that n what do u think of me…” hesitatingly kunj asked
“ r so good so different from others n my best friend n this is the reason I like u sooo much.” Said twinkle without realizing her words
On hearing this kunj gained confidence to confess her but be4 he could say anything twinkle told him 2 stop the car n indicated him 2wards ice cream parlor.
Kunj got down from his car followed by twinkle. They took 2 cornettos n made their way 2wards the car.they got into the car in started eating. He knew twinkle loved ice cream n was eating like a small child spreading it over her lips n few spots on nose which made kunj smile or else made him laugh. While doing so this ice cream cone slipped from his hand. That was not fair coz he too loves ice cream not more than twinkle.. : )
Twinkle saw this n also the puppy face made by kunj. She smiled at his cuteness. In her heart she knew that they were more than friends bht just ignored this thought n thought of sharing her ice cream with kunj. Literally that was a great sacrifice made by twinkle but as she did it for kunj she didn’t mind it.
Kunj was on cloud 9 as the saw twinkle offering him her ice cream.
“But kunj on one condition that 1 bit I will take n another u.” a ting of childishness in her behavior
Kunj agreed 2 it but when 2 ice cream lovers meet n that too of chocolate flavor there no condition works. Sometimes twinkle took double n sometimes kunj. They were not even aware of what they were doing. N finally the only part the most chocolaty part of ice cream its last bite was left. Both looked at it n then each other both wanted it desperately n their cute fight began.
While fighting n grabbing the piece from twinkles hand he unknowingly left his seat in went on twinkles. He was actually upon her but they both really didn’t noticed it. N all of a sudden twinkle ate thwt piece n teased kunj still didn’t realized their position. Akunj made a puppy face n said “That’s not fair..i want MY PIECE OF ICE CREAM.” Followed my giggling n teasing kunj along with showing her toung n celebrating her victory still in same position.
Sudden they both noticed it n was lost in each others eyes. Kunj bend 2wards her n by this time twinkle parted her lips showing her agreement n they both shared a passionate liplock….it lasted for a minute but twinkle broke it n had teary eyes. Kunj noticed this n said
“Twinkle plzz look into my eyes 2day I want to confess u.U know what twinkle u r a best doctor in this entire world n I m the worst patient who troubles his doctor, fake his pain n what not. I know twinkle that u hate lairs n after hearing this u will surely hate me but trust me I have done all this for u coz I LOVE U ..TWINKLE..alot n does not wanted to leave u.” said with teary eyes (guys they in their same

Kunj was expecting a slap or something like that but suddenly twinkle hugged him n said “I LOVE U TOO KUNJ” tears rolling from their eyes.
They shared a passionate hug n kunj removed a cute ring from his pocket n said” Miss twinkle taneja would u like 2 change ur name to misses Twinkle Kunj Sarna as it suits u more.” Smiling
Twinkle replied him with another yet passionate kiss n he made her wear the ring.
Suddenly twinkle came out of her dream n found kunj sitting beside her n guess what it is their reception party.
She saw kunj smiling at her reciprocates it n says
“Kunj do u remember how u proposed me n that too in car..that was the best day of my life.”holding kunjs hand.
“yeah how can I forget that day u made my legs pain sitting on that position n I know u remembered this by seeing this chocolate cone.” Said kunj
Twinkle says..
Kunj come na 2day we will do the same as all r busy in chit chatting, eating drinking n 2day I will give u ur share of ice cream too.
“R u serious..if yess then who am I 2 say my wife anything” replied kunj in excitement..
They both made their way 2wards the parking area carring a cone in their hand hiding from every1 n finally got inside the car n recollected all their memory n made yet another.

So guys did u liked it???

I know it was just a part of their lives with no break ups but honestly I love such stories or rather can say he memories which r the best part of our lives….
I hope u will support..luv u loads : )
N plzz share ur thoughts regarding it.

My share of ice cream..os(twinj tashan e ishq)


My share of ice cream..os(twinj tashan e ishq)


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